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Duste holds off Wauge at speedway

WHITE CITY — Dave Duste Sr. dialed in for a big win Saturday night at the Southern Oregon Speedway.

The veteran driver from Central Point held off points leader Mark Wauge for his third win of the season in the winged modified feature. Duste Sr. and Wauge played a game of cat and mouse for much of the 25-lap feature, with Duste holding off each and every Wauge advance.

While Wauge came up just short of a feature win, the other class leaders took a checkered flag in their respective feature events.

Frank Word III took his sixth checkered flag of 2000, edging Brad Alfrey in the 25-lap main event. Word survived the accident-plagued main event and found himself lighter than he started after several pieces of his car's body were knocked loose in various mishaps. Word leads the points standings, having taken over at mid-season from Alfrey, and also picked up $200 by earning the weekly Hard Charger Award.

Tracy Bradley widened his lead in the mini stocks, winning his second feature of the season. Bradley took control midway through the race and opened up a lead as he moved through lapped traffic. A yellow flag on the 19th of the 20-lap feature gave the field a final shot to catch the points leader, only to come up short as Bradley took the checkered flag.

Mike Johnson, who is second to Bradley in the points, finished second in the feature.

The Super Trucks and Dwarf Cars had the night off.


HEAT — -1, Clarence Cole Jr., Klamath Falls; 2, Bill Swift, Eagle Point; 3, Mark Freitas; 4, Anthony Vinzant, Medford; 5, Wayne Kniffen, Eagle Point.

— HEAT 2 -1, Mike Johnson, Central Point; 2, Randy Tharp, Eagle Point; 3, Jerrod Goodnough; 4, Dave Casperson; 5, Jayson Watkins, Medford.

— HEAT — -1, Tracy Bradley, Shady Cove; 2, Pete Bowne Jr., Medford; 3, Tracy O'Callahan, Central Point; 4, Anita Taylor, Medford; 5, Jack Clement.

— HEAT 4 -1, Jeff Midwood, Medford; 2, Tim Towler, Medford; 3, Terry Kerby, Phoenix; 4, Aaron Markley; 5, Larry Best, Grants Pass.

— TROPHY DASH -1, Mike Johnson, Central Point; 2, Tracy Bradley, Shady Cove; 3, Clarence Cole Jr., Klamath Falls; 4, Jeff Midwood, Medford.

— B MAIN -1, Jayson Watkins, Medford; 2, Jim Hill, Grants Pass; 3, Jim Bird; 4, Scott Padgett, Grants Pass; 5, Brian Soltis, Medford; 6, Jack Clement; 7, Chris Biggs, White City; 8, Wesley Moore, Eagle Point; 9, Larry Best, Grants Pass; 10, Todd Miller, Medford.

— FEATURE -1, Tracy Bradley, Shady Cove; 2, Mike Johnson, Central Point; 3, Mark Freitas; 4, Clarence Cole Jr., Klamath Falls; 5, Bill Swift, Eagle Point; 6, Anthony Vinzant, Medford; 7, Jayson Watkins, Medford; 8, Pete Bowne Jr., Medford; 9, Jeff Midwood, Medford; 10, Tracy O'Callahan, Central Point.


HEAT — -1, Vince Bowers; 2, Jeremy Richey, Phoenix; 3, Eric Bray, Medford; 4, Mike Medel, Medford; 5, Ken Heywood, Medford.

— HEAT 2 -1, Cal Lanfear Jr., Medford; 2, Erik Ralph, Rogue River; 3, Brad Alfrey, Medford; 4, Gary Rotarius, White City; 5, Jerry Severson, Medford.

— HEAT — -1, Chris Charlton, Medford; 2, Dan Thomas, Klamath Falls; 3, Bert Ford, Central Point; 4, Jody Northrup, White City; 5, Richard Norman, Central Point.

— HEAT 4 -1, Butch Poppa, White City; 2, Rick Hunsley, Central Point; 3, Donn Johnston, Central Point; 4, Tony Walker, Talent; 5, Buster McElreath, Central Point.

— TROPHY DASH -1, Cal Lanfear Jr., Medford; 2, Butch Poppa, White City; 3, Chris Charlton, Medford; 4, Vince Bowers.

— B MAIN -1, Richard Norman, Central Point; 2, Buster McElreath, Central Point; 3, Jerry Severson, Medford; 4, Ken Heywood, Medford; 5, John David Duffie, Medford; 6, Bo Shields Jr., White City; 7, Bob Crawford, White City; 8, Ron Johnson, Medford; 9, Jer Deubert, Medford; 10, Bill Guyer.

— FEATURE -1, Frank Word III, Grants Pass; 2, Brad Alfrey, Medford; 3, Eric Bray, Medford; 4, Donn Johnston, Central Point; 5, Dan Thomas, Klamath Falls; 6, Butch Poppa, White City; 7, Gary Rotarius, White City; 8, Bert Ford, Central Point; 9, Buster McElreath, Central Point; 10, Ken Heywood, Medford.


HEAT — -1, Mark Wauge, Medford; 2, Dave Duste Sr., Central Point; 3, Lenny Toolanan, Mt. Shasta; 4, Travis Holt; 5, Dan Wells, Central Point.

— HEAT 2 -1, Markey James, Jacksonville; 2, Dave Duste Jr., Central Point; 3, John Toolanan, Edgewood; 4, Jerry Gabriel, Central Point; 5, Jim Franklin, Eagle Point.

— HEAT — -1, Jay Hinton Jr., Central Point; 2, Dan Estremado, Gold Hill; 3, Rick Beck; 4, Mike Molea, Grants Pass.

— HEAT 4 -1, Brian Poppa, White City; 2, Ross Payant, Medford; 3, Fred Ladd, Grants Pass; 4, Randy Beck, Central Point; 5, Rob Fitzsimmons.

— TROPHY DASH -1, Brian Poppa, White City; 2, Jay Hinton Jr., Central Point; 3, Mark Wauge, Medford; 4, Markey James, Jacksonville.

— FEATURE -1, Dave Duste Sr., Central Point; 2, Mark Wauge, Medford; 3, Dave Duste Jr., Central Point; 4, Brian Poppa, White City; 5, Dan Estremado, Gold Hill; 6, Jay Hinton Jr., Central Point; 7, Rick Beck; 8, Lenny Toolanan; 9, Dan Wells, Central Point; 10, Jim Franklin, Eagle Point.


TROPHY DASH -1, Cale Carder; 2, Ron Smith; 3, Sloan Taylor; 4, Todd Zeitler.