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Stars make marks at Classic

North Medford's Vorgang and North Valley's Parmelee come up with stunning performances

Mail Tribune

CENTRAL POINT - Chris Vorgang had nearly a year to stew over an ignominious performance.

Cole Parmelee had all of a few minutes.

In each case, the two responded in winning fashion Saturday at the 31st annual Crater Rotary Classic at Dutch Meyer Stadium.

North Medford's Vorgang claimed both hurdle races, exorcising in particular a demon that had piggybacked him since last year's Southern Oregon Conference district meet.

North Valley's Parmelee, angry at having scratched twice and having tweaked a muscle in his back near the end of the triple jump competition, astonished the crowd when he got up from having medication applied to his back, took one more run and sailed 11/2 feet farther than ever before.

Parmelee, the Class 3A state champion in the long and high jumps last year and fifth in the triple jump, flew 45-4.

While they had the individual spotlights, South Medford leaned heavily on Jonathan Klenke and a bevy of other runners to win the boys team competition with 67 points. Klamath Union was second with 63, followed by North Medford and North Valley with 53 each and Grants Pass and Mountain View with 45 each.

Vorgang was rated the top 110-meter high hurdler through much of the SOC season last year, but in the district meet, he finished only fourth with a time of 15.77 seconds and didn't advance to state.

"That made me realize how quickly I could lose my position," he said.

One of those who bested him and did go to state was Roseburg's Brennan Garrelts.

The two met up again Saturday, and Vorgang, clearing barriers with clockwork precision, gutted out a narrow victory, 14.57 seconds to 14.64.

The two shared the third-best time in the state at 14.6 entering the meet.

"This was kind of a showdown, you know?" said Vorgang.

He had a similarly efficient run in the 300 hurdles, breezing to victory in 39.36.

"The district meet last year was my source of motivation for this year," said Vorgang, adding that he "did everything I could" to prepare for this season.

That included going out for cross country last fall and competing in Junior Olympics, in which he placed second in both hurdle events regionally and advanced to nationals, placing 14th in the 400 intermediates.

Vorgang's strong showing came only a few weeks after a snowboarding accident left him with a bruised pelvis and on crutches for a week.

North Medford coach Mark Hodges said there are days when Vorgang has to be shooed from the track.

"He's a student of the hurdles," said Hodges. "He really works hard at perfecting his craft."

A big difference this year, he added, is that Vorgang has turned into a sprinter between the hurdles, not just a technician in clearing them.

Parmelee, who also won the long jump (22-2) and was third in the high jump (6-2), could have cleared just about anything on Saturday.

On his first finals triple jump, he went 42 feet for the first time this year. Two more jumps didn't better his mark, then came the two scratches, the second accompanied by back pain.

"It felt like I pulled something," said Parmelee. "I was up in the air and it was stinging bad. I fell down and could hardly stand up."

He hobbled over and was treated by coaches and friends as a paramedic knelt nearby. After having what he called an herbal medicine, or warming ointment, applied, he went back to the runway and befuddled onlookers with his leap.

"I just got mad," said Parmelee. "I was mad at giving up on my (previous) jump. I figured I would give it one more try and see if I could do anything today."

One person who did a lot was Klenke.

He won the 100 in 11.22, was third in the 200 in 22.93, placed seventh in the triple jump at 41-7 and did relay work.

"He had his first event at 11:45 (a.m.), and the 200 wasn't until 4 (p.m.)," said South Medford coach Bill Rowan. "It's hard to keep your juices flowing that long, but he had a very successful afternoon."

Klenke has his sites set on school records in the 100 and 200, but they'll have to come another day.

He did find satisfaction in performing well against strong competition.

"I was really nervous before the race," he said after winning the 100. "I saw all the times on the sheet before, then the guy on my left started catching up and it kind of scared me."

Other top efforts by the South Medford boys were a runner-up finish in the short relay, Shaun Olson's third in the 800 in 1:56.82 and a fourth by Andres Reed in the 100 in 11.53.

Elsewhere among the boys:

Crater's Chris Dearmon, the state leader with a shot put of 60-7, was upset on his home turf by Casey McIntosh of Grants Pass. McIntosh threw 55-111/2 to Dearmon's runner-up mark of 55-43/4. Ashland's Cameron Voget got off the second-best javelin throw in the state with a winning toss of 189-8. The Klamath Union dynamic duo of Lauren Jespersen and Jacob Gomez dueled to the end in the 1,500, the former rallying to edge the latter 3:53.92 to 3:54.36.Gomez later breezed to a win in the 3,000 with a time of 8:42.22.

Roseburg's Joe Newton uncorked a discus throw of 184-2, winning by nearly 18 feet and breaking the meet record set last year by Scott Myers of North Medford, who threw 180-01/2. Newton improved his state best by nearly 5 feet. Mountain View's Matt Banton, who has a best of 15-0, went 14-6 to win the pole vault. Eagle Point's Robbie Johnston was close behind at 14-3.BOYSSHOT PUT - 1, Casey McIntosh, Grants Pass, 55-111/2; 2, ChrisDearmon, Crater, 55-43/4; 3, Chris Ware, South Eugene, 54-51/4; 4, Jonathan Baggett, Marshfield, 52-11/4; 5,Travis Wheeler, North Valley, 48-5; 6, Brian Wuethrich, North Bend, 48-23/4; 7, Jake Olsen, Eagle Point,47-51/4; 8, David Faaeteete, North Medford, 46-61/2.

