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North turns meet into a Dunn deal

Black Tornado senior Nick Dunn

paves way for win over Ashland

For a few moments it appeared Nick Dunn might have forgotten what race was running.

The North Medford senior distanced himself from the rest of the 800-meter field during the first 200 meters in Tuesday's Southern Oregon Conference track and field dual against Ashland at Bowerman Field.

the time Dunn completed the first lap, the race was virtually decided. But the 56-second 400 nearly kept him from fulfilling his goal of breaking two-minutes in the race.

When I heard the time at the end of the first lap, I thought `That's way too fast,' Dunn said. But I felt really strong during that first lap. I didn't feel tired until after the first 100 meters of the second lap.

It didn't feel like I slowed down, but I knew I would. So I tried to pick up things in my mind just a little. I really wanted to break two (minutes).

Dunn succeeded, crossing the finish line in one-minute, 59.4 seconds.

While it was well off the state's top two marks recorded by Klamath Union's Evan Garich (1:55.0) and South Medford's Perry Custance (1:56.7) at Klamath Falls last Thursday, it proved Dunn will hold his own against that pair and Grants Pass' Brian Parmer (1:59.13).

If I would've run a 57 or 58 first lap, I could've probably done a lot better, Dunn said. I was running on my own and there was no one to push me.

Dunn also won the 300 intermediate hurdles (41.0) as the Tornado whirled past Ashland's boys, 82-63. North breezed past Ashland's girls as well, 95-50, despite junior Paris Edwards' state best 10:09.0 in the 3,000.

The 300 hurdles, in which Dunn shined last spring, proved more of an adventure as Ashland's Ben Bryan was matching the SOC runner-up stride-for-stride before messing up his steps with three hurdles to go.

I kind of lost my focus, Bryan said. I was pretty excited being even with Nick Dunn. But when I thought about that, I lost concentration.

Dunn didn't let the competition distract him.

If he wasn't there, I wouldn't have picked it up, Dunn said. It was good for me and it was good for him.

North Medford coach Mark Hodges was impressed.

That was his first 800 this year, Hodges said of Dunn. I was surprised he got under two minutes so soon. Then to come right back and run the 300 hurdles and anchor the (4x400) relay is real impressive. But that's Nick Dunn.

The Tornado got a boost from junior thrower Scott Myers, who launched a 51-foot, 8-inch effort to win the shot put and sailed the discus 151-5.

A week ago the defending SOC champion struggled in the discus, failing to drop the platter in legal territory without scratching.

I'm learning a knew form that will make me faster in the ring, Myers said. I had one 156 feet last week, but I couldn't stay in the ring.

He figures by the end of the season to challenge the school record of 172-6.

I'm starting slow, raising my right foot, kicking fast and getting more hip drive. That simple change will add 10-15 feet, Myers said.

John Bracken topped 6-1 to win the high jump, the best mark by a Tornado jumper since Medford split into North and South.

The girls competition saw Edwards turn in a dominating performance in her second-ever 3,000 race.

Edwards ran the 800 and 1,500 her freshman and sophomore seasons. But she showed her ability in longer distances, by finishing second, third and first in her past three state cross country meet appearances.

The boys and girls ran together in the 3,000 and Edwards was fourth to the finish line. Had there been a girl race, it would've been a lonely trek for Edwards. Instead she ran with a group of boys, before pulling away in the sixth lap.

I'm not used to the pace yet, Edwards admitted. I hesitated slightly in the fifth lap, then picked it back up. It was a little more relaxed running with the boys, that's the way it is in practice.

Ashland distance coach Katie Brandy said there was a purpose to keep Edwards out of the 3,000 in the past.

It's really good to develop speed early and get the mechanics down, Brandy said. She definitely has the endurance and strength.

A year ago, North Medford had four girl sprinters.

If one of them was sick or hurt, the Black Tornado gave away dual track meet points. If someone was missing, North passed on relays. This spring, the Tornado has speed to burn and legs to spare.

The Tornado turned the page last week with freshman Emily Dunn leading the way in the sprints. But junior Jennifer Abbott returned from a hamstring injury to win both the 100 (12.8) and 200 (26.6) Tuesday.

She also anchored the Tornado's short relay which matched its state-best 50.6 despite running uncontested.

We had Denali Tice, Jessica Grimes, Joanna Thomson and myself last year, Abbott said. This year we have Emily Dunn, Jamie MacLauchlan and Keri Cain.

It gives us a lot more confidence,

And depth.

Denali Tice won the 400 (1:01.7) and triple jump (34-1), while Kerby Boschee won the shot put (30-10) and discus (101-11).


TEAM SCORES -- North Medford 82, Ashland 63.

SHOT PUT -- Scott Myers, NM, 51-8; 2, Shane Skinner, Ash, 44-10; 3, Just Boehman, NM, 43-9.

DISCUS -- 1, Scott Myers, NM, 151-5; 2, Justin Boehman, NM, 134-8; 3, Dan Johnson, NM, 132-3.

JAVELIN -- 1, Ben Doval, Ash, 161-4; 2, Zach Hassell, Ash, 152-7; 3, Matt Havniear, NM, 149-3.

HIGH JUMP -- 1, John Bracken, NM, 6-1; 2, Taylor Buck, NM, 5-8; 3, Brent Reins, Ash, 5-8.

