Vote for Cathy Shaw

I first met Cathy Shaw when she was mayor of Ashland. She has been a longtime library supporter. She brings many skill sets to any position in which she gets involved.

Cathy has served as a campaign manager for many local candidates and measures. Two years ago, she led the campaign that successfully created the Jackson County Library District with its own levy, making it an independent entity. The Library Board is lucky to have this talented woman ready to help it move forward. If anyone can bring library management back in-house, it is the talented and resourceful Cathy Shaw.

David Lane


Endorsing Husted

With great pleasure I endorse Kevin Husted's election to Position 6 of the Medford 549c School Board.

I have had the honor of knowing Kevin and his family for many years. Kevin coached my oldest son's basketball team for five years. Over the years, watching Kevin on and off the sidelines, I have seen many youth grow and achieve their goals. Kevin has helped dramatically in molding many young kids in becoming successful, kind and driven young adults.

Kevin's dedication and commitment to the youth is impeccable. He understands our youth and only wants what is best for their future. Kevin will work hard for our children. I endorse Kevin!

Molly Neron


Why voting matters

Many people will try to tell the voters that voting is not a privilege but a right and you must exercise your rights. But truth to be told, voting is more then that, it is an employee review and interview even when it is for school boards, Congress or presidents.

All to often, we treat all our votes like we are voting for "American Idol" or "The Voice," but truth is, you are hiring or rehiring an employee of the voters who work at the voters' pleasure. So the next time you look at your voter's ballot, treat it like you would want your employer to treat you even if they don't treat you that way themselves. After all, your taxes are their paycheck.

John Holm


This is a crisis

I have lived in Ashland and Medford for nearly two decades.

In my 10 years tracking rental property values, this is the most outrageous thing I have ever seen: a modest four-bedroom, one-bath home in Ashland for $4,300 a month.

While rental prices continue to skyrocket, people are being pushed toward desperation. For example, in Roseburg, the Motel 6 has banned Douglas County residents from renting rooms, which they were doing because they could not find a rental. This is a crisis.

Brian Hilton


Insuring sunken vessels

Recently, members of the group "Indivisible" visited Congressman Greg Walden's office and gave his representative Troy Ferguson quite a talking-to. Their major complaint had to do with their perception of what President Trump's health care bill would do for persons with preexisting conditions.

Of course, the Republicans have already been chivvied into cobbling together this absurd sort of coverage, but your reporter failed to note if Ferguson raised this analogy: "Please give me an instance in which Lloyd's of London insured a vessel sitting at the bottom of the ocean."

Hubert Smith