I live on Griffin Creek Road. Why have there been so many gravel trucks going by daily for the past year? Are they building a road from Jacksonville to Ashland?

— Scott M., via email

Negative on the Jacksonville-to-Ashland commute theory, Scott. County officials tell us that steady stream of truck traffic is from a nearby gravel pit.

"I know it's not construction-related," Jackson County Roads & Parks director John Vial told us. "All the trucks they see going by are not from a project."

The gravel pit, Vial added, is up off Anderson Butte Road. The trucks use Griffin Creek Road as a haul route.

Assessment records at the county's Development Services Department show the pit has been associated with various permits, but the current operating name is Anderson Butte Rock, LLC. The listed owner is Clinton Phelps of Jacksonville, according to Interim Development Services Director Ted Zuk.

So there you go; no straight shot from Ashland to Jacksonville.

We have to admit though, that would be a pretty drive.

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