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Grizzlies place first on slopes

MOUNT ASHLAND -- Ashland High captured top boys and girls individual and team honors in the slalom event during the first Southern Oregon League ski race of the season Saturday.

Defending league champion Eric Harris cruised to victories in both runs of the slalom and led the Grizzlies to a sweep of the first five places.

Harris had a combined time of — minute, 18.22 seconds.

North Medford took second in the boys team race with Lakeview third. Phoenix and South Medford did not have three skiers finish both runs.

The Ashland girls did almost as well as their boy counterparts.

Grizzly junior Rachel Karlin won her first league race with a mark of 1:29.08.

Karlin trailed Andrea Gillogley of Lakeview by one second after the opening run, but had a fast second trip down the mountain to take the top place. Gillogley finished second.

The Ashland girls won the team event, with Lakeview second and North Medford third. South Medford did not have three skiers finish both runs, while St. Mary's and Crater did not have a full team.


TEAM SCORES -- Ashland, 4 minutes, 00.91 seconds; North Medford, 4:37.44; Lakeview, 4:38.16.; Phoenix, dnf; South Medford, dnf.

TOP 15 INdivIDUALS -- 1, Eric Harris, A, 1:18.22; 2, Zachary Williams, A, 1:21.02; 3, Ezra Kemp, A, 1:21.67; 4, Ryan Slack, A, 1:24.09; 5, Josh Paull, L, 1:24.89; 6, Brett Nichols, L, 1:25.59; 7, Luke Levesque, NM, 1:28.18; 8, Dustin Brown, A, 1:32.85; 9, Adam Maclaughlin, A, 1:33.67; 10, Demtri Hice, NM, 1:33.68; 11, Sean Rio, P, 1:34.52; 12, Scott Roemmich, NM, 1:35.58; 13, Morgan Pierce, A, 1:40.75; 14, Aaron Goldman, A, 1:42.96; 15, Peter Light-Hoppe, SM, 1:46.69


TEAM SCORES -- Ashland, 4:41.85; Lakeview, 5:00.56; North Medford, 5:28.74; South Medford, dnf; Crater, St. Mary's incomplete.

TOP 15 INdivIDUALS -- 1, Rachel Karlin, A, 1:29.08; 2, Andrea Gillogley, L, 1:32.90; 3, Katie Krauss, St.M, 1:35.00; 4, Carrie Hald, A, 1:36.22; 5, Shey Yearsley, A, 1:36.55; 6, Marie Bulkin, A, 1:37.97; 7, Kara Sabin, L, 1:42.07; 8, Jasna Sindelar, A, 1:43.60; 9, Heather Caswell, NM, 1:45.03; 10, Christine Cameron, NM, 1:45.23; 11, Megan McDonald, L, 1:46.52; 12, Kara Ray, C, 1:48.77; 13, Jenny Williams, L, 1:49.86; 14, Kristine Knowles, L, 1:52.72; 15, Kea Cooke, A, 1:53.87.