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Locals set high standard

Trio post 70; out-of-towners qualify today

David Boals was tired of going head-to-head with his close golfing buddies year-after-year in the junior/senior division of the Southern Oregon Golf Tournament.

The 52-year-old claimed runner-up status in last year's tournament and has had a successful run through the division, including back-to-back titles in 1989 and 1990.

Taking a break from battling his buddies and his junior/senior division romp, Boals scored a co-leading round of 2-under-par 70 in the regular men's division Tuesday during the qualifying round for local players at Rogue Valley Country Club.

Brad Bills and Bret Breeze also shot a 70 for a share of the top score.

Glen Clark finished right behind the top three with a 71.

Out-of-town qualifying for the 64-man championship flight begins today, with match play in the 72nd Southern Oregon Golf Tournament running Thursday through Monday.

Qualifying for all women is also today.

Gregory Miller shot a 72 to claim the top score for the junior/senior division, while Jim Smith's 75 was the top qualifying mark for the men's senior division.One par and two birdies into medal-play qualifying and Boals knew he had something going Tuesday afternoon.

"If you're a golfer, the hardest thing to do is the qualifying round for the Southern Oregon," said Boals. "It's just a hard deal."

Boals hadn't competed in the men's regular division since the mid-1980s.

"This is not an ego thing," said Boals, who recently claimed the senior division Rogue Valley Country Club championship. "I had a pretty good run in the junior/senior's so I wanted to try something else."

Boals used a strong short game out of the gate to emerge as the co-leader.

"A good putting day equates to a good score," said Boals. "You have to putt well to shoot a good score and mine was working for me. I was extremely tickled to get my putter going."

Boals coasted through much of the 6,666-yard, par-72 course with only one minor speed bump on the 15th hole.

"The highlight for me was watching Jason Allred last week in the (RVCC) Championships drive the green on No. 15," said Boals, who double-bogeyed the 15th. "So I tried it and topped it about 50 feet into the drink."

Bills got off to a rough start with a 1-over-par round on the front nine but bounced back on the second nine.

The 1993 men's champion finished with four birdies on the back nine.

"I felt pretty good about my round," said Bills. "The key to any good round was to putt well and I started to do that."

Eric Austad, Dave Schoenmann and Doug Olson each shot a 72 in Tuesday's qualifier, while Scott Tuttle and Marty Morlan both fired a 73. Justin Wise and Jerry Eklund carded a 74.

Southern Oregon Golf TournamentAt Rogue Valley Country Club

Tuesday's Local Qualifying Round:


Brad Bills 70, David Boals 70, Bret Breeze 70, Glen Clark 71, EricAustad 72, Doug Olson 72, Dave Schoenmann 72, Marty Morlan 73, Scott Tuttle 73, Jerry Eklund 74, Justin Wise74, David Kaplan 74, Kevin Klabunde 75, Todd Dixon 76, Mark DeBoer 78, Jason Wittkopf 78, Ian Parent 78.

John Barry 79, Kelly Owen 79, Kevin Dixon 80, Scott Plankenhorn80, Scott Blankenhorn 80, Todd Couch 81, Craig Dumont 81, David Ruegg 81, Tony Guiliano 81, Ron Stranahan 82,Christopher Smith 82, Craig Knips 82, Brent Barr 82, Bill Cox 83, Scott Johnson 83, Paul Chitwood 83, GregJones 83, Richard Warner 83.

Dane Smith 84, Chris Campbell 84, Darrell Cooper 85, GeneMeyerding 85, Stephen Groves 85, Bill Maentz 85, Russ Barzer 86, Tom Jones 86, Rob Marshall 87, Ray Cox 87,Michael Bradley 88, John Boehm 88, Ben Hinton 88, Cary Preston 88, Ryan Mateson 89, Travis Brink 89, MitchParsons 89, Ron Harle 89, Bryan Brutke 89, Steve Schireman 89, Ronald Moore 89, Scott Reed 89.

Jeff DeBoer 90, John Ross 90, Bob Foot 90, Mark Ziegenhagen 90,Bobby Jones 90, Tom Willis 91, Gary Redden 91, David Rowland 91, Fritz Schuler 91, Matthew Smith 92, GregJacobs 92, Ralph Wallis 92, Alan Cartwright 92.

Keith Dierkes 94, Jasin Owen 94, Brad Pederson 94, Steve Lytle 96,Dan Fowler 97, Eli Matthews 97, Thomas Maulding 97, Dennis Richards 98, Don Dow 100, Keith Lallo 102, CraigOwen 103, Scott rd 104, Don Webb 104, David Hyatt 107, Ed Chun 109, Daniel O'Connor 110.


Gregory Miller 72, Bob Dickey 73, Doug Engle 74, Kelly Rasmussen74, Robert Cox 75, Doug Hartley 75, Dave Wittkopf 76, Terry Anderson 77, Michael Derryberry 78, Craig Galpern78, John Johnson 79, Pat Moore 79, John Kruesi 80, Thomas Berry 81, Vaughn Schneider 81.

Brian Adolph 82, Scott Weaver 82, Jim Wiggins 82, Buck Brigham 83,Michael Minder 83, Norm Veronneau 83, Rick Holcom 84, Wayne Van Wey 84, William Bednar 85, Jim Cox 85, JerryQuast 85, Manava Silga 86, Steve Boldish 87, Tal Kaylor 87, Glenn Kilroy 87.

Michael Arant 89, Kevin George 89, David Thorndike 89, DanielWayman 89, Tom Mayer 90, Steve Robertson 90, Benny Sullivan 90, Michael Susi 90, Bill Schneider 91, KellyTimmins 91, Don Pinkham 92.

Jerry Johnson 93, Les Cracraft 94, Mike Kirkpatrick 94, ShaneThurston 94, Larry Boeck 95, Bob George 96, Jeffrey Jones 100, Steve Watkins 101, Craig Prewitt 102, CleveTooker 102.


Jim Smith 75, Dan Dixon 76, Robert Maentz 77, Michael Austin 78,Thomas Muir Jr. 78, Ken Bailey 79, Vance Hickin 79, Bob Harrell 79, Jim Quincy 79, Tom Hamlin 80, Fred Johnson80, Mike Morris 80, Lee Ramage 81, Mickey Williams 81, Richard Brekke 82, Mike Hornbeck 82, Arlan Foote 83.

Phil Austin 84, Ron Dixon 84, David Oas 84, Justin Smith 84, JimStough 84, Phil Blood 85, Tom Hitzelberger 85, Al Thelin 85, Bob Buck 87, Larry Hannan 87, Dick Entinger 88,Sid DeBoer 89, Bob Kaczor 89, Ed Setzler 89, Ron Weinhold 89.

Roland Dow 90, John Humphrey 90, John Jensen 90, Bruce Hanson 91,Sixto Rodriguez 91, Michael Trovato 91, David Rasmussen 92, Gerald Schatz 92, Gary Bonner 93, Jerry Bramwell93, Robert King 93, Bob Sevcik 93, Pete Naumes 94, Ron Primasing 94, John Nelson 95, Larry Nilson 95, JackSherman 95.

Bob Burgoyne 96, Bob Reed 96, John Anhorn 97, Lee Flink 97, BurtPutney 97, Mike Jantzer 98, Jerry Darby 100, Bob Flora 101, Wally Hicks 101, Clayton Lewis 101, BillDeatherage 103, Doug Gardner 103, George Parsons 104, Dick Hackstedde 105, John Kilroy 108, Gary Bendickson110.

Reach reporter Kevin Goff at 776-4483 or e-mail sports@mailtribune.com.