Right and wrong

Some of the decisions by our government are good and some are bad, but bills like this wealth care bill masquerading as a health care bill are against the health of the people.

A lot of residents in our valley called themselves “pro-life,” but these kinds of bills are anti-life. Remember bill architect Greg Walden wrote the provision about people with preexisting conditions having to pay a lot more despite his promise to protect us.

Another pitiful example is the idea of cutting back on the EPA so we all can breathe dirty air and drink toxic water. Only the ultra rich (trump and the Koch brothers) make out on this provision because they can buy their way out. The rest of us have to wallow in the filth. The Paris agreement will be missed big time.

My last example is that both Bill Gates and our Pentagon are warning that somewhere in the world there will be a pandemic while Trump is cutting back on preventive health care.

Some day our grandchildren will ask: "Why did nobody stand up to these terrible ideas? Why is the USA becoming a second-rate government in the world?

Bruce Bauer


Buy outdoor marijuana

Industrial-scale recreational indoor marijuana grows are not only invading Williams at an alarming rate, but all of Josephine and Jackson county's rural areas are endangered, with farm and resource lands bought up, covered with gravel, shale or asphalt and saddled with multiple greenhouses typically 46 feet x 150 feet, lit up at night, with loud fans. They are destroying the fertile soils along with the cherished lifestyle in the communities surrounding them.

One way to rid our counties of these grows would be to boycott the marijuana they plan to sell.

If you are a user of marijuana or a dispensary owner selling marijuana, I would like to suggest you insist on consuming or selling only sungrown marijuana. Marijuana grows to perfection in our Southern Oregon climate, outdoors, with all the sun needed, in rich, healthy soils. Marijuana grown outdoors is healthier and not prone to the infestations of insects, mites and mold associated with greenhouse-grown marijuana.

If the industrial scale growers can't find buyers for their products, they will leave our beautiful countrysides, leaving marijuana to grow where it grows best — outside!

Help Southern Oregon become known for the finest outdoor grown marijuana in the state.

Conny Lindley


Enemies of the people

Democrats acknowledge the ACA needs improvement, but Republicans have for years vowed to repeal and replace — not improve — Obamacare. Upon gaining legislative and executive majorities, they’ve set out to do just that with malice aforethought.

They have never been interested in improving the ACA, but have been hell-bent on replacing it, whole cloth — transferring as much wealth from the poor to the wealthy as possible. Democrats have been effectively shut out of the salted-earth, take-no-prisoners repeal effort by the Republican leadership. Now Republicans may reap the harvest of their years of obstructionism, born of distaste for anything Obama, the efforts of our first black president.

The basis of this unrelenting reluctance to compromise is attributable not only to the ideological rigidity of conservatives; it is also born of endemic, baked-in racism, a knee-jerk desire to destroy Obama’s legacy and deny him the accolades of history. It won’t work. History will judge these reactionary muggles and their self-absorbed leader harshly, regardless of their incessant resort to alternative facts.

However, that judgment depends heavily upon the diligence and dedication of a free press. Many thanks to all those journalists prepared to reveal that the emperor is truly naked.

Gary R. Collins