Below are the candidates who've filed for the May 16 Special District Election. Deadline was Thursday.

Also on the ballot are two levies:

15-168: Jackson County Fire District 4 (serving Shady Cove and Trail) is asking for a four-year local option levy to maintain department staffing. Cost: 99 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. Owner of a $250,000 home, for example, would pay $247.50 a year. Without it, the department will have to lay off four firefighters/EMT-paramedics, according to information filed with the Elections Office.

15-170: Talent is asking voters to approve a 3-cent tax on every gallon of diesel fuel sold in city limits to raise revenue for street repairs.


Southern Oregon Education Service District

Zone 1: DonnaJean Wendle
Zone 2: James Harrington; Toni Webb
Zone 5: Christine Norton-Cotts; James Jarrard
Zone 6: Gregory Applen; Rosie Converse
Zone 7: Maud Powell; Debora McCreedy
Zone 8: Annie Valtierra-Sanchez

Rogue Community College

Zone 2: Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger
Zone 3: Shawn Hogan
Zone 6: Timothy Johnson
Zone 7: Ronald Fox


Position 1: Deneice Zeve
Position 3: Eva Skuratowicz
Position 4: James Westrick

Butte Falls

Position 1: Daniel G. Murphy
Position 2: Kathleen Misfeldt
Position 4: No filing
Position 5: Stephanie M. Pitts

Central Point

Position 1: C.J. Shipley; Autumn Chadbourne
Position 2: Melissa L. Cantwell; Bret Moore
Position 4: Jolee Wallace

Eagle Point

Position 2: Tony Lallo; Curt Sather
Position 3: Dan Hodges
Position 5: Dianne Mihocko; Emily McIntire


Position 1: Jeffrey Kinsella; Curt Ankerberg
Position 2: Jeff Thomas; Norma McMahan; Suzanne Messer
Position 3: Cynthia Wright; Casey Stine
Position 6: Jim Horner; Sally A. Killen; Kevin Husted


Position 1: Sara Crawford
Position 3: Marina A. Piacentini; Sarah Wright
Position 6: Shana Vos
Position 7: Craig L. Prewitt


Position 1: Heidi Gehman
Position 2: Dianna M. Crary
Position 4: Ben Schumacher
Position 5: None filed


Position 1: Kimberly Maletic
Position 3: Dale David Bliss
Position 4: Marcy Barratt
Position 5: Ray Williams

Rogue River

Position 2: Richard Pardy; Mysti Jacob
Position 4: Bruce R. Sund
Position 5: Erin D. Poston


Applegate Rural

Position 3: Lori Cooper
Position 4: Michael Parker
Position 5: Timothy J. VanLeeuwen


Position 1: Pamela Haunschild
Position 2: Peggy A. Moore

Evans Valley

Position 2: Keith Lynn
Position 3: Larry F. Tuttle
Position 5: Dennis M. Feeley


Position 3: Stephen Bender
Position 4: Valerie Holbo
Position 5: Richard Holbo

District 3

Position 2: Cynthia Hauser
Position 4: None filed

District 4

Position 1: Richard Torres
Position 2: Richard Wythe
Position 3: Linda Hughes
Position 5: Mike Krutsch

District 5

Position 3: Bill Robertson; Terry Helfrich
Position 4: Kittie Harrison; Mike Davis
Position 5: Vicki Purslow

Lake Creek

Position 2: Ron L. Fumasi
Position 3: Gary L. Hanson
Position 4: Tony C. Paxton
Position 5: John V. Mavilia

District 2

Position 3: Jack Tait 
Position 4: Joe Brooks


Position 1: Dick L. Mast
Position 4: Robert Scott
Position 5: Carl R. James

Rogue River

Position 1: Craig Berry; Jim Huttema
Position 3: William "Randy" Cort
Position 4: John Foster


Charlotte Anne

Position 1: Keith Schwartz
Position 2: Christine Bush
Position 3: Robert Newcombe
Position 5: Jude Forler

Elk City

Paula Love
Shannon Crawford


Position 1: George Prokop
Position 2: Cathy Shaw; Hart Wilson; Steve Richie


Wayne Brown
Jim Lewis


Position 1: James Stephens; Donald Stone; Thomas Fink
Position 4: Stan Littrell; Natalie Richie
Position 5: Sarah McGlaughlin; Shandra Husted
Position 6: Daniel L. Davis
Position 7: Damian Bugg; Kevin Keating; James A. Herndon