LONG JUMP -- 1, Kas Lane, Ash, 19-11; 2, Kevin Ludlow, NM, 19-2; 3, Dustin Brooks, NM, 18-9.

TRIPLE JUMP -- 1, Ben Bryan, Ash, 40-3; 2, Dustin Brooks, NM, 39-2; 3, Stu Tobiasson, Ash, 39-0.

POLE VAULT -- 1, John Bracken, NM, 12-6; 2, Bob Tukuafu, Ash, 12-0; 3, Ezra Kemp, Ash, 11-6.

110-METER HURDLES -- 1, Ben Bryan, Ash, 15.9; 2, Zach Williams, Ash, 16.3; 3, Chris Vorgang, NM, 16.3.

300-METER HURDLES -- 1, Nick Dunn, NM, 41.2; 2, Ben Bryan, Ash, 42.1; 3, Chris Vorgang, NM, 44.2.

100 METERS -- 1, Thomas O'Brien, NM, 11.2; 2, Chris Phillips, Ash, 11.4; 3, Will Dolan, Ash, 11..4

200 METERS -- Simon Driskell, NM, 23.1; 2, Jesse Jones, Ash, 23.1; 3, Chris Phillips, Ash, 23.4.

400 METERS -- 1, Simon Driskell, NM, 51.1; 2, Andrew Ludlow, NM, 54.0; 3, Matt Schneider, NM, 56.1.

800 METERS -- 1, Nick Dunn, NM, 1:59.4; 2, Nate Hoxmeier, Ash, 2:05.5; 3, Ben Anderson, NM, 2:08.6.

1,500 METERS -- 1, Kas Lane, Ash, 4:17.0; 2, Nick Niemeyer, Ash, 4:25.0; 3, Garrett Steinbruner, Ash, 4:28.0.

3,000 METERS -- 1, Kedrick Charlton, NM, 9:44.0; 2, Andrew Gilmore, Ash, 9:45.0; 3, Nick Niemeyer, NM, 9:45.5.

4X100 RELAY -- Ashland (Chris Phillips, Jesse Jones, Ben Bryan, Mac Contreras) 44.5; North Medford 44.7.

4X400 RELAY -- North Medford (Matt Schneider, Simon Driskell, Andrew Ludlow, Nick Dunn) 3:31.0; 2, Ashland 3:45.


TEAM SCORES -- North Medford 95, Ashland 50.

SHOT PUT -- 1, Kerby Boschee, NM, 30-10; 2, Crystal Worthington, NM, 30-1; 3, Sarah Cropper, Ash, 29-5

DISCUS -- 1, Kerby Boschee, NM, 101-11; 2, Sarah Cropper, Ash, 90-1; 3, Chava Florendo, Ash, 82-11.

JAVELIN -- 1, Nicole Tucker, NM, 117-0; 2, Chava Florendo, Ash, 113-6; Brianna Gentry, 83-9.

HIGH JUMP -- Sarah Cropper, Ash, 4-10; 2 (tie) Tessa Maurer, Ash, Catrina Singley, NM, Anna Voskes, Ash and Chailey Higgins, NM, all 4-10.

LONG JUMP -- 1, Tessa Maurer, Ash, 15-9; 2, Emily Dunn, NM, 15-8; 3, Kendra Mitchell, NM, 15-6.

TRIPLE JUMP -- 1, Denali Tice, NM, 34-1; 2, Emily Dunn, NM, 33-5; 3, Keri Cain, NM, 30-11.

POLE VAULT -- 1, Nakeli Maurin, NM, 8-6; 2, Michelle Nagel, Ash, 8-6; 3, Caitlin Sanford, Ash, 7-6.

100-METER HURDLES -- 1, Tessa Maurer, Ash, 17.3; 2, Sara Rountree, NM, 17.7; 3, Amy Bakker, NM, 18.6.

300-METER HURDLES -- 1, Sara Rountree, NM, 51.0; 2, Joanna Thomson, NM, 52.8; 3, Briana Gentry, NM, 57.3

100 METERS -- 1, Jennifer Abbott, NM,12.8; 2, Emily Dunn, NM, 12.9; 3, Jamie MacLauchlan, NM, 13.4

200 METERS -- 1, Jennifer Abbott, NM, 26.6; 2, Denali Tice, NM, 26.7; 3, Keri Cain, 28.3.

400 METERS -- 1, Denali Tice, NM, 1:01.7; 2, Joanna Thomson, NM, 1:03.8; 3, Gretchen Beuttner, Ash, 1:07.7.

800 METERS -- 1, Anita Sindelar, Ash, 2:31.0; 2, Jessica Grimes, NM, 2:34.6; 3, Jessica Stowell, Ash, 2:40.7.

1,500 METERS -- 1, Drew Larson, Ash, 5:40.7; 2, Kendall Clark, Ash, 5:41.0; 3, Kelly Bishop, Ash, 5:45.0.

3,000 METERS -- 1, Paris Edwards, Ash, 10:09.0; 2, Sasha Fertig, NM, 12:49.0; 3, Sharon water, NM, 12:49.0.

4X100 RELAY -- 1, North Medford (Keri Cain, Jamie MacLauchlan, Emily Dunn, Jennifer Abbott) 50.6; on entrant.

4X400 RELAY -- 1, North Medford (Rosanna Medina, Jamie Thomson, Jessica Grimes, Denali Tice) 4:23.0; 2, Ashland 4:33.0.