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Phoenix's Brown gets first-team nod

It was a long frustrating football season for the Phoenix Pirates.

But there was a silver lining for at least one Pirate, following a 2-win, seven-loss campaign and a seventh-place finish in the Skyline Conference

Junior nose guard Greg Brown earned first-team all-conference honors in balloting by Skyline coaches this week.

It was real difficult, admits Brown, a 5-foot-9, 198-pound junior. I was disappointed with our team, but I thought I'd go out and play my hardest and that something good would come out of it. I guess it did by making all-conference.

Fourth-ranked Henley, which dominated all seven of its Skyline opponents, had similar command of the all-star voting. The Hornets placed six players on the first-team offense and six on defense.

The Hornets? junior quarterback Frank Gauntz was offensive player of the year. Henley linebacker shared defensive player of the year honors with Illinois Valley linebacker Brandon Henry.

Henley's Steve Rooklidge was coach of the year.

Whether it was a lopsided-loss to Henley or narrow one to Skyline runner-up Mazama, Brown felt he played consistently for nine game.

I worked my tail off to get the same result, Brown says.

Often, the offensive linemen he faced outweigh him by 40 pounds, sometimes more.

I was quicker than them, Brown says. It seemed like I was stronger, because I was moving them around quite a bit. I worked all summer to get that way.

He remembers a big third-down play against Hidden Valley. It was a passing situation and he was going to go hard to the quarterback. But the Mustangs ran.

I had the inside lane and I saw the running back coming right at me, Brown says. His leg was right by my shoulder, I caught him by the leg and brought him down and everybody got excited.

Brown stayed healthy until the final two games of the season when he sprained his ankle. But he had the trainer tape the ankle and kept playing.

He hurt his ankle just before daily-doubles as a sophomore and missed the early part of the season. But he kept after it and earned a starting job.

This season, no opponent could ignore him.

This is going to make me a little more positive going into football practice next year, he says. I'm going to keep working hard, because I know what I can achieve.



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— — L — Greg Brown, — Phoenix, Jr. — — L? Nolan Yocum, — Lakeview, Jr. — — L? Mike Perpich, — Henley, Sr. — — L — Mike Teeples, — Mazama, Jr. — — LB — Brandon Henry, — Illinois Valley, Sr. — — LB — Nathan Hickel, — Mazama, Sr. — — LB — John Townsend, — Henley, Sr. — — LB — Brian Stock, — Henley, Sr. — — DB — Brent Parmelle, — Henley, Sr. — — DB? Kirk Cunningham, — Henley, Jr. — — DB — Colin Beard, North — Valley, Jr. — — DB — Jared Larsen, — Illinois Valley, Sr. — — P — Brendan Quirke, — Mazama, Sr. — SECOND TEAM

— — L — Corey Westlake, — Rogue River, Sr. — — L — Joe Callas, North — Valley, Jr. — — L — Nathan Combe, — Hidden Valley, Sr. — — L — Kyle Grebisz, — Illinois Valley, Sr. — — LB — Travis Robinson, — Hidden Valley, Jr. — — LB — Ross Kudlac, North — Valley, Jr. — — LB — Brandon Glasscock, — Rogue River, Sr. — — LB — Eric Kessler, — Phoenix, Jr. — — DB — Landon Rhodes, — Phoenix, Sr. — — DB — Travis Bower, — Rogue River, Sr. — — DB — Brendan Quirke, — Mazama, Sr. — — DB — Lance Wagner, — Mazama, Sr. — — P — Jon Pope, Illinois — Valley, Jr. — HONORABLE MENTION

LINE -Brandon Adams, Illinois Valley, Jr.; Dallas Hubble, Mazama, So.; Curt Strickland, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Ryan Miller, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Russell Brazeall, Lakeview, Jr.; Ralph Santiago, North Valley, Sr.; Mike Welch, Rogue River, Sr. LINEBACKER -Steve Culver, Illinois Valley, John Purinton, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Ray Wessels, North Valley, Sr.; Ryan Woodall, Sr.; Kyle Blank, Mazama, So.; Cody Rombach, Phoenix, Sr.; Keanon Ferguson, Phoenix; Brady Samples. Lakeview, Jr.; Adam Johnson, Henley, Sr.; Matt Stanley, Mazama, So. BACKS -Mike McDowell, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Joe Havely, Lakeview, Sr.; Josh Evans, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Scott Hyde, Hidden Valley, Sr.

— PUNTER -Fred Perryman, Rogue River, Jr.; Russell Brazeal, Lakeview, Jr.; Eric Kessler, Phoenix, Jr.; Travis Frost, Henley, Sr.

— DEFENSIVE CO-PLAYERS OF THE YEAR -John Townsend, Henley and Brandon Henry, Illinois Valley.

— COACH OF THE YEAR -Steve Rooklidge, Henley.