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Zombies and Earthquakes  and Fires, Oh My!

Zombies and Earthquakes and Fires, Oh My!

According to many news reports, we are ever at risk from disasters of one kind or another that could interrupt life as we know it. From power outages to zombie invasions, how well prepared are you and your family for the challenge of life after a disaster? Okay, zombies, really? Probably not, but could you endure without the many conveniences we have become so accustomed to?
Ditching the Tasmanian Devil

Ditching the Tasmanian Devil

When Oregon Healthy Living held its "Terrible Tattoo Contest" that offered the winner free laser removal, dozens of readers responded with photos and sad stories of regrettable tattoos. After a lot of consideration, the staff chose Kelly Terry of Medford and her Tasmanian Devil tattoo with the name Jeremy inked beneath the artwork.
30 Day Challenge Follow-up  —Where Are They Now?

30 Day Challenge Follow-up —Where Are They Now?

Armed with knowledge, effort and a little determination, a healthier lifestyle can be sustainable and our two January 2014 challenge volunteers are proving it. After six months, they are both still highly motivated and have been able to maintain the goals they set for themselves.
Growers Market Know-How

Growers Market Know-How

Growers markets abound here in Southern Oregon, and whether you opt for a quick in-and-out or prefer to linger, there are a handful of guidelines for making your trip as bountiful as it can be.
Furry members  of the family

Furry members of the family

If there's a new baby coming into your home, you'll be relieved to know that having a perfectly clean and disinfected house is not exactly what the pediatrician ordered. A little dust and dog dander can go a long way in boosting a child's immune system and keeping allergies and asthma at bay.