Trump lies

President Trump has lied so many times I no longer believe anything he says. He is incapable of telling the truth. Notable lies to date:

3 million fraudulent votes
Size of his inauguration crowd
Terrorist attack in Sweden
Wiretapping of Trump Tower
122 vicious prisoners from Gitmo released by Obama returned to terrorism.

This is unfortunate, since this affects his credibility around the world. He probably would not be granted a landing permit for Air Force 1 in Sweden.

I am looking forward to the day when he is no longer president.

Bob Williamson


Why the disbelief?

Why is it so hard for some people to believe that Obama has been wiretapping President Trump? Partisan Democrats do not believe what the New York Times reported on just a few months ago?

You would have to be a complete idiot not to believe Obama has been spying on Donald Trump. Obama has spied on everybody else at one time or another. Just ask the AP and Angela Merkel.

Joe Thomas


Let Walden know

I’ve already written to my congressman, Greg Walden, but he doesn’t care that I’ll be paying $3,000 more per year in health insurance premiums under the proposed TrumpCare Act. He’s voting for it anyway.

If you have a small business, don’t have an employer-sponsored plan and are over 50, you’ll be paying a lot more, too. Maybe you should write to Greg Walden and let him know how you feel about that.

Susan Tilley

Rogue River

Crary for Congress

Greg Walden refuses to visit the populated areas of his district to discuss the ACA replacement bill.

The bill contains no actual measures to ensure that premiums stay down. Medicare will lose funding, meaning many more poor and sick people will be left without care. Health care costs the average family about $25,000 a year, meaning that the $4,000 tax subsidy will cover less than 20 percent of the need.

The primary reason for increases in health insurance costs? The cost of prescription drugs, not the ACA. Why would Walden support something that will cost Oregonians so much? Just take a look at the PACs that give him money. Pharmaceuticals are number one.

I’m done with Walden. I’m done with Trump. I’m done with politics as usual. That’s why I’m supporting Jim Crary for Congress.

Micah Furlong, campaign manager, Crary for Congress 2018


Don't take away deduction

Why is our government always looking for ways to increase revenue, but seemingly never ways to reduce spending?

Oregonians are already overtaxed on income tax and property tax, now they want to go after our home ownership deductions. It would seem the only people paying are the people with jobs and that have worked hard to own a house.

Too many people are buying high-priced beer, wine and cigarettes, then groceries with an Oregon Trail card. It would seem more prudent to spread it around and collect sales tax from all who spend, including the thousands of folks traveling through our state, while reducing hard-working folks' burden with income tax, property tax and now taking away deductions.

David Carter

Central Point

Just wondering

I just finished compiling tax return information to take to my tax accountant next week. Can't help wondering, if I am audited — could I ask them to hold off until President Trump's audit is completed?

Harry Hutton