DISCUS - 1, Joe Newton, Roseburg, 184-2; 2, Casey McIntosh, GrantsPass, 166-3; 3, Chris Ware, South Eugene, 159-9; 4, Brandon Jasmin, Crook County, 155-6; 5, Travis Wheeler,North Valley, 154-2; 6, David Faaeteete, North Medford, 143-0; 7, Chris Dearmon, Crater, 142-10; 8, JoshuaThomas-Dotson, Siuslaw, 142-5.

JAVELIN - 1, Cameron Voget, Ashland, 189-8; 2, Tom Martin, GrantsPass, 180-10; 3, Brian Wuethrich, North Bend, 176-10; 4, Kelly Johnson, Crater, 171-1; 5, Clayton Lousignont,Klamath Union, 168-7; 6, Brian Mahoney, Klamath Union, 165-4; 7, Manny Alegria, North Medford, 159-10; 8, GaryVan Leuen, Mazama, 156-1.

HIGH JUMP - 1, Chad Clason, Bend, 6-6; 2, Zach Tucker, KlamathUnion, 6-3; 3, Cole Parmelee, North Valley, 6-2; 4, Matt Cummings, Thurston, 6-2; 5, Joe Guenther, Marist,6-1; 6, Brandon Anderson, Eagle Point, 6-1; 7, Anthony Accinelli, North Bend, 5-10; 8, Brian Clifton, NorthMedford, 5-10.

LONG JUMP - 1, Cole Parmelee, North Valley, 22-2; 2, Ryan Nash,Lakeview, 21-0; 3, Andy Atterbury, Bend, 20-8; 4, Mike Tracy, Crook County, 20-51/2; 5, Ryan Hill, Marist,20-5; 6, Aaron Barlow, North Medford, 20-41/2; 7, Stu Tobiasson, Ashland, 20-31/2; 8, Jon Barton, Crater,20-2.

TRIPLE JUMP - 1, Cole Parmelee, North Valley, 45-4; 2, Kory Mahr,Grants Pass, 44-71/2; 3, Ryan Nash, Lakeview, 43-6; 4, Dustin Brooks, North Medford, 42-7; 5, Sean Wilcox, Mt.View, 42-0; 6, Alex Grigas, North Medford, 41-9; 7, Jon Klenke, South Medford, 41-7; 8, Brian Gartland,Marshfield, 41-7.

POLE VAULT - 1, Matt Banton, Mt. View, 14-6; 2, Robbie Johnston,Eagle Point, 14-3; 3, Victor Daughtery, Grants Pass, 14-0; 4, David Hunt, Marshfield, 13-9; 5, Steve Hammond,Eagle Point, 13-9; 6, Jon Fay, Klamath Union, 13-9; 7, Collin Cram, Siuslaw, 13-6; 8, Josh Lewis, Marshfield,13-0.

110-METER HURDLES - 1, Chris Vorgang, North Medford, 14.57; 2,Brennan Garrelts, Roseburg, 14.64; 3, Jason James, Crater, 15.24; 4, Ryan Newman, Marist, 15.51; 5, CalebDriscol, Thurston, 15.58; 6, Krister Balme, Klamath Union, 15.73; 7, Ryan Neuenschwander, South Medford,15.74; 8, Gabe Baker, Yreka, 15.80.

300-METER HURDLES - 1, Chris Vorgang, North Medford, 39.36; 2,Jason Matthews, South Medford, 40.76; 3, Jason James, Crater, N/A; 4, Ken Hiler, North Valley, 41.03; 5,Jeremiah Lewman, North Valley, 41.24; 6, Ryan Neuenschwander, South Medford, 41.44; 7, Collin Cram, Siuslaw,41.88; 8, Gabe Baker, Yreka, 42.41.

100 METERS - 1, Jonathan Klenke, South Medford, 11.22; 2,Sebastian Sturmfels, North Bend, 11.32; 3, Jason Normanson, North Eugene, 11.45; 4, Andres Reed, SouthMedford, 11.53; 5, Brian Gartland, Marist, 11.58; 6, Frank Gauntz, Henley, 11.65; 7, Micah Russell,Marshfield, 11.71; 8, Ryan Nash, Lakeview, 11.72.

200 METERS - 1, Sebastian Sturmfels, North Bend, 22.70; 2, BrettJosephson, Thurston, 22.87; 3, Jonathan Klenke, South Medford, 22.93; 4, Trent Huard, North Medford, 23.16; 5,Andres Reed, South Medford, 23.27; 6, Frank Gauntz, Henley, 23.37; 7, T.J. Mendenhall, Roseburg, 23.54; 8,Manny Alegria, North Medford, 23.70.

400 METERS - 1, Ben Looney, Marshfield, 50.35; 2, Jeff DeWolf