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KMED Radio to carry OSU football, hoops

Radio station KMED of Medford has signed a contract with Beaver Sports Productions of Portland to carry the broadcasts of Oregon State University football and basketball for the 1999-2000 school year.

KMED (AM-1440) replaces KTMT as the radio home of Oregon State football and basketball. KTMT dropped the OSU network to pick up the broadcasts of Southern University football and basketball.

When the other station (KTMT) pulled the plug on Oregon State sports, it put us in a position where we didn't have a station in our third-largest market (Southern Oregon), said former Medford High athlete Barry Spiegelberg, who is employed by Beaver Sports Productions.

It was said there isn't much interest in Oregon State sports on radio in Southern Oregon. We do not believe that to be true at all.

I think we proved it to be false when we sold out the whole package to broadcast football and basketball in one week. When advertisers down there heard what happened, they jumped at the chance to come on board with the Beavers. We came up with nine sponsors in one week.

Keith Lollis, general manager of KMED, said the station will start its relationship with OSU football and basketball with a one-year agreement.

The Oregon State people helped us get our sponsors, said Lollis. If things go well and we keep our sponsors, we will sign up again next year.

Lollis said the station may also pick up the broadcasts of several OSU women's basketball games, since former Rogue Valley prep stars Erika Brosterhous of North Medford and Chassie and Cherrith Wiersma of Crater are members of the team.

Women's basketball is still up in the air, said Lollis. But the football and men's basketball is done. I just sent the contracts back up there on Monday. We're very pleased to help them out at the last minute.

Oregon State football has been down for a long time, but it's coming back now, I think, said Lollis. Hopefully, we're getting in on the ground floor of something good.

I've always liked rooting for the underdogs, so this will work out well. But with a new coach, (Dennis Erickson), Oregon State may not be underdogs much longer.

Spiegelberg said keeping OSU football and basketball on the air in Southern Oregon was a special accomplishment for him.

Since I'm from Medford, I know how much interest there is in the Beavers down there. said Spiegelberg. Let's say we proved that Beaver spirit is still alive and well in Southern Oregon.

Oregon State will have a new radio voice for football and basketball. He's Mike Parker, who replaces long-time broadcaster Darrell Aune, who resigned last spring after a controversy surrounding his expense reports during the last year.