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Nealy outlasts Kinney, Fowler for SOC title

KLAMATH FALLS - When the dust settled at the girls Southern Oregon Conference district golf meet on Tuesday, three familiar names were left in the running at Reames Golf and Country Club.

Defending SOC district champ and North Medford senior Tai Kinney led going into the 18th hole by one stroke over Grants Pass' Johnna Nealy and South Medford's Abby Fowler.

Kinney couldn't survive the hole, however, as Nealy's final-round 77 gave her the individual title.

Fowler and Kinney finished tied for second.

On the final hole, Kinney and Nealy both drove the fairway but Fowler went right into some trees.

Kinney had a chance to nail down the win but left her 30-foot birdie putt five feet short. She then missed the par attempt to finish at 80.

Nealy took advantage when she bombed in a 30-foot birdie putt to cap off her 1-under-par 36 on the back nine.

"Tai's just about one click away from playing very good golf right now," said North Medford coach Tim Sam. "She's disappointed on how she finished but at the same time she's happy to see Johnna win."

After Fowler's precarious start to the 18th, she recovered with a pitch onto the green that nearly found the hole before finally settling for a 77 in Round 2.

"They all fought back," said Elbe. "It was just a great golf contest. I don't think I've seen a more exciting contest on TV.

"They've (Fowler, Kinney, Nealy) been battling hard for four years now. It's quite possible one of those three could be state champions."

Grants Pass took the team title with a two-day total of 698. The Panthers stayed even with the Cavers on Day 2, but still finished 20 strokes out at 718.

Grants Pass moves on to Class 4A state golf championships as the top team from the SOC, while South also advances as the second team.

The state tournament starts next week at Langdon Farms in Portland.

The top five individuals advance to the state tournament with Kinney the lone representative outside of South and Grants Pass.

The Cavers' Kaite Davis finished fourth overall with a 163, while South's Kacy Clark took fifth at 177.

Roseburg, led by Kelly Klein's 90, snuck past North Medford for third with a 388. The Black Tornado finished with a 402.

Ellen Dow led Ashland (423) with a 94.

FINAL TEAM SCORES - Grants Pass 698, South Medford 718, Roseburg 790, North Medford 803, Ashland 833, Klamath Union 910, Crater 977, Eagle Point Inc.

TOP FIVE INdivIDUALS - 1, Johnna Nealy, GP, 157; 2, (tie) Tai Kinney, NM, and Abby Fowler, SM, 158; 4, Kaite Davis, GP, 163; 5, Kacy Clark, SM, 177.

Tuesday's final-round results

GRANTS PASS (354) - Johnna Nealy 41-36-77, Danae Thomason 44-53-97, Kaite Davis 42-41-83, Amy Faulker 46-51-97.

SOUTH MEDFORD (354) - Abby Fowler 40-39-79, Kacy Clark 45-38-83, Natalie Bottsford 43-50-93, Sara Friend 48-51-99.

ROSEBURG (388) - Jennifer Gaston 44-51-95, Kelly Klein 42-48-90, Lacy Bartholomew 51-50-101, Melissa Carl 51-51-102.

NORTH MEDFORD (402) - Tai Kinney 39-41-80, Kelly Berry 50-51-101, Chelsea Rettman 55-55-110, Amanda Walker 49-62-111.

ASHLAND (423) - Ellen Dow 47-47-94, Bianca Montagnino 52-49-101, Carrie Thorpe 46-56-102, Kellie Thompson 58-68-126.

KLAMATH UNION (436) - Krystal Flink 47-49-96, Aubrey Eccles 51-56-107, Holly Brookshire 56-64-120, Bettsie Gaurard 56-57-113.

CRATER (473) - Linsy Johnson 57-54-111, Lacey Oerman 55-62-117, Teresa Gould 56-60-116, Laura Beck 63-66-129.

EAGLE POINT (Inc.) - Ashley Curtis 66-67-133, Erin McCann 60-56-116.

Skyline Boys

HENLEY PLACES FIRST- At Klamath Falls, the Henley boys golf team scored a two-day low of 669 to win the Skyline Golf Championship at the Running Y Golf Course.

