Friday's and Sunday’s opinion pieces justifying the existence of Planned Parenthood attempt to maintain the façade that Planned Parenthood offers ”trusted, irreplaceable health care,” works only to serve the public’s interest and defunding will somehow result in more pregnancies.


Friday’s editorial stated its purpose was not about “whether abortion is right or wrong” and began with the customary reference to a desire to have “fewer of them (abortions).” I would ask the readers of this piece — why? Why do the MT, many highly placed political figures and so many other "pro-choice" people want fewer abortions? If there is nothing wrong with abortion then what difference does it make how many abortions are performed?

Last week on Tucker Carlson’s Fox TV show, Tucker repeatedly and directly asked Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood vice president, what it was that was being aborted. She dodged the questions. Laugens: “I have thought about it very much for myself, but I am not going to project onto other women what I believe. What I believe is that women have the right and the choice and we’re going to leave it up to them.”

Why wouldn’t Laugens answer Carlson’s question? Maybe the better question is why couldn't she answer? Because abortion is the killing of a human being. Dawn Laguens knows it, the Mail Tribune knows it, as does Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Cecile Richards, every abortionist, and every woman who has conceived a child. Deep down. Suppressed. If the VP of Planned Parenthood answered the question truthfully, the effect would devastate the “reproductive choice, health care” mantra of Planned Parenthood. Because abortion means killing a human child. And killing a human is not health care.

That brings me to Sunday’s guest opinion written by local executives of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, “Defunding Planned Parenthood would be disastrous.” At least 13 times the authors use some version of the term “health care” in trying to justify funding for Planned Parenthood. They speak of Planned Parenthood being an “irreplaceable resource.”

Apparently the research done by the Lozier Institute (which reveals that nationwide there are about 20 times as many non-Planned Parenthood clinics which perform the same services) has hit a raw nerve with them, because they spend a fair amount of the editorial trying to refute it. They even cite the American Public Health Association in support. (Look them up online — Planned Parenthood referencing them is the pot calling the kettle black.) Here are the facts: In Oregon there are 13 Planned Parenthood clinics and 273 non-Planned Parenthood clinics that offer the same health care services and more — but not abortion. To suggest that the closure of Planned Parenthood clinics would leave their clients without another choice is nonsense.

However, President Trump offered Planned Parenthood a choice — if they stop performing abortions. They can keep their $500 million-a-year tax funding. But, they refused. Why?

They have a backup. First, in their jaded world, they believe themselves to be so vital to society that they are willing to bet the “irreplaceable” services they offer thousands of clients to leverage their continued tax funding. And their backup position is the guaranteed millions of dollars in annual income they rake in off the dead bodies of 300,000 unborn babies and the psychological and emotional wreckage of the babies' moms.

Planned Parenthood is not the community-minded savior they make themselves out to be. Their executive teams across the country have a plan to make money — it starts early with infiltrating our schools, befriending the children, keeping them as allies through various school programs and school-based health clinics, and then killing their unborn babies when they find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. They refuse the president’s offer to keep the unholy millions of our tax dollars because they see that strategy as a lever. They cannot acknowledge that the services they offer are abundantly available elsewhere and, regardless, they know they will continue to exist as an abortion giant, providing their twisted version of health care, while portraying themselves as "mainstream" and the pro-life community as "extremists." I ask: Which side really reflects the "extremists' " position?

Defunding Planned Parenthood can’t come soon enough. Locally, La Clinica, The Pregnancy Center, The Magdalene Home, even Jackson County Health and Human Services can serve Planned Parenthood’s clientele right now.

— Bryan Platt is chairman of Jackson County Right to Life.