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Letters to the Editor October 29

Stop the lobbyists

A few local restaurant owners have cranked up the conservative public relations machine, complete with lobbyists from the state restaurant association to convince voters to repeal Ashland's effective meals tax. The empty rhetoric from these flacks is the familiar and failed tactics of disinformation and fear.

There is no credible evidence that restaurants in Ashland fail because of the meals tax. Gross receipts for the restaurant industry in Ashland have grown about 30 percent faster than the rate of inflation during the life of the meals tax, based on the Portland area Consumer Price Index.

According to the Ashland Chamber of Commerce website, about 350,000 visitors come to Ashland each year. Through the meals tax these visitors help pay for our wastewater treatment plant and our parkland. This is fair.

Please don't let the special interests and their lobbyists scare you into a no vote.

Chuck Keil


Thanks to Amuse and Velocity Cellars

A special thank you is deserved for Amuse Restaurant and Velocity Wine Cellars in Ashland, which hosted a fundraising dinner in September that raised nearly $5,000 for ACCESS Inc. This amount equals 25,000 meals to feed the hungry. The dinner, attended by 104 people, was held at Amuse Restaurant in Ashland. The dinner featured local fare prepared by Chef Eric Brown of Amuse and paired with wine from Velocity Wine Cellars by winemaker Gus Janeway.

With 3,500 Jackson County families each month receiving food assistance from the ACCESS Food Share Pantry Network, donations like this are essential to meeting our communities' needs. Thank you, again, to Amuse Restaurant and Velocity Wine Cellars.

Logan Bell,

development director, ACCESS Inc.

Wrong to charge the Bolsingers with crime

It is altogether wrong, in my opinion, to charge the Bolsingers with any crime for failing financially in a doomed economy. Their investors would have lost the money anyway, in the stockmarket, just like everybody else, had they invested it there instead. The bourgeois are churls.

Patti Morey


Ugly newspaper boxes

In a town that prides itself on its beauty, where no artistic signage is allowed (such as neon or sandwich boards larger than a thimble), why are these monstrous newspaper boxes allowed to exist? Could we not replace these with quaint, attractive paper boxes as some cities have done?

Lenny Goldberg


Better writing, please

I don't see that an article is worth very much to the readers of the Daily Tidings if it fails to mention half of the information that is basic to journalistic writing.

We learn in the Oct. 19 article on the BRING Recycle Center that people are building a chapel.

We learn why and what and that it's happening now, but who are these people and where is the new chapel?

Is BRING an acronym?

What is the chartered purpose of the organization?

What do they recycle?

What is the Planet Improvement Center?

The reporter could have added a few more facts to tell the rest of us how we might participate in what seems like a worthwhile endeavor.

Better writing, please.

William Bloodgood


Third party needed

Chuck Baldwin was presidential candidate in 2008 running via the Constitution Party. Chuck's latest archived column has been posted for Oct. 20.

Titled "You Might Be A Constitutionalist If," it remains archived at www.chuckbaldwinlive.com. To read and access it, click on "Chuck's Archived Columns." Yes, this commentary is timely, well worth the read, educational and informative. It further confirms little or no difference exists between the two establishment party cartels: Socialist Party A (Democrats) vs. Socialist Party B (Republicans). The time has long since past; a third political party loyal (not disloyal and treasonous!) to our constitutional republic, is badly needed. Learn about the Constitution Party of Oregon on the net at www.constitutionpartyoregon.net.

James A. Farmer