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Sports letters

Media blew it

The weekend of Sept. 11-12 the Southern Oregon Dragway hosted the NHRA Division 8 Bracket Finals. With 514 cars, it was the largest bracket finals race in history. On Saturday night, there was a Gambler's Race -- four classes, $50 entry apiece. The total purse was more than $13,000.

In the non-electronic class, the winner waded through 150 cars to win a whopping $3,950. That is the largest winner's purse in Southern Oregon, no matter what kind of racing. The race brought thousands of dollars to the area economy, with many hotels in the area booked solid.

And where was our local media? Nowhere to be found. No TV stations, no radio and no papers. Oh, excuse me, the biggest ambulance chaser since lawyers, Channel 10, was immediately on the scene when a motorcycle rider fell and broke his leg on Saturday morning, but never came back the rest of the weekend.

If it doesn't have a ball connected with it, I guess our local sports people aren't interested. In case you haven't noticed, there are other sports besides stick-and-ball games.

Our local drag strip is one of the nicest in the Northwest and deserves better coverage than it receives. If the sportscasters/writers of this area need some lessons on drag racing, I'll be happy to oblige.


Pat Green, Medford