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Dunlap's wreck leaves friends, coaches shaken

Tonight's Crater High volleyball match against Roseburg has been postponeduntil next Wednesday following a highway accident that left senior JenniferDunlap hospitalized in critical condition.

Dunlap was driving into town from the Sams Valley area with her motherwhen the accident occurred about 5:30 p.m. Sunday evening.

It was touch an go through the night as family members, Crater volleyballcoach Leaf Jensen and girls basketball coach David Heard kept vigil at theProvidence Hospital.

To this point, there are no (known) broken bones, Heard said.

Originally it was thought she had two broken femurs and a broken hand,but X-rays proved negative.

Internal bleeding caused great concern in the early-morning hours Monday.

She wasn't getting the oxygen she needed, because her lungs werefull of fluid, Heard said.

She lost 50 percent of her blood -- a lot internally.

Heard said doctors said the 17-year-old athlete could be in ICU fromtwo days to a week.

Jennifer woke up at about — o'clock (Monday afternoon) and calledfor her mom (Marechal, who sustained six broken ribs), Heard said.That was a good sign.

She remained on a respirator late Monday.

It could've been a heckuva lot worse, Heard said. Thismorning she wasn't out of the woods, but it's leaning that way. We're hopingshe will get a little bit better each hour and that it will stay that way.But when you're on a respirator it's not 100 percent.

Crater athletic director Dan Speasl said the players were contacted,but told not to come to the hospital.

We didn't want the kids to go into a panic and compound problems,he said. We had a meeting this morning with the girls to tell themwhat we knew.

Obviously, she was still in ICU. We didn't hold anything back,but were hoping she was safe enough so we could try to assure them she wasgoing to be OK.

The Comets had a team meeting Monday when they normally practice, butwere expected to work out today.

It's one of those things that brings you closer together,Speasl said. All kinds of kids want to see her. She's very, very populararound school. She has such a bubbly personality and is so out-going.

SIX BACK IN ACTION -- Six Ashland football players, suspended for lastFriday's game against Mazama following a taco-throwing incident during apep assembly, have been cleared to play.

Coach Jim Nagel said they'll all be back this Friday when the No. — Grizzliesvisit North Medford.

If you took the taco thing in of itself, it's innocent enough,Nagel said Monday. However, there is a history behind it and thingsthat led up to it.

Students had been warned not to engage in the activity.

Leaders of the class had been told that there was no way we wouldallow it to happen, Nagel said.

(The behavior) was implied in general comments that should've includedthings of this nature. I'm sure in those guys' minds they didn't think inthose terms.

There were a handful of other students involved and Nagel said the schoolwould be imposing other penalties beyond the suspension.

This wasn't football-related and there will be other consequences,he said. Work details and that sort of thing.

EVEN UP -- In the three-plus seasons since North Medford won the 1993Class 4A state football title, North and South Medford have identical 15-15records.

FOUR OR FIVE? -- Last year, the Oregon School Activities Associationbegan using five-man officiating crews for Class 4A football playoff games.

This fall, five-man crews can be used during the regular season. Apparently,it's a hit and miss deal.

The Metro and Midwestern leagues are using the five-man crews, whilethe Mount Hood Conference and Portland Interscholastic League stayed withfour.

And then there's the SOC, where you'll find five-man crews at Roseburgand Klamath Falls and four-man crews in Jackson and Josephine counties.

In the playoffs, people were in better position to make calls,said OSAA assistant executive director Tom Welter. The beauty of acall is in the eye of the beholder, but a guy wasn't having to sprint downand make calls.

I didn't have one complaint during the playoffs last year.

So why not five at Spiegelberg Stadium or Walter A. Phillips Field?

Rogue Valley Football Officials Association commissioner Dick Chiponiswas unavailable for comment Monday, but Ashland coach Jim Nagel was toldscarcity was an issue.

It may be that they're just too thin, Nagel says.

In some cases there have been what I call assumption calls,Nagel says. Hopefully an eye downfield will see things a little moredetailed and and you won't actually have as many calls.

Then there is Crater coach Hal Rose, who is still trying to figure wherethe flag came from on his team's first possession last Friday in CentralOregon, when Crater was penalized inside the Redmond 10.

I don't want any more of them (an official with a flag),Crater coach Hal Rose said.

ADD NAGEL -- I was sitting up in the press box (during a JV game)the other night, the veteran coach said. There are certain thingsyou see up there you don't on the field.

He spotted 12 men on the field four times -- three during punting situations.

Said Nagel: I asked them if I could use some of the formationsI saw (that night) on Friday night.

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