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Gas prices soar as summer approaches

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In the past month Dawni Dwire, Owner of Dardanelles Gas Station, has had to raise gas prices several times and sees no end in sight.

Dwire isn’t the only gas station in the Rogue Valley that has had to raise prices. Over the past week the national average for regular gasoline climbed 6 cents with an average cost of $3.04 a gallon, according to AAA, while in Oregon the average hovered around $3.39.

With Summertime fast approaching more people are taking to the roads for vacations. However, as the demand for gas increases truck driver scarcity is making a big impact on pricing.

“Over here our gas is delivered in trucks and we have a shortage of drivers,” Dwire said.

As an independently run gas station, Dwire says she doesn’t have much of a choice when it comes to raising the prices at the pump.

“When gas goes up, I have to go up accordingly, too, and I don’t get the big sums AM/PM gets and Fred Meyer gets. When you’re smaller, you get charged more.”

Customers like Pastor Dave Gomez are taking note of the higher prices as they reach for the pump.

Gomez said he has to fill up all of his church vans, which becomes expensive as gas prices surge toward the $4 per gallon mark.

“You see that holiday weekend coming up as well as summer travels and I just see it going up, up, up. I wish it wasn’t, but in the near future I don’t see it going down,“ he said.

According to AAA, the closure of the Colonial Pipeline also impacted the prices of gas on the West Coast. With Memorial Day weekend approaching, the company predicts that prices will continue to fluctuate.

Savannah Blake/Mail Tribune - Cars fuel up at the Fred Meyer gas station in Medford on Tuesday morning.
Savannah Blake/Mail Tribune - Dardanelles Gas Station in Central Point has had to raise their prices multiple times in the past weeks due to truck driver shortages and increased road travel.
Savannah Blake/Mail Tribune - Dardanelles employee Jeff Delabriandais and a customer talk about the rising cost to fill up his gas tank on Tuesday afternoon.
Savannah Blake/Mail Tribune - A customer fills up several gas cans at the Fred Meyer gas station in Medford on Tuesday morning.