Phyllis Flint of Talent, Oregon, recently passed away peacefully in the loving embrace of close friends and family. She was 95 years old. Her life began October 3, 1921 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her family relocated to Southern California when she was 10 years old. Then, on a broad beach there where volleyball was a mutual passion, Phyllis met her future husband, "Big" Al Flint. Al was a diesel mechanic and their entire lives they enjoyed fixing up everything from old clocks and bicycles to great big roaring machines. The year they met? 1947, as close as we can figure. The following years, they worked and played on that coast then later at Catalina Island before they made their way to the island of Maui which at the time had only one traffic signal and a population of about 40 thousand people. Together they built a small row boat then later a 26-foot whale boat that they rowed, sailed, and swam from in the calm waters of the Au Au Channel off of the Port of Lahaina. Phyllis worked with the Ka'ai family for years at Ka Honu, an outlet for Polynesian arts and crafts. Al repaired anything that he could find that needed fixing. They rented small house on Front Street for the next 20 years until it sold in 1980. Southern Oregon showed up on their radar at that time due to its temperate climate, rural atmosphere, and reasonably priced real estate. In Talent they found and purchased a home in which they lived together until Big Al passed away November 1, 2004. Phyllis continued on by herself in that house with her companions, the trees, garden, cats, and "stuff" until 2014, when she became unable to cope with the rigors of maintaining the house and property and moved into Suncrest Senior Care Home. On March 8, 2017 she passed away. Over the years, she and Al made countless friends in the area. Josh and Jenny Hiett, along with their four children provided a caring and indispensable immediate family. A special mahalo goes out to the kind folks of Meals On Wheels, Hospice, and the kind staff at Suncrest Senior Care Home. Also, the crew at the Talent Library, Post Office, and the construction crews that built the new Talent Public Library and Community Center, who thoughtfully kept her supplied with fire wood and companionship. Phyllis and Al are both sorely missed.