Russia is not our friend

I urge the GOP politicians, including Congressman Greg Walden, to do all they can to get S 722 to a vote on the floor of the House, and to vote yes.

I was born in communist Czechoslovakia, and became a political refugee after the Russians brutally invaded my country in 1968.

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. That’s why President Obama put sanctions in place against Russia. It is hard to fathom our current president's cavalier stance on this issue, given the overwhelming evidence about Russia's cyber-invasion of our elections.

It is deeply disturbing that President Trump continues to forge close relationships with the dictators of the world rather than with our longtime allies. He reported feeling “honored” to meet with President Putin in a secretive session extending over two hours. We’re getting conflicting tweets and messages about what transpired behind closed doors. I fear that President Trump is acting like a dictator who is putting his interests ahead of those of our country. I fear for American democracy.

I hope that our Republican politicians will finally say: This is not normal.

I do not ever again wish to live in a political system controlled by Russia!

Dasja Dolan


Abortion bill outrageous

Bryan Platt's letter on the state's new abortion bill is so correct.

What are they thinking in Salem? Regardless of how you feel about abortions in general, the insurance companies are just going to raise rates on everyone to compensate.

This whole idea is just outrageous. One way or another you'll be paying for abortions, like it or not.

Richard Cody


Abortion decision is private

I respectfully disagree with Bryan Platt regarding HB-3391-2.

A woman's health care should be the concern of her, her health care professional and anyone else they consider to be of standing in this regard. HB-3391-2 is an attempt to remove the tyranny of interference from those that pretend to have special knowledge.

HB-3391-2 is an attempt to reaffirm the notion that professionals should be allowed to be professionals. HB-3391-2 is an attempt to assert that women have the right to self-determination.

Meddling outsiders have no place in the very personal decisions referenced in HB-3391-2.

Robert I. "Rip" Price


Adoptions can be tricky

It is understandable that many adoptees, as recently reported in the Tribune, would like to know their biological parents. Yet this may cause great discomfort and trauma for a birth mother who fully believed that this very difficult time was well behind her. Also, sometimes adoptees fantasize about the qualities of their unknown biological parents and on contact find disappointment.

Regardless of circumstances, it should be acknowledged that for most birth parents, giving up the child for adoption is a very emotional experience.

Some states have set up registration banks where all parties involved my register their willingness for contact and then connections can be made, usually accompanied by skilled professionals. In other situations, progressive adoption agencies acquire the permission of adoptive parents to be contacted at some future date by the birth mother and/or father. Some  agencies work out a procedure for adoptive parents and the birth mother to actually meet at the time of placement.

Much progress has been made in this very delicate and difficult process, as agencies utilize the careful guidance and skills of professional social workers in the adoption field. Of special concern, (always) is the best interest of the child or children involved.

E. A. (Don) Seebart, MSW, ACSW