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Community turns out for B.G.'s B-Day

Many humorous stories about Rogue Valley sports fixture B.G. Gould were shared on Monday during his 50th birthday bash at Miles Field.

A long list of friends lined up to roast Gould, who has been synonymous with Medford athletics for more than 30 years.

But the theme of each and every one of them was how much Gould - whose birthday actually is Aug. 14 - has meant to the area.

"It's hard to put a value on what he's meant to Medford High and area athletics," said longtime friend Scott Spiegelberg. "His gift is an incredible love for athletics, the coaches and players.

"You'll never find a more loyal friend."

Since his move to Southern Oregon from the Bay Area in 1967, Gould has accumulated hundreds of friends while working with local schools and sports programs as a booster or statistician.

Among the guests were former Medford Black Tornado and current Oregon Duck radio broadcaster Jerry Allen.

"You mention B.G. Gould to people and it always brings a smile to their faces," said Allen.

Gould kept stats for the Southern Oregon Timberjacks minor league baseball team from 1986 until the team's departure two seasons ago.

But Gould still keeps a busy summer schedule, penciling in the books for the newly-formed Southern Oregon RiverDogs, a collection of college-age players.

"The guy does an amazing job," said RiverDogs coach John White. "He'll be on a road trip with us, and I'll ask him if he wants to grab some dinner after the game and he'll say he doesn't have time. He's got to finish tallying the stats.

"He'll hand me 12 sheets of stats so I'll know who's hitting what in which spot in the order. Sometimes he's up until 2 in the morning finishing the stats."

Ed Singler, who helped organize the birthday party, thinks of Gould as an ambassador for local sports.

"He takes his work very seriously," said Singler. "B.G. means a lot to sports around here, and that includes current and former athletes.

"He just has a very good heart."

Bill Singler, Ed's older brother, befriended Gould when the two attended high school together in the late 1960's.

"Our families have been close ever since they moved here," said Bill Singler of the Gould family. "He's like a brother to me.

"Everybody knows B.G."

Those who couldn't attend but wrote letters of praise for Gould were former Oregon State University and current San Diego Chargers' football coach Mike Riley.

Also not in attendance was former Stanford University and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Tony Hill. Gould had gotten to know Hill through Bill Singler, who teamed with Hill at Stanford.

But Hill more than made up for his absence, arranging air fare and room and board for Gould while attending a Cowboys game in Dallas against the Chargers on Sept. 23.

It was also announced that Gould has been nominated for the Medford Sports Hall of Fame, and a letter from Medford Mayor Lindsay Berryman declared Aug. 6 as B.G. Gould Day.

When the party looked to be coming to a close with Gould in the midst of his thank-you speech, a helicopter swooped down and landed in center field.

A female admirer baring a bouquet of flowers climbed out and ran to the podium to hug the bewildered Gould.

"This is incredible," said Gould of the party. "I'll never forget this as long as I live."

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