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Lifters set records in competition

A second Southern Oregon team fared well in the World Association of Bench Press and Deadlift championships won by Superior Gym and Fitness, Nov. 11-12, at Reno, Nev.

Nine members of the Powerhouse Gym, coached by Jerry Capello, produced six world records.

Capello, competing in the 40-46-year-old, 242-pound division, bettered his own deadlift record of 690 pounds by hoisting 710.

Cindy Cameron took two firsts, benching 159 pounds and deadlifting a record 305 pounds in the 40-46, 148-pound division

Travis Osborne deadlifted 505 pounds to win the 20-25, 242-pound class and benched 440 pounds to place second.

Heidi Gantz earned best lifter for all submasters entrants. She was entered in the 34-39, 132-pound class, deadlifting 375 pounds to improve her own world mark.

Susan Gall placed first in the, 34-39, 148-pound class with a record 364-pound deadlift. She benched 178 pounds for third place and bettered the state record.

Patty Pendergast took first in the 47-53, 132-pound class with a world record deadlift of 288 pounds. Jenny Bechtold hoisted 314 pounds to set a world mark in the 20-25, 123-pound division.

Bill Anderberg deadlifted 529 pounds to place fourth in the 47-53, 242-pound class, and Michelle Jagoda deadlifted 345 pounds to place third in the 26-34, 165-pound class.