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Fishing and hunting report

River outlook

ROGUE­ Spring chinook fishing is sporadic on the upper Rogue andjust fair everywhere else on the river, but favorable weather conditionsand improved fish numbers should help pick up the salmon bite.

Those who are catching springers now are finding them in pockets of waterfrom below Gold Ray Dam all the way to the Sand Hole just downstream fromthe Cole Rivers Hatchery fish ladder.

Boat fishermen are back-bouncing roe and sandshrimp combinations as wellas using large Kwikfish plugs. Bankies are using various red, orange andgreen bead combinations as well as pink or green corkies.

Boat fishermen are doing best on the Dodge Bridge to TouVelle run, butdriftboaters are running into sled drivers in the True V, Elks and TwinPonds holes, so competition for choice fishing spots is hot. Gold Ray Damangling has been fair to good for springers from boats at the deadline aswell as the flats, with roe out-producing Kwikfish most mornings. Pressurethere is heavy from both guides and private parties, with lots of powerboatsfishing the stretch.

Bank fishing at Casey State Park, the Slide Hole and other choice bankielocations has been fair, with bank fishing at Hayes Falls also fair to good.

Through May 30, the count of springers over Gold Ray Dam was up to 20,900fish. Though two weeks old, this is the latest update provided Wednesdayby the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In the Gold Beach area, low and warm water and lower fish counts havecaused springer fishing to peter out. Some catches remain for a few peoplefishing Elephant Rock up to Agness, where the water flows remained a hairabove 4,660 cfs Wednesday. Anchovies with mylar spinner blades, gold-bladedspinners with green beads or Kwikfish are the favorite weapons.

The water temperatures in the lower Rogue have hit 65 degrees and 61degrees in Grants Pass. That bodes poorly for springer fishing but is nothigh enough to trigger any disease outbreaks.

For spring chinook, the limit is two adults and five jacks a day.

Barbed hooks are legal with all baits, flies and plugs.

Trout fishing in the Rogue is legal again, with catches from Dodge Bridgeon up good for holdover rainbows and cutthroat trout. The stonefly hatchis going off well in the Shady Cove area.

The stonefly hatch on the upper Rogue has been decent. Holy Water fishingis good, but not as good as it used to be.

UMPQUA ­ Shad fishing is still good now throughout the upper endof the main-stem Umpqua, with catches still very good in the Yellow Creekand Sawyers Rapids areas, both on jigs and flies. For jigs, green, red andyellow are good, with green floss flies the best for flyfishermen.

Smallmouth bass fishing is also improving to very good now in the mainstem from Elkton to Scottsburg and will get better with every warm day.

Spring chinook fishing has slowed down in the main stem because of warmwater, but chinook catches are good in the Rock Creek section of the NorthUmpqua.

Striped bass fishing is fair in the lower section of the estuary, andpressure is light.

Smallmouth bass fishing is heating up as more hot weather is slidinginto Southern Oregon.

APPLEGATE ­ The Applegate is fishing fair to good for trout in theupper stretches around Kerby and Cantrall-Buckley County Park, which isopen. Use caddis flies, golden stoneflies, single salmon eggs or PantherMartin lures. All native fish must be released unharmed.

BUTTE ­ The main part of Big Butte Creek above Butte Falls is stockedregularly with rainbow trout and fishing is good with worms or caddis flies.The area of Little Butte above the forks is also now open and fair to goodfor trout on single salmon eggs, worms, caddis flies or tiny spinners.

Lake outlook

LOST CREEK ­ Smallmouth bass fishing is very good, largemouth fishingis fair to good and trout fishing is good in key spots. Largemouth bassfishing is best above Peyton Bridge on jigs or top-water plugs very earlyin the morning. Smallmouth fishing is good in the windless coves, near theface of the dam, around the swimming area and close to creek mouths. Smallrubber worms and grubs, small lures and most flies are doing the trick.

Trout fishing will be best around the marina after extra Cole RiversHatchery fish were dumped into the lake for Free Fishing Weekend activitiesat Stewart State Park. Nice rainbows are also being caught now on wormsand salmon eggs where the river forks flow into the upper end of the lake.

The lake is about four feet from full and water conditions are excellent.Floating debris amounts have been limited recently.

TENMILE ­ Angling for warm water fish is improving, but it stillremains a hair slower than expected for the middle of June. Some good largemouthhave been caught during recent tournaments. Some nice hybrid bass have beentaken recently on sandshrimp near the railroad bridge. Crappie fishing isalso good.

WILLOW ­ Bass fishing has slowed some but remains very good. Usecrankbaits or spinner baits near the weeds. Trout fishing is fair to goodon worms and PowerBait, or trolling Flatfish or Triple Teasers. Trout fishingwill improve with the extra legal-sized hatchery rainbows added to the lakefor Free Fishing Day activities. The crappie bite is now very good to excellenton jigs and small flies.

HYATT ­ Trout fishing remains very good in the Hyatt Lake Resortarea as well as the Orchard, in the coves and near the dam.

Most people are still-fishing from boats with various flavors of PowerBait,with flaming orange, pink and chartreuse seemingly working best. Most ofthe trout are about 12 inches, but there are plenty of 15- to 17-inchersin the daily catch.

