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Sports letters

Great job, North

When North Medford lost to North Eugene in the softball state semifinals, it was the end of a special effort that these young ladies started some four years ago. They stood up to an almost impossible task of becoming three-time state champions. What pressure to put on an individual, and yet they (as a team) almost pulled it off.

I have been a high school girls' fast-pitch fan for a long time, and I have never seen a group of young ladies, parents and coaches so devoted to the high-pressure task of being number one. These young women are something very special.

Now that the season is over, some of these ladies will go on to college, where some will continue to play softball. The rest will be back, once again, to work on being number one. I would be willing to bet we will hear about every one of these ladies as being

very successful persons in life, and whatever their life's ambitions might be, they will be winners. How could they be anything but?

I want to thank Larry Binney, his coaches, the parents, and especially the young women of North Medford Black Tornado fast pitch for all the fun I have had watching you play. You are all winners in my book.

By the way, if you have never watched women's fast-pitch softball, you are really missing a great deal of fun and excitement.

-- Jim Bailey, Medford