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Local report

wins All-Stars

bowling tournament

Greg Hafner defeated Brian Tinsley 279-256 in the finals Sunday to win the Southern Oregon All-Stars bowling tournament at North Bend Lanes.

It was the first of eight tournaments involving the all-stars.

In other finals matches, Jeff Cox defeated Dean Labor 267-237, Chuck Eilenberber defeated Cox 234-194 and Tinsley stopped Eilenberger 269-203.

Results prior to the finals:

Greg Hafner 2,642, Brian Tinsley 2,906, Chuck Eilenberger 2,713, Jeff Cox 2,493, Dean Labor 2,439, Monte Marler 2,172, Jim Carlson 2,326, Kevin Rhodes 2,213, Jerome Lee 2,246, Bill Brickey 2,204, Ron Hubbard, 2,212, Tony Corgain 2,139, Ric Donnelly 2,146, Winfred Hankins 2,139, Steve O'Donnell 2,059, James Gorecki 2,047, Bob Korth 1,072, Steve Stults 1,067.

claims 14th

triumph at Speedway

WHITE CITY-- Points champion Dan Estremado won his 14th winged modified race of the season Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway.

Dave Duste Sr. edged rookie Mark Wauge for second place in the points race.

Dan Thomas won the pro stocks A Main race, while Brian Poppa won the points championship ahead of Gary Rotarius and Thomas.


HEAT 1-- John Dentone, Chris Salyer, Tom King, Gary Fitzsimmons, HEAT 2 -- Jon DeBenedetti, Joe Fort, Mitch Sheeler, Kurt Hunter.

TROPHY DASH-- Rick Harms, Fred O'Nan, Kyle Resnik, Bob Hedrick.

MAIN EVENT-- Jon DeBenedetti, John Dentone, Tod Joe Fort, Chris Salyer, Tom King, Morris Chamberlain, Don Wright, Bob Hedrick, Kyle Resnik, Fred O'Nan.


HEAT 1-- John Wayne Cahill, Roger Lee, Travis Ainsworth, Mike Quinday. HEAT 2 -- Terry Townsend, Lindsey Bryant, Mike Huffman, Harvey Foster.

MAIN EVENT-- Harvey Foster, Roger Lee Jr., Terry Townsend, Mike Huffman, Travis Ainsworth, Lindsey Bryant, J.W. Howard, John Wayne Cahill, Mike Quinday, Dwayne Hornbaker.


HEAT 1-- Jeremy Richey, Ken Heywood, Dave Everson, Ken Irving. HEAT 2 -- Brad Alfrey, Toby Ezell, Frank Word III, Mike Jones. HEAT — -- Jamie McCleary, Bob Dees, Jay Hinton Jr., Robert Smith. HEAT 4 -- 1, Jer Deubert, Brian Poppa, Dave Munson, Buster McElreath.

TROPHY DASH-- Brad Alfrey, Jamie McCleary, Jeremy Richey, Jer Deubert.

B MAIN-- Donn Johnston, Butch Poppa, Ray Kniffen Jr., Buster McElreath, Leonard Phorson, Dave Haze, Howard Merritt Jr., Barry Brown, Mike Medel, Billy Redmond.

A MAIN-- 1, Dan Thomas, Brian Poppa, Jer Deubert, Frank Word III, Mike Jones, Ken Irving, Chris Charlton, Jay Hinton Jr., Buster McElreath, Jerry Severson.

RACE OF CHAMPIONS-- Brian Poppa, Butch Butch Poppa, Bob Dees, Frank Word III, Dan Thomas, Jeremy Richey, Gary Rotarius, Jerry Severson, Jamie McCleary, Erik Ralph.


HEAT 1-- Jim Hill, Eric Bray, Jeremy Sculley, Randy Tharp. HEAT 2 -- Patrick Lanigan, Mike Shaffer, Bill Swif, Wayne Kniffen Jr. HEAT — -- Tracy Bradley, Mike Johnson, Josh Smith, Dave Casperson. HEAT 4-- Pete Browne Jr., Justin Holt, Jason Watkins, Ken Thomas.

TROPHY DASH-- John Wayne Cahill, Tracy Bradley, Lindsey Bryant, Roger Lee.

B MAIN-- Clarence Cole Jr., Travis Holt, Jeff Midwood, Rick Sequeira, Anita Taylor, Larry Best, Wes Moore, Jim Midwood, Anthony Zinzant, Sam Dixon.

A MAIN-- Patrick Lanigan, Tracy Bradley, Justin Holt, Jim Hill, Mike Johnson, Randy Tharp, Jeff Midwood, Ken Thomas, Wayne Kniffen, Clarence Cole Jr.


HEAT 1-- Neil Brown, Mark Wauge, Bruce Rayburn, Scott Weldon. HEAT 2 -- Matt Duste, Dave Duste Sr., Dave Duste Jr. Dan Estremado.

TROPHY DASH-- Dave Duste Sr., Matt Duste, Mark Wauge, Neil Brown.

MAIN EVENT-- Dave Estremado, Matt Duste, Markey James, Bruce Rayburn, Tom Glover, Dave Duste Sr., Scott Weldon, Mark Wauge, Dave Duste Jr., Dan Wells.


well at state event

GOVERNMENT CAMP-- Brothers Josh and Jeremy VanSchoonhoven continued their successful bicycling season recently at the Oregon State Championships at the Mount Hood Ski Bowl.

Josh VanSchoonhoven placed second in the 18-and-under race to take over the series lead with one race remaining.

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven placed second overall and first in the senior expert division. He's third in his series standings.

, Tigers

to play for MABL title

The Grants Pass Diamondbacks and Rogue Valley Tigers will meet this weekend for the Rogue Valley Men's Adult Baseball League championship.

The opening game of a best-of-three series will be played Friday at 6:30 p.m. at Agnew Lytle Field in the Grants Pass Sportspark.

Game two will be Saturday at — p.m. at Medford's Miles Field. Game three, if necessary, would be played Sunday at — p.m. at Miles Field.

The annual MABL Home Run Derby will be at 4 p.m. Saturday at Agnew-Lytle Field in Grants Pass. Cost is $10 for 10 swings. Derby sign-ups are at 3:45 p.m.

garners tourney

title at Laurel Hills

The team of Mary Bjornstad, Elsie Williams, Pat Viehweg and Zelda Black won the title in a team event Monday at Laurel Hill Golf Course.

Second place went to the team of Mary Cooney, Shirley Berman, Lois Muller and Loreen Carr.

The third-place team was Sue Havinear, Sandy Stephani, Barbara Blew and Corrine Miller.