Stop bellyaching

Thanks to Bob Rolls for his letter. The American Heritage Dictionary defines legal as: " 1. Of or relative to law...."; and illegal as: "1. Prohibited by law ... 3. ... An illegal immigrant ..."

I continually hear Democrats (who lost the election) denigrating our president because he wants to (Heaven forbid) actually obey our immigration laws. Their bellyaching is just another indication of their desire to do/say anything that speaks badly of him, and they'll challenge anything/everything he does/says. I have no problem with "legal" immigrants who want to come here.Why not? It's the greatest nation on earth! My wife is a naturalized American citizen.

But when all the yelling is about "the rights" of those here without benefit of legal authority (please note definition), demanding that we overlook that they are here "illegally," I become extremely agitated.

If any of the bellyachers want to emigrate to Mexico, they'll find that the process of becoming a legal immigrant in Mexico is extremely difficult and treatment of those attempting to enter Mexico illegally is almost draconian. So, they should stop bellyaching and accept that we are trying to again be a nation of laws — something they constantly demand.

Murray LaHue


Trump is unfit

Bret Stevens, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the Wall Street Journal, wrote: "... the party of onetime moral majoritarians, who spent a decade fulminating about Bill Clinton’s sexual habits, suddenly finds complete comfort with the idea that character and temperament are irrelevant qualifications for high office."

Donald Trump is not intellectually, temperamentally or morally fit to be president. He cannot open his mouth without spewing lies, and the members of Congress who enable him only embolden his egomania and tyrannical overreach of power.

Trump advisor Steve Bannon has publicly admitted that Trump's cabinet picks were appointed for the purpose of destroying the departments they now head. The Republicans and Democrats who supported the appointment of these unqualified individuals are an embarrassment to the United States. That we now have immigrants fleeing our country seeking asylum from us is a national disgrace.

With his cabinet appointees, Trump has executed a corporate takeover of our government. He came to power claiming he would "drain the swamp." Instead he has created a cesspool, and the stench can be smelled around the world. He should never have been allowed to defile the Oval Office, and he should not be allowed to remain there.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Speaker Ryan is wrong

Having just listened to the speaker of the House explain his plain to destroy and replace the Affordable Care Act, I suggest that the Democratic Party rebut his presentation nationally point by point.

This presentation should show where his assertions are just wrong and where some of his ideas to improve the marketplace would also help improve the ACA and continue and expand the availability of health insurance and continue control rising costs.

Finally, the Democrats should document the harm that this plan would do nationally just as your editorial entitled “Change for the sake of change” documented the incredible harm that it would do to the citizens of Jackson County who are represented by the plan’s major advocate, our Congressman Greg Walden. Let’s make change where it is needed and where it will improve our citizen’s lives.

George Andries