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Phoenix road project changes as owners of shopping center balk

PHOENIX - There's been a change in plans for Furry Road.

The road east of Interstate 5 is part of a $2 million transportation project funded primarily through the Oregon Department of Transportation.

It originally was to extend from the new South Phoenix Road to Pear Tree Lane, across the south end of the Petro Stopping Center parking lot.

But according to City Administrator Denis Murray, Petro declined to give up space for a new road the city and ODOT were offering to build.

"They didn't want to lose any semi-truck parking," he said.

Murray thinks both the city and Petro would have benefited by making the back end of the parking lot a public road, but the city decided not to fight it.

It instead will end Furry Road at the Petro Stopping Center property line and will use the designated funding to construct the remainder of South Phoenix Road from Furry to Pear Tree Lane.

Furry Road construction is 95 percent complete, said Murray, and construction of South Phoenix Road is complete to Furry Road.

The city engineer is planning the south end of South Phoenix Road, which will tie into the south end of Pear Tree Lane. Road work will begin soon.

"We'll still finish the project by November this year," said Murray.

2006, the north end of Pear Tree Lane will end in a cul de sac and no longer connect with Fern Valley Road.

"When they close Pear Tree Lane is when you're going to hear all the squawking," said Mayor Larry Parducci.

He said the plan isn't perfect.

"It's not a real great set up there but it's about the best we can do," he said.

"There are going to be some people who are going to be confused at first," said Murray. "Eventually it'll work fine."

Parducci agreed.

"I think in the long run," he said, "it's going to be a pretty good deal."