There is/was an overlook (car pullout area) located on Old Stage Road, above the Forest Service nursery. Within the last week, large concrete barriers have been poured next to Old Stage Road that effectively prevent anyone from pulling into the overlook and enjoying the view of our valley. This overlook has seen cars parked there for at least 30 years and hasn't been a problem for people to use. Now, with the concrete barriers preventing use of the pullout, it seems prudent to ask who made such a decision to prevent use of the pullout and what, if anything, can be done to restore the viewpoint access?

— Jim A., Central Point

Jim, unfortunately, some hoodlums ruined it for everybody.

The Jackson County Roads Department erected the barricade at the request of neighbors who were tired of dealing with the noise, litter, drinking and drug use that happened there.

“The access point had, over the last two or three years, been used for undesirable activity,” said county engineer Mike Kuntz, adding that there was even a small brush fire last fall that originated near the viewpoint.

In addition, a Daughters of the American Revolution marker and a sign identifying the surrounding peaks were stolen from the site, he said.

County crews began installing the barrier March 20 and, last week, posted “No Parking from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.” signs.

Jim, while the barrier may prevent delinquents from pulling into the space and concealing their activities, the viewpoint is not closed completely.

“It’s still open, and there is still room (for two or three cars) to parallel park,” Kuntz said. “And you can still get out there and enjoy the view."

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