Senior forward Javan Gail earned second-team honors to represent the Phoenix High boys basketball in all-Skyline League voting.

Senior guard Brennan Watts and sophomore forward Ethan Hutsell both were honorable mentions for the Pirates.

In girls Skyline voting, Phoenix senior guard Taylor DeVry was an honorable mention.

Henley’s Kyle Hadwick was named the Skyline boys player of the year, and Hidden Valley’s Kaylee Krusemark was the girls POY, in a vote by the league’s coaches.

All-Skyline Basketball


PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Kyle Hadwick, Henley.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Randy Barleen, Mazama.

All Defensive Team

Aiden Schram, sr., Mazama; Kyle Hadwick, sr., Henley; Darius Holmes, so., Klamath Union; Colton Lanby, sr., North Valley; Andrew Reynolds, jr., Mazama.

First Team

Trey Lopez, sr., Mazama; Colton Lanby, sr., North Valley; Jagger Hogan, jr., Klamath Union; Aiden Schram, sr., Mazama; McKade Allen, sr., Henley; Andrew Reynolds, jr., Mazama.

Second Team

Mario Segura, sr., Mazama; Dale Fenters, jr., Henley; Aaron McLittle, jr., North Valley; Trevin Lilly, sr., Klamath Union; Javan Gail, sr., Phoenix.

Honorable Mention

Javon Hall, jr., Mazama; Christian Kasper, jr., Mazama; John O’Conner, sr., Henley; Tanner Lanby, so., North Valley; Christian Wytcherly, sr., North Valley; Jake Overstreet, sr., Henley; Ethan Hutsell, so., Phoenix; Brennan Watts, sr., Phoenix; Kolton Fisher, so., Hidden Valley; Parker Wright, jr., Hidden Valley; Grant Ysen, sr., Klamath Union; Jayce Turner, sr., Klamath Union.


PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Kaylee Krusemark, Hidden Valley.

COACH OF THE YEAR: Joel Jessee, Hidden Valley.

All Defensive Team

Janelle Hurley, jr., Hidden Valley; Hallee Jesse, jr., Hidden Valley; Bailey Touey, jr., North Valley; Landy Williams, sr., Mazama; Jenai Hall, sr., Mazama.

First Team

Landy Williams, sr., Mazama; Kaiah Fisher, fr., Hidden Valley; Hallee Jessee, jr., Hidden Valley; Jessica Northcutt, jr., Henley; Jeni Hall, sr., Mazama.

Second Team

Hannah Hayes, sr., Hidden Valley; Annalise Greif, sr., Henley; Bailey Touey, jr., North Valley; Braidy Smith, jr., Henley; Mercedes Charkins, fr., Klamath Union; Janelle Hurley, jr., Hidden Valley.

Honorable Mention

Hailey Kersten, jr., North Valley; Maddy Lease, sr., Mazama; Tanner Higgins, jr., Henley; Taylor DeVry, sr., Phoenix; Nehani Delarosa, sr., Mazama; Mikala Najar, sr., Klamath Union; Brady Smith, sr., Henley; Clara Scott, jr., Hidden Valley; TrayLyn Arana, so., North Valley.