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Dearmon's big toss highlights Newland Classic

In the mid-1980s, Crater High saw a wave of weightmen the likes never seen before or since.

If it was a heavy implement, Tim Hammock, Rick Britton and Jeff Russell threw it around with authority. Throws coach Jeff Nafie was earned the guru moniker because of his masterful touch with underclassmen.

Quickly on their heels came two more youngsters -- Tom Bortis and Jason Ford -- who popped 12-pound iron balls like softballs in the late 1980s.

Since then, there have been precious few 50-foot shot putters and none that made the event special in Central Point. Chris Dearmon, a 6-foot-2, 245-pound sophomore, may revive Nafie's guru status.

Dearmon followed up his victory in last Saturday's Crater Rotary Classic with a career-best 51-foot, 2-inch heave in Friday night's inaugural Bob Newland Classic track and field meet at Spiegelberg Stadium.

Dearmon also added a 50-11 toss and topped 49 feet in all but one of his six attempts.

In the meet limited to freshmen and sophomores, Dearmon was in a class by himself, finishing more than 11 feet ahead of runner-up Adam Kinyon of Grants Pass.

South Medford won the boys and girls team competition in the nine-school meet.

Dearmon has yet to get his hips and legs completely into the act, but Britton's 54-9 class record appears within reach.

Chris is a hard worker, and it's good for our other young throwers to see him, says Nafie. And it helps get the older ones on the ball.

Dearmon muscled his way into the football lineup and mixed it up with the three-time state champion wrestling team's heavyweights last winter.

But the shot put is where he really shines.

In the sixth grade, we had a track meet and they made all of the sixth-graders do it, Dearmon says. They put me in the shot put and I won it.

He threw 43-9 last year and has improved by nearly 10 feet this spring.

I didn't start lifting weights until second semester last year, Dearmon says. I'm a competitor, and that's why I like sports.

South won the boys competition on the final event when Kelly King, Ross Adamson, Jason Matthews and Shaun Olson ripped off a 3-minute, 38.3-second 4x400-meter relay.

The Panthers finished with 117 points, Grants Pass 108, Crater 104, Ashland 81, Klamath Union 74, North Medford 45, Phoenix 12, Rogue River — and St. Mary's 1.

South Medford's girls won 10 of 17 events to easily outdistance the field. The Panthers scored 159 points, Crater was second with 97, then came Grants Pass 92, Klamath Union 60, Ashland 42, North Medford 29, St. Mary's 16 and Rogue River 15.

Olson logged a career-best 1:58.67 in finishing fourth in the 800 at the Crater Rotary Classic. He came back Friday with a 1:59.7 effort running virtually alone.

I wanted to come in with a 57-second first lap and I did, Olson said. But it's really hard when there is no one to push you.

Olson was behind senior Klamath Union senior Evan Garich, South senior Perry Custance and Klamath freshman Lauren Jesperson at Crater last Saturday. All four could meet the 1:58.30 state-meet qualifying time at next month's SOC district meet.

I definitely intend on going to state, he says.

South's sprint duo of sophomore Justin Baldoni and freshman Andres Reed had a fine night as well.

Baldoni (11.5) nipped Reed (11.6) in the 100, then outlegged Reed 23.1 to 23.2 in the 200.

It seems like I've never beaten him in the 200, Baldoni said. I have less endurance. But out of the blocks I felt like I had him beat because I was passing everybody on the outside. I'm really happy because I PR'd by a half-second.

Reed won the long jump (18-10).

I think me and Andres have a great future because we push each other, Baldoni said. My senior and his junior year should be pretty exciting.

South freshman Alondo Pacas had the third-best entry time in the 1,500 but outcharged KU's Riccardo Guerrero, 4:26.3 to 4:27.3.

I stayed behind Riccardo the whole race and paced off him, Pacas said. I was waiting for him to kick, and when he did, I did.

I raced against him in eighth grade at the Eagle Point Invitational and I ended up falling down with 100 meters to go.

of 15.4.

Times were not the goal tonight, just scoring points for the team, Frigaard said.

South freshman Noi Hilgendorf turned in a solid double in the 800 (2:28.9) and 1,500 (5:11.1).

I was No. 2 on the cross-country team, but I got held out of district because of an injury, Hilgendorf said. I have more discipline now than I had during cross country. I was working a lot harder at finding ways out of doing things.


TEAM SCORES-- South Medford 117, Grants Pass 108, Crater 104, Ashland 81, Klamath Union 74, North Medford 45, Phoenix 12, Rogue River 3, St. Mary's 1.

SHOT PUT-- 1, Chris Dearmon, C, 51-2; 2, Adam Kinyon, GP, 40-2; 3, Nathan Fincher, SM, 39-2.

DISCUS-- 1, Chris Dearmon, C, 126-8; 2, Adam Davidson, GP, 118-4; 3, Dayton Mason, A, 115-10.

JAVELIN-- 1, Roby Konieczny, GP, 137-9; 2, Brian Mahoney, KU, 135-4; 3, Terry Brown, GP, 132-10.

HIGH JUMP-- 1, Tom Martin, GP, 5-10; 2, Zack Tucker, KU, 6-2; 3, Bryan Clevenger, A, 5-6.

LONG JUMP-- 1, Andres Reed, SM, 18-10; 2, Kyle Novak, A, 18-3; 3, Phil VanBuren, KU, 17-8.

TRIPLE JUMP-- 1, Stu Tobiasson, A, 39-2; 2, Kory Mahr, GP, 37-8; Bryan Clevenger, A, 37-5.

