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Speedway rookie earns first win


-- Dan Estremado has dominated the action in the modified division at the Southern Oregon Speedway this season but the Gold Hill resident ran into bad luck Saturday night.

Estremado got into an accident on the first lap of the main event and was knocked from the race, enabling rookie Mark Wauge to register his first-ever victory.

Veteran Dave Duste, Sr., finished second, Dave Duste, Jr., was third and Rob Gavin fourth.

Estremado was rounding the fourth turn when a car in front of him turned slightly sideways. Estremado, who has nine wins this season, had nowhere to go and the ensuing collision destroyed the right front suspension of his car.

Dave Duste, Sr. had the lead from the fifth through the 11th lap before he, too, collided with an out-of-control car.

That enabled Wauge to take the lead and he held it to the end of the 20-lap race.

The track was slippery and I was holding on for dear life at the end, Wauge said.

In other divisions, Brian Poppa won the pro stock A main, Jon DeBenedetti claimed the dwarf main, John Wayne Cahill took the super truck main and Patrick Lanigan won the mini stock main.

Poppa, DeBenedetti and Cahill all registered clean sweeps -- winning their heat race, trophy dash and main event.

John Dentone gave the crowd a thrill during the dwarf main event when he crashed into the retaining wall of the main grandstand. He was not injured.


FIRST HEAT-- 1, Dave Duste Jr.; 2, Rich McCoy; 3, Markey James; 4, Mark Wauge.

SECOND HEAT-- 1, Dan Estremado; 2, Matt Duste; 3, Dennis Silva; 4, Neil Brown.

TROPHY DASH-- 1, Dan Estremado; 2, Dave Duste Jr.; 3, Matt Duste; 4, Rich McCoy.

MAIN-- 1, Mark Wauge; 2, Dave Duste Sr.; 3, Dave Duste Jr.; 4, Rob Gavin; 5, Dan Wells; 6, Matt Duste; 7, Clarence Reddick; 8, Cactus Thompson; 9, Scott Weldon; 10, Jeff Pottruff; 11, Milt Gordon; 12, Neil Brown; 13, Lloyd Speer; 14, Rich McCoy; 15, Ron Possinger.


FIRST HEAT-- 1, Brian Poppa; 2, Frank Word III; 3, Jer Deubert; 4, Tony Walker.

SECOND HEAT-- 1, Dan Thomas; 2, Keith Scott; 3, Ken Heywood; 4, Ken Irving.

THIRD HEAT-- 1, Mike Jones; 2, Butch Poppa; 3, Bo Shields Jr.; 4, Lane Perry.

FOURTH HEAT-- 1, Gary Rotarius; 2, Donn Johnston; 3, Eric Ralph; 4, Chris Charlton.

TROPHY DASH-- 1, Brian Poppa; 2, Dan Thomas; 3, Gary Rotarius; 4, Mike Jones.

B MAIN-- 1, Jeremy Richey; 2, Cal Lanfear; 3, Glenn McElreath; 4, Dave Munson; 5, Earl Gower; 6, Cathie Lynch; 7, Paul Heinlein; 8, Jerry Severson; 9, Mike Medel; 10, Barry Brown; 11, Rick Norman; 12, Jay Hinton.

A MAIN-- 1, Brian Poppa; 2, Dan Thoma; 3, Gary Rotarius; 4, Tony Walker; 5, Frank Word III; 6, Donn Johnston; 7, Chris Charlton; 8, Butch Poppa; 9, Mike Jones; 10, Ken Irving; 11, Ken Heywood; 12, Glenn McElreath; 13, Dave Munson; 14, Lane Perry; 15, Cal Lanfear.



HEAT-- 1, Jon DeBenedetti; 2, John Dentone; 3, Curt Hunter; 4, Joe Fort.


HEAT-- 1, Tom King; 2, Gary Fitzsimmons; 3, Morris Chamberlain; 4, Jim Miller.


DASH-- 1, Jon DeBenedetti; 2, John Dentone; 3, Tom King; 4, Gary Fitzsimmons.

MAIN-- 1, Jon DeBenedetti; 2, Curt Hunter; 3, Joe Fort; 4, Gary Fitzsimmons; 5, Tom King; 6, Mitch Sheeler; 7, Tina Rahenkamp; 8, Don Wright; 9, Fred O'Nan; 10, Hal Resnik; 11, John Dentone; 12, Jim Miller.


FIRST HEAT-- 1, Mike Johnson; 2, Dean Combs; 3, Jeff Midwood; 4, Ed Welch.

SECOND HEAT-- 1, Jim Hill; 2, Tracy Bradley; 3, Randy Tharp; 4, Bill Swift.

THIRD HEAT-- 1, Clarence Cole; 2, Patrick Lanigan; 3, Justin Holt; 4, Larry Best.

FOURTH HEAT-- 1, Jerry Apland; 2, Pete Bowne Jr.; 3, Eric Bray; 4, Dave Casperson.

TROPHY DASH-- 1, Mike Johnson; 2, Jim Hill; 3, Jerry Apland; 4, Clarence Cole.

B MAIN-- 1, Mike Shaffer; 2, Travis Holt; 3, Wayne Kniffen; 4, Tracy O'Callahan; 5, Al Wright; 6, Bill Lux; 7, Jim Modwood; 8, Bob Thomas; 9, Rebecca Rambo; 10, John Kreftmeyer.

A MAIN-- 1, Patrick Lanigan; 2, Tracy Bradley; 3, Pete Bowne; 4, Jerry Apland; 5, Jim Hill; 6, Mike Johnson; 7, Travis Holt; 8, Eric Bray; 9, Ed Welch.


HEAT RACE-- 1, John Wayne Cahill; 2, Travis Ainsworth; 3, Lindsey Bryant; 4, Roger Lee Jr.

TROPHY DASH-- 1, John Wayne Cahill; 2, Lindsey Bryant; 3, Travis Ainsworth; 4, Roger Lee Jr.

MAIN-- 1, John Wayne Cahill; 2, Lindsey Bryant; 3, Buck Hornbaker; 4, Travis Ainsworth; 5, Mike Quinday; 6, Harvey Foster; 7, Merle Townsend; 8, Roger Lee Jr.