May 17, 1917


The visiting delegates to the good roads convention were taken in automobiles Thursday forenoon for a ride over the Pacific Highway as far as the roads would permit. At noon they return to Ashland where the party were guests at the entertainment and luncheon given by the ladies of the Ashland civic improvement club and the ladies of the good roads convention committee of Medford. This affair originally set for outdoors in the park was held in the building because of threatening weather.

Herbert Nunn, state highway commissioner, and T. M. Davis, resident engineer of the Siskiyou division of the highway, left early Thursday morning for an inspection trip over the highway, and drawn the main good roads party at Ashland this noon.

That the state money for the completion of the Pacific Highway over the Ashland hill, and the mountain grade from the summit of the Siskyous to the California line is now available was the welcome news brought yesterday afternoon by Nunn. The state will provide $10,000 to aid the county in the construction of the Ashland hill road and a deputy highway engineer and crew will come to Medford the first of next week to reset the highway grade stakes. On Saturday advertisement for bids on the construction of the road from the summit to the California line will be published. If not satisfactory beds are received said Mr. Nunn, the state will build the road itself.

According to a recent decision of the Attorney General the state has $65,000 for the construction of the Siskyou grade and the state highway commission has voted to increase this amount so this section of the road may be hard surfaced. There's a fund of $300,000 in the state treasury which can be made available for road maintenance and engineering and it is expected that the attorney general will rule this fund may be used in completing the pavement over the mountains. The paving, therefore, depends upon this favorable ruling but if it is unfavorable a good macadam road will be constructed at any rate. State Highway engineer Davis has a crew of men at work in the Siskyous now and the force of workmen will be increased just as soon as weather conditions render construction work possible.