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Young tabbed Skyline's top player

Krystal Young capped her junior season on the Henley softball team with a Skyline Conference player of the year award.

The Hornet pitcher was joined by senior shortstop Ollie Herbert and junior second baseman Erika Clements on the first team.

Rogue River placed a league-high five on the first squad and head man Dennis Artoff was named coach of the year.

Seniors Allison Bailey (catcher), Lacy Mack (first base), Kelly Simmons (outfield) and designated hitter Brittany Artoff were joined by junior K.K. Smith at third on the first team.

Phoenix sophomore pitcher Tiffany Ross made the squad for the Pirates, while junior outfielder Krissy Newton and senior utility player Jacque Johnson represented Lakeview. Mazama senior outfielder Jenice Brasser rounded out the first team.


C - Allison Bailey, Rogue RiverSr.1B - Lacy Mack, Rogue RiverSr.2B - Erika Clements, HenleyJr.3B - K.K. Smith, Rogue RiverJr.SS - Ollie Herbert, HenleySr.OF - Krissy Newton, LakeviewJr.OF - Jenice Brasser, MazamaSr.OF - Kelly Simmons, Rogue RiverSr.DH - Brittany Artoff, Rogue RiverSr.U. - Jacque Johnson, LakeviewSr.P - Krystal Young, HenleyJr.P - Tiffany Ross, PhoenixSo.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Krystal Young, HenleyCOACH OF THE YEAR - Dennis Artoff, Rogue River


C - Emily Mills, HenleySr.1B - Sutton Jackson, PhoenixSr.2B - Tiphanie Pope, Illinois ValleySo.SS - Brandi Winters, LakeviewSr.3B - Kara Scholer, HenleySr.OF - Katie Eck HenleyJr.OF - Jessica MirandaSr.U. - Elissa Hayworth, Hidden ValleySr.P - Rachel Pierce, Illinois ValleySr.P - Tiffany Ross, PhoenixSo.P - Katie Glasscock, Rogue RiverSo.


C - Cathy Nadow, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Jerie Mishler, Mazama, Sr.; Michelle Beck, North Valley, So.; April Darby, Phoenix, Jr.

1B - Krista Hudson, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Vanessa Box, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Whitney Makepeace, North Valley, Fr.

3B - Corey Saltmarsh, Lakeview, So.; Krystal Lawrence, Mazama, So.; Tara Ironside, North Valley, Jr.

Inf. - Ashley Stewart, Lakeview, So.; Rylee Davis, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Carly Blank, Mazama, Sr.; Jennifer Dunlap, Phoenix, So.; Kristi Frederick, Rogue River, Sr.

Util. - Kristi Kinsman, Henley, Fr.; Sydney Derda, Illinois Valley, Jr.

OF - Kandice McClung, Henley, Jr.; Julie Shump, Illinois Valley, Sr.; Chelsie Clark, Phoenix, Sr.; Tabitha Haberman, Rogue River, Sr.

P - Kim Hamilton, Illinois Valley, Fr.; Rachell Wardlaw, North Valley, Sr.