The trout limit is five a day over 8 inches, with no more than one ofthem over 20 inches.

HOWARD PRAIRIE ­ Fishing continues to be hot at the lake, with more12-inchers now making up the catch, but there still seems to be a good supplyof 20-inchers available for mid-June. Still-fishing around the islands,in and near Red Rock Cove, and at the far north end of the lake have beenthe recent hot spots. Light-colored PowerBait or Velveeta cheese have beenthe weapons of choice for the most successful still-fishermen. Trollingremains great, with most early morning fishermen catching their limits in

an hour and afternoon anglers needing two hours or more for their limits.The best lures are the Brown Trout, Fire Tiger and Brass Bikini Needlefish.Get your lure to 25 feet for best success.

The trout limit is five a day over 8 inches, with no more than one ofthem over 20 inches.

DIAMOND ­ The lake remains very good for planted rainbow trout 9-11inches long. Some residual legal-sized trout stocked for last week's FreeFishing Day remain around the resort docks.

The south end of the lake continues to be the hot spot, with the CheeseHole second. Some nice, fat trout, 15-22 inches long, have been caught trollingslowly where you find small tui chubs.

Good baits for still-fishermen are Velveeta cheese and single salmoneggs or any of an array of PowerBait colors and flavors.

Wooly buggers and leeches are good bets for flyfishermen using sinkinglines.

Fewer of the big Diamond Lake rainbows are around, with competition fromtui chubs the reason.

APPLEGATE ­ Angling for trout is good with best prospects in theupper portions of the reservoir, especially the Seattle Bar area. Anglingfor smallmouth and largemouth bass is good to very good in the eveningswith spinner baits, crankbaits and rubber worms near submerged trees orthe rafts of floating debris anchored to shore. French Gulch is closed toboat access by log booms meant to hold back debris. Most of the floatingdebris has either been contained by log booms or has lodged itself ontothe shore.

EMIGRANT ­ Fair for trout on worms, cheese and PowerBait. Anglingis fair to good for largemouth and smallmouth bass and good for crappiein the willows and grasses near the lake's south end.

AGATE ­ The crappie bite is tapering off to good or very good atthe lake's far end, with most of the crappie hanging in or near the submergedtrees and brush. Catch them on very small jigs, lures or flies.

FISH ­ Fishing is good for planted rainbow trout near the resort.Troll worms or Triple Teasers slowly, or use PowerBait off the bank. Extralegal-sized rainbow trout, residuals from Free Fishing Day festivities lastweek, remain near the boat ramp.

LAKE OF THE WOODS ­ Kokanee, brown and rainbow trout fishing continuesto be fair to good for trollers and still fishermen. Some nice brown trouthave been caught recently trolling small lures. Bass and crappie fishinghas been good.

KLAMATH/AGENCY ­ Bank and boat angling has been good for large rainbowtrout, with flyfishermen using wooly buggers and leeches and others trollingsmall Rapala lures that look like shiners.

Ocean outlook

SOUTH COAST ­ The offshore salmon season re-opens Tuesday and fishingis expected to be good again out of Brookings. Troll large anchovies offdown-riggers near the bottom in 60-90 feet of water. It's barbless hooksonly, and the bag limits are one chinook a day and four in seven consecutivedays.

There is no quota, and this portion of the offshore season runs throughJuly 6.

Herring and sardines are showing up in Winchester Bay, where there arethe most herring in Oregon so far. Red-tailed surfperch fishing has beengood to very good in Gold Beach, Port Orford and Brookings. Use sandshrimp,clam necks or sandworms. For surfperch flyfishers, use bright red-yellowstreamers with sinking lines.

Crabbing remains slow but it is improving in Coos and Winchester bays;most crabs are soft and should be released.

Lingcod fishing remains good off Brookings on large black or white lingcodjigs. Spearfishermen have been doing fair to good on lings and black rockfish.Anglers are reminded that there is a 22-inch minimum size limit on lingcod.

Hunting outlook

GENERAL ­ Fall controlled hunt applicants will receive notificationof their success via mail around June 20.

DESCHUTES ­ Coyote populations remain high and should provide excellenthunting opportunities in the N. Wagontire and the eastern portions of theMetolius, Fort Rock and Paulina units. Contact ranch owners for permissionto hunt and avoid trespassing.

Belding ground squirrels (sage rats) have appeared and will provide anincreasing opportunity for hunters this spring and summer in and aroundthe alfalfa fields of Fort Rock and Christmas Valley. For best success,time your hunt between the alfalfa cuttings, when vegetation is low.

ROGUE ­ Spring turkey season ended May 31.

Wildlife viewing

ROGUE ­ The Denman Wildlife Area is a good place to observe egrets,various species of hawks and numerous songbirds.

KLAMATH ­ Most migrants have returned to the Klamath Basin. Lookfor young of the year among Canada geese, a variety of ducks and sandhillcranes. Young cranes are called colts and are quite amusing to watch asthey are very ungainly and have huge feet. Most birds are in their springbreeding plumage and are quite striking in appearance.