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Pair of bowlers get 300s

For two Central Point men, rolling 300 games Wednesday at Medford Lanes were very different experiences.

Bob Korth, 55, registered his 25th perfect game, while Rich Stevens, 26, posted his first.

Korth had a twist on his 300 because it was the first time he's bowled one with a four-fingered ball. Korth has used the ball with a fourth hole for the pinky finger because of a wrist injury.

Since I went to that ball I've had four 279s in the last six weeks, said Korth. It takes a lot of stress off the wrist.

Bowling a 300 isn't a new experience for Korth, but it still thrills the veteran.

I got a little nervous on the last ball, said Korth. It wasn't the best ball I threw all night, but it was good enough.

Korth rolled a 300 on the first game of the series, then posted scores of 214 and 255 for a 769.

Stevens posted what is believed to be the first 300 game ever bowled in the Evergreen League.

Stevens, who carries a 188 average, finished with a 667 series. He admits he was mighty nervous on his last shot.

I was just praying to God, said Stevens. I knew it was going to hit the pocket. I was just hoping it would finish.

Steven had a close call in the ninth frame.

I threw the ball and left the 10 pin wobbling, said Stevens. I turned around and everybody groaned. But then it fell down and they cheered.