Hidden Valley came in second with a score of 675 and will join Henley at the state tournament.

TOTAL TEAM SCORES - Henley 669, Hidden Valley 675, Illinois Valley 702, Phoenix 724, North Valley 737, Mazama 741, Lakeview 774.

TOP FIVE INdivIDUAL SCORES - 1, Ryan Defenbach, IV, 156; 2, Marcus Omdahl, HV, 157, Steve Ewan, HV, 157, and Dale Verbarendse, H, 157; 5, Sam Kane, NV, 161.


HENLEY (339) - Dale Verbarendse 84-157, Kyle Stanfield 86-169, Justin Riach 85-172, Jason Cantrell 84-173.

HIDDEN VALLEY (354) - Marcus Omdahl 81-157, Steve Ewan 80-157, Jared Delay 93-177, Travis Biller 100-187.

ILLINOIS VALLEY (355) - Ryan Defenbach 74-156, Gabe Kaminsky 85-175, Dennis Parker 96-178, Beau Brown 100-193.

PHOENIX (368) - Travis Brink 84-165, Sean Murphy 86-170, Travis Kane 96-194, Jesse Holcomb 102-195.

NORTH VALLEY (368) - Sam Kane 76-161, Miles Hohnstein 94-182, Derek Kruiswyck 100-193, Derek Armstrong 98-201.

MAZAMA (368) - Brant Kendall 93-179, Joe Hardin 86-187, Travis Huck 94-191, Chad Clement 101-192.

LAKEVIEW (384) - Jake Aaron 87-169, Micheal Cooler 92-180, Taylor Kerr 100-212, Michael Williams 105-221.

ROGUE RIVER (Inc.) - Sol Torrell 88-170.

District 6 Girls

PHOENIX TAKES FIRST AT DISTRICT- At Klamath Falls, the Phoenix girls golf team posted a two-day total of 772 to take first at the District 6 Championship at Shield Crest Golf Course.

St. Mary's, with a two-day total of 779, will join the Pirates at the 3A State Tournament starting Monday, May 14 at the Eagle Crest Golf Course in Redmond. It is the seventh consecutive state trip for the Crusaders.

Katie Mania of St. Mary's captured medalist honors with a low two-day total of 162.

Jodi Luce, also of St. Mary's, joins Mania on the All-District 6 Conference First Team along with Caroline Keating, Maria Gonzalez of Phoenix and Alicia McElfresh of Henley.

TOTAL TEAM SCORES - Phoenix 772, St. Mary's 779, Hidden Valley 863, Henley 875, North Valley 945, Illinois Valley 949, Rogue River 1013.

TOP FIVE INdivIDUAL - 1, Katie Mania, SM, 162; 2, Caroline Keating, P, 172; 3, Maria Gonzalez, P, 175 and Alicia McElfresh, H, 175; 5, Jodi Luce, SM, 181.


PHOENIX (409) - Caroline Keating 90-172, Maria Gonzalez 91-175, Erin Toews 112-208, Maddie Holcomb 116 (Monday's scored didn't count), Amber George DQ.

ST. MARY'S (405) - Katie Mania 80-162, Jodi Luce 94-181, Kerry Sullivan 104-200, Alex Tomlinson 127-236.

HIDDEN VALLEY (444) - Amanda Tate 106 -203, Gina Anderson 106-205, Lindsay Haines 104 -206, Luemma Tate 128-244.

HENLEY (459) - Alicia McElfresh 95-175, Hannah King 104-209, Eliea Allen 124-235, Tracy Michel 136-256.

NORTH VALLEY (495) - Carly Burns 110-207, Alex Blix 126-241, Haili Ford-Harris 127-249, Kate McNeil 132.

ILLINOIS VALLEY (492) - Carol Chan 116-212, Carly Tucker 124-233, Jessica McMahon 110-222, Alyson Healing 142-282.

ROGUE RIVER (543) - Courtney Alexander 120-229, Misti Howell 141-251, Teresa Wardle 124-239, Katy Lundberg 158-294.