POLE VAULT -- 1, Dustin Boehm, GP, 11-0; 2, Victor Daugherty, GP, 10-6; 3, Jonathan Klenke, SM, 10-0.

110-METER HURDLES-- 1, Andrew Norum, C, 16.20; 2, Kris Lindgren, C, 16.80; 3, Kyle Novak, A, 17.00.

300-METER HURDLES-- 1, Andrew Norum, C, 43.10; 2, Kriste Balme, KU, 43.30; 3, Kyle Novak, A, 44.40.

100 METERS-- 1, Justin Baldoni, SM, 11.50; 2, Andres Reed, SM, 11.60; 3, Rowell Delacruz, C, 11.80.

200 METERS-- 1, Justin Baldoni, SM, 23.10; 2, Andres Reed, SM, 23.20; 3, Ryan Douglas, KU, 24.10.

400 METERS-- 1, Trevor Palmer, C, 52.60; 2, Kelly King, SM, 53.20; 3, Ross Adamson, SM, 54.80.

800 METERS-- 1, Shaun Olson, SM, 1:59.70; 2, Trevor Palmer, C, 2:07.40; 3, Nate Hoxmeier, A, 2:08.70.

1,500 METERS-- 1, Alondo Pacas, SM, 4:26.30; 2, Ricardo Guerrero, KU, 4:27.30; 3, Garrett Steinbrower, A, 4:30.80.

3,000 METERS-- 1, J.J. Moses, C, 9:32.30; 2, Chris Faudree, A, 9:33.60; 3, Asha Wolf, A, 9:50.00.

4X100 RELAY-- 1, Grants Pass (Brian Evanoff, Paul Allen, Nathan Hadden, Jeff LaLonde), 45.90; 2, North Medford (Justin MacLauchlan, Eric Tinsley, Jake Cornelison, Jeremy Scheid), 46.50; 3, Klamath Union (Don Skelton, Ryan Douglas, Phil VanBuren, Kriste Balme), 47.80.

4X400 RELAY-- 1, South Medford (Kelly King, Ross Adamson, Jason Matthews, Shaun Olson), 3:38.30; 2, Crater, 3:42.80; 3, Ashland, 3:44.40.


TEAM SCORES-- South Medford 159, Crater 97, Grants Pass 92, Klamath Union 60, Ashland 42, North Medford 29, St. Mary's 16, Rogue River 15, Phoenix 0.

SHOT PUT-- 1, Hope Berkey, SM, 32-10; 2, Krista Madden, C, 30-3; 3, Kari Musselman, GP, 28-2.

DISCUS-- 1, Becky Sorenson, GP, 94-6; 2, Erin Gelkinson, RR, 93-2; 3, Hope Berkey, SM, 87-9.

JAVELIN-- 1, Brandi Bocchi, KU, 113-5; 2, Briana Gentry, NM, 106-9; 3, Alex Dean, RR, 92-6.

HIGH JUMP-- 1, Heather Frigaard, SM, 5-0; 2 (tie), Teri Silva, SM, and Brandi Bocchi, KU, 4-10.

LONG JUMP-- 1, Whitney Grant, SM, 15-10; 2, Teri Silva, SM, 14-11; 3, Cheri Howell, C, 14-7.

TRIPLE JUMP-- 1, Whitney Grant, SM, 32-1; 2, Leslie Ferrare, GP, 31-10; 3, Teri Silva, SM, 31-6.

POLE VAULT-- 1, Michelle Nagel, A, 8-0; 2, Barbara Graham, KU, 7-0; 3, Nikki Chalupa, SM, 7-0.

100-METER HURDLES-- 1, Heather Frigaard, SM, 15.60; 2, Erin Kinney, C, 17.10; 3, Amanda Fowlie, SM, 18.30.

300-METER HURDLES-- 1, Heather Frigaard, SM, 48.20; 2, Megan Confer, C, 48.30; 3, Marin Wahl, GP, 51.60.

100 METERS-- 1, Megan Confer, C, 13.60; 2, Lisa Kaesar, GP, 13.70; 3, Jamie Meager, NM, 13.80.

200 METERS-- 1, Lisa Kaesar, GP, 27.80; 2, Sara Vaughn, SM, 27.90; 3, Allyson Foster, KU, 28.90.

400 METERS-- 1, Whitney Grant, SM, 63.90; 2, Colette Keck, SM, 64.90; 3, Michelle Labum, KU, 67.00.

800 METERS-- 1, Noi Hilgendorf, SM, 2:28.90; 2, Sam Kezer, C, 2:35.70; 3, Allison Nunnemaker, GP, 2:36.10.

1,500 METERS-- 1, Noi Hilgendorf, SM, 5:11.10; 2, Sam Kezer, C, 5:22.70; 3, Kelly Bishop, A, 5:25.10.

3,000 METERS-- 1, Mariah Mayfield, A, 11:42.00; 2, Kelly Sullivan, SM, 11:42.50; 3, Ashley Gutches, C, 12:07.40.

4X100 RELAY-- 1, Crater, 53.50; 2, Klamath Union (Michelle Labum, Brandi Bocchi, Allyson Foster, Karirose Nichols), 54.10; 3, South Medford (Sara Vaughn, Angela Ingram, Colette Keck, Heather Frigaard), 54.30.

4X400 RELAY-- 1, South Medford (Colette Keck, Angela Ingram, Noi Hilgendorf, Whitney Grant), 4:18.10; 2, Crater, 4:19.40; 3, Grants Pass (Erin Fletcher, Gilman, Kelly Freeman, Allison Nunnemaker), 4:33.80.

Crater's Chris Dearmon launches the shot put. - Photo by Jim Craven