I live in Phoenix and have watched over the years the construction of the new bridge, etc. Now that it is complete, I wonder where the sign is that says "Phoenix." Talent and other cities have signs, but we don't have one — how confusing for someone not familiar with the area. Perhaps "City Center, Phoenix" would be more enlightening."

— Barbara E., Phoenix


Lest anyone think there has been a major lapse or oversight, Barbara, we have some good news for you.

First of all, the Interstate 5 interchange is fully operational, but some of the final touches you're referring to, such as the sign, are still in the works.

According to Gary Leaming, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, the city of Phoenix is planning to install a sign as you enter downtown, just west of the Bear Creek bridge. The sign will be installed in the landscaped triangle area.

Dave Kanner, interim city manager in Phoenix, said plans are in the works for a sign, but it hasn't been designed yet, and there is no timeline established to build it.

However, he said he thinks that something should be built during the next fiscal year.

Also, some construction is still ongoing in the area where the sign would be installed, so the city will have to wait until its completed.

"Some kind of monument sign would be a worthwhile thing," Kanner said.

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