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Crater's Gutches upsets No. 1

PORTLAND - Crater freshman Bryson Gutches upset No. — seed Matt Gardner of Thurston in 103-pound action to lead seven Comet wrestlers into today's quarterfinals at the Class 4A state wrestling tournament.

Crater stands in third place after Thursday's opening day at Memorial Coliseum.

Defending state champion Phoenix struggled on the first day and rests in sixth place in the Class 3A tournament running concurrently at the same site.

West Linn leads the 4A tournament with 49 points, with Thurston in second at 48 and Crater with 44. Southern Oregon Conference district champion Roseburg is in sixth place (36.5), while Eagle Point is 11th (31.5).

Other Comet undefeated wrestlers are Cody Ponder (119), Nate Gipson (130), Jeremy McLaughlin (135), Rudy Ramirez (145), Ron Lee (152) and Chris Dearmon (275).

Eagle Point still has six of its 11 wrestlers in the hunt for an individual title. Eagles returning state-placers Joe Lewis (119) and Jake Phillips (189) won both their matches on the opening day. Other Eagles to advance are Justin Sheile (112), Stephen Price (130), Morgan Edenstrom (145) and Tyson Nelson (171).

In Class 3A action, Burns took the first-day lead with 55.5 points, nine ahead of second-place Banks. Phoenix has 37.5 points and Illinois Valley is eighth with 28. North Valley is back in the pack with 12.

Phoenix 145 top-seed Ryan Staten stayed alive with a close 2-0 victory over Molalla's Jared Roberts in the second round.

Chris Vote of Phoenix advanced with a 7-6 overtime victory in the second round against Nathan Garcia of Central. Pirates George Pearce (140), Brian Murphy (171) and Greg Brown (189) remained undefeated.

Illinois Valley 215-pounder Jon Pope improved his season record to 35-0 with two falls. The Cougars also advanced Brad Jones (135), Michael Pagnotta (152) and Chris Strand (215).

North Valley's Brenden McLean (189) and Brandon Rankin (215) are also in contention with a pair of opening-day wins.

Class 4A Results

PORTLAND - Listed are the top 10 team scores through two rounds of the championship bracket and two consolation rounds at the state Class 4A wrestling tournament at Memorial Coliseum. Also listed are the individual results for Southern Oregon Conference wrestlers through the first two rounds of the championship bracket.

TOP 10 TEAM RESULTS - West Linn 49, Thurston 48, Crater 44, Hermiston 41, Newberg 38.5, Roseburg 36.5, Pendleton 36, Crook Country 34.5, Redmond 34.5, Marshfield 32.

LOCAL TEAM RESULTS - Eagle Point 31.5, Grants Pass 7, Klamath Union 6, North Medford 3, South Medford 1, Ashland 1.



103 - Bryson Gutches, Crater, bye; Tyler Baker, Grants Pass, d. David Boussios, Century, 7-2; Trevor Lofstedt, Roseburg, bye.

112 - Justin Sheile, Eagle Point, d. Nick Clark, Gresham, 4-3; Dean Cornelison, Klamath Union, d. David Shields, Lakeridge, 7-4; Matt Kim, West Linn, d. Jeremy Firestone, Crater, 13-1.

119 - J.P. Peckham, Roseburg, d. Matt Frost, Marshfield, 6-2; Joey Lewis, Eagle Point, d. Chad Davies, West Albany, 17-9; Cody Ponder, Crater, won by forfeit.

125 - Colby Keppinger, North Salem, d. Andrew Larsen, Eagle Point, 4-0; Brian Walker, Roseburg, pinned Blaine Dawson, Forest Grove, 3:37; Nate Kearsley, Century, d. Art Maldonado, Roseburg, 6-0.

130 - Stephen Price, Eagle Point, d. Tim Zimmerman, Pendleton, 19-7; Nate Gipson, Crater, pinned Adam Custer, Westview, 1:37; Steven Tibbot, North Salem, d. Chase Maloney, Crater, 16-11.

135 - Jeremy McLaughlin, Crater, d. Shane Evenhus, Century, 5-0; Jimmy Crisman, West Linn, pinned Seth Thomas, Roseburg, :41; Brady Hampton, Marshfield, pinned Kyle Marci, Crater, 1:50.

140 - Josh King, Crater, d. Wade Marcum, Silverton, 6-4; Geoff Eastman, Southridge, d. Daniel Rullamas, Eagle Point, 9-5; Josh Wilder, Crater, d. Brandon Bell, Dallas, 1-0.

145 - Morgan Edenstrom, d. Jed Mason, Willamette, Jed Mason, 12-7; Scott Loescher, Clackamas, d. Matt Jacobson, Roseburg, 12-7; Rudy Ramirez, Crater, tech fall over Bryan Smith, Wilson.

152 - Ron Lee, Crater, d. Troy Thomas, McKay, 19-17; Joel Oiler, Roseburg, d. TJ Gorum, Glencoe, 5-2; Jason Adams, Eagle Point, bye.

160 - Rob Folsom, North Medford, d. Grant Singleton, Glencoe, 15-6; Nick Shaffer, Roseburg, bye; Matt Tompkins, Redmond, d. Victor Shelton, Eagle Point, 7-5.

171 - Brian Alves, Grants Pass, bye; Tyson Nelson, Eagle Point, d. Gabe Green-Mitchell, 7-2; Kevin O'Shea, South Medford, bye.

189 - Levi Thomas, Roseburg, d. Tyler Mahoney, Bend, 9-2; Robert Kincaid, Klamath Union, d. John Fisher, Grant, 10-2; Jake Phillips, Eagle Point, d. Jason Wilkinson, Crook County, 4-2.

215 - Cody Parker, Roseburg, d. Scott Doman, Canby, 6-2; Travis Gardner, Parkrose, pinned Ben Vandagrift, South Medford, 4:30; Todd Granum, Sprague, d. James MacCormack, Ashland, 3-2.

275 - Justin Troxel, Roseburg, bye; Taylor Wilkerson, Crater, bye; Chris Dearmon, Crater, d. Peter St. John, Beaverton, 12-2.


103 - Gutches, Crater, d. Matt Gardner, Thurston, 7-2; Brett Christy-Hamilton, Cleveland, pinned Baker, Grants Pass, 2:29; Brandon Miller, Churchill, d. Lofstedt, Roseburg, 10-7.

112 - Sheile, Eagle Point, won by forfeit; Ben Nelson, McNary, d.Cornelison, 4-2.

119 - James Montegomery, Sprague, d. Peckham, Roseburg, 7-5; Lewis, Eagle Point, tech fall, Ryan Loveland, Cleveland; Ponder, Crater d. Chad Mercurio, McNary, 11-2.

125 - Walker, Roseburg, d. Nick Gerritsen, Marshfield, 5-2.

130 - Price, Eagle Point, d. Nick Verducci, Gladstone, 15-4; Gipson, Crater, pinned Bubba Vanegdom, Benson, 5:40.

135 - McLaughlin, Crater, d. Tyler Arborgast, Pendleton, 7-1.

140 - Ryan Snegirev, Oregon City, d. King, Crater, 11-5; Justin Barden, Crook County, d. Wilder, Crater, 5-2.

145 - Edenstrom, Eagle Point, d. Trent Selton, Hood River, 11-7; Ramirez, Crater, d. Adam August, Tigard, 22-12.

152 - Lee, Crater, d. Tommy Wehe, Marshfield, 10-3; Ross Doman, Canby, d. Oiler, Roseburg, 13-7; Luke Barr, Thurston, pinned Adams, Eagle Point, 1:51.

160 - Jared Haller, Bend, d. Folsom, North Medford, 6-3; Shaffer, Roseburg, d. Jacob Krizman, Hood River, 17-4.

171 - Alves, Grants Pass, d. Kyle Tuttle, Sprague, 5-0; Nelson, Eagle Point, d. Tobin Lindstrom, Lebanon, 9-2; John Davis, Roosevelt, d. O'Shea, South Medford, 7-2.

189 - Thomas, Roseburg, d. Jake Cranford, Clackamas, 14-4; Matt Mustoe, Lebanon, d. Kincaid, Klamath Union, 18-13; Phillips, Eagle Point, d. Doug Meeuwsen, Century, 4-1.

215 - Parker, Roseburg, d. John Bates, Oregon City, 10-6.

275 - Troxel, Roseburg, d. Mike Frieden, Hillsboro, 6-3; Tyler Hartsteen, Hermiston, d. Wilkerson, 2-0; Dearmon, Crater, d. Steve Blatchley, Thurston, 4-2.

Class 3A Results

PORTLAND - Listed are the top 10 team scores through two rounds of the championship bracket and two consolation rounds at the state Class 3A wrestling tournament at Memorial Coliseum. Also listed are the individual results for Skyline Conference wrestlers through the first two rounds of the championship bracket.

TOP 10 TEAM RESULTS - Burns 55.5, Banks 46.5, Sweet Home 46, Estacada 45.5, Coquille 43, Phoenix 37.5, Tillamook 31, Illinois Valley 28, Sherwood 27.5, Molalla 26.

LOCAL TEAM RESULTS - North Valley 12, Mazama 8, Hidden Valley 0, Henley 0, Rogue River 0, Lakeview 0.



103 - Jon Zimmerman, Hidden Valley, bye; Davy May, Phoenix, d. Robert Cheney, Creswell, 5-4; Brian Jacob, Tillamook, d. Anthony Brosky, Phoenix, 11-6.

112 - Jason Boatright, Mazama, pinned Jeremy Peart, Myrtle Point, 2:34; Kevin Wilhelm, Yamhill-Carlton, d. Justin Cantrell, Henley, 14-7; Jesse Mitchell, Phoenix, tech. fall Caleb Calkins, Cottage Grove, 4:32.

119 - Travis Bollier, Henley, bye; Jeremiah Hernandez, Ontario, pinned Kevin Cowley, Phoenix, 3:18; Kyle Crutchfield, Coquille, pinned Dustin Power, Mazama, 3:07.

125 - Levi Hug, LaGrande, d. Keith Pedrick, Hidden Valley, 8-6; Dylan Smith, Cottage Grove, d. Ben Workman, Phoenix, 10-4; Mike Aerni, Sweet Home, pinned Lyman Mason, Lakeview, 1:28.

130 - Chris Vote, Phoenix, pinned Justin Allison, Ontario, 4:39; Travis Osborn, Astoria, d. Tyler Conner, Mazama, 10-0; Josh LaFranchi, Myrtle Point, d. Jeremy Marhenke, Illinois Valley, 10-0.

135 - Brad Jone, Illinois Valley, bye; Andrew Grajalez, Rogue River, bye; Clint Johnson, Burns, d. Phil Gibson, Phoenix, 10-5.

140 - Nic Demaris, Cascade, pinned Jonathon Rowden, Phoenix, 3:51; George Pearce, Phoenix, pinned Nat Griffin, Siuslaw, 1:01; Matt Britt, Illinois Valley, d. Josh Leno, Ranier, 15-4.

145 - Ryan Staten, Phoenix, bye; Jordan Stebbins, Ranier, pinned Ricky Farrell, Phoenix, 1:08; Josh Cutino, North Valley, bye.

152 - Gary Oliver, Henley, bye; Matt Slocum, Junction City, d. L.J. King, Phoenix, 7-2; Michael Pagnotta, Illinois Valley, pinned Jacob Lovett, Toledo, 3:02.

160 - Doug Hills, Baker, d. Nick Acord, Phoenix, 5-2; Pedro Torres-Perez, Lakeview, bye; Paul Stierle, Phoenix, d. Jess Jacobson, Ranier, 11-6.

171 - Brian Murphy, Phoenix, pinned Dustin Freed, Burns, 1:40; Matt Teeples, Mazama, d. Jess Brown, Sherwood, 10-8, OT; Jonah Salvino, Grant Union, d. Steven Keen, North Valley, 9-2.

189 - Matt Frederick, Rogue River, bye; Brenden McLean, North Valley, bye; Greg Brown, Phoenix, d. Calvert Jones, Tillamook, 9-0.

215 - Brandon Rankin, North Valley, d. Tyrone Potter, Pleasant Hill, 7-2; Jon Pope, Illinois Valley, pinned Mike Brim, Astoria, 1:30; Hanley Kennedy, Myrtle Point, d. Justin Gray, 8-1.

275 - Chris Strand, Illinois Valley, d. Tim Strinz, Cascade, 1-0; William Newmann, Junction City, d. Skyler Massey, Mazama, 14-6; Darren Crouch, South Umpqua, d. Brian Petersen, Mazama, 3-2.



103 - Kris Fox, Tillamook, d. Zimmerman, Hidden Valley, 4-2; Derek Becker, Banks, pinned May, Phoenix, 3:25.

112 - Jace Hall, Tillamook, tech. fall Boatright, Mazama, 6:00; Andy Hulings, Scappoose, pinned Mitchell, Phoenix, :33.

119 - Ronnie Ellis, Pleasant Hill, forfeitBollier, Henley.

130 - Vote, Phoenix, d. Nathan Garcia, Central, 7-6, OT.

135 - Jones, Illinois Valley, d. Derek Ramsey, Sherwood, 16-5.

140 - Pearce, Phoenix, pinned Issac Holeman, The Dalles, 2:38; Clinton Patterson, Brookings-Harbor, d. Britt, Illinois Valley, 6-3.

145 - Staten, Phoenix, d. Jared Roberts, Molalla, 2-0; John Marrington, Brookings-Harbor, pinned Cutino, North Valley, 5:51.

152 - Tyler Stein, Scappoose, tech. fall Oliver, Henley, 5:30; Pagnotta, Illinois Valley, d. Mitch Coussens, Banks, 8-6.

160 - Cody Timmins, Elmira, pinned Torres-Perez, Lakeview, 3:04; Jimmy Grochowsky, Estacada injury default Stierle, Phoenix.

171 - Murphy, Phoenix, d. Joel Walkup, Molalla, 12-1; Teeples, Mazama, d. Sean Cirullo, Pleasant Hill, 8-5.

189 - Abe Ewing, Banks, pinned Frederick, Rogue River, 1:03; McLean, North Valley, pinned Ricky Thompson, Douglas, 3:20; Brown, Phoenix, d. Matt Vasser, Sweet Home, 3-2.

215 - Rankin, North Valley, pinned Bobby Rudel, Toledo, :27; Pope, Illinois Valley, pinned Kyle Davis, The Dalles, 5:31.

275 - Strand, Illinois Valley, pinned Andrew Walker, Baker, 2:42.