Who is Walden working for?

Despite the fact that the AHCA “Trumpcare 2.0” bill is supported by only a small minority of Americans and is opposed by most health insurers, hospitals, physicians, nurses and patients, Greg Walden voted for it.

Because the vote was pushed through before the bill was analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office, no one knew how much it would cost, how many millions would lose their coverage, or how it would affect people with preexisting conditions or those insured by their employer. But Greg Walden still voted for it.

I do understand why Walden would vote for one part of the bill. It is the amendment that exempts himself and other members of Congress from most of the provisions of this terrible bill.

Peter DeGroot


A stark comparison

On May 8, when I first read your article "Counseling offered for political activists," I was repulsed by the pathetic notion of their “hopelessness," “sadness” and “fear," of their "rising levels of anxiety and depression," and of their need of help to “manage their moods."

I contrasted this with the reaction of myself and my fellow conservatives in 2008 when a “community activist" and former college professor with minimal, unremarkable government experience was elected president. We were deeply troubled by this, but we never descended into "despair” of the sort described in this article.

“Anxiety”? As a senior citizen, I recall the days in the 1950s of "duck and cover," 100-megaton bombs, and the madman Khrushchev pounding his shoe on the table at the United Nations, threatening to "bury" us.

You want an example of real despair? Review the previous day’s article about the release of the young women of Nigeria who were prisoners of Boko Haram. In the photo, consider the look in their eyes. That is true despair.

I am strongly concerned for the future of our country if these “political activists” represent the character and courage of the current and future generations.

George Mozingo


Thanks to Walden

I find it very surprising to see letters to the editor decrying the position taken by Congressman Greg Walden regarding the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Reserve. I believe his position is exactly right — condemning the protesters' action while questioning the efficacy of federal management of public lands and the draconian punishment of the Hammonds meted out for their arson conviction. The original judge was correct in deeming the mandatory sentence to be too harsh.

Secondly, I am amazed that anyone would doubt Congressman Walden’s commitment to the people of Oregon’s 2nd District which covers one of the largest geographical areas in the country. He returns home nearly every weekend when Congress is in session and visits every county several times a year to learn about the concerns of the community. I personally attended one such meeting last week during which he updated us on the current congressional session and spent nearly an hour answering constituent questions before leaving to visit a local elementary school to talk to fourth- and fifth-graders about our Constitution.

I for one am most grateful to have Greg Walden as my congressional representative.

Valerie T. Smullen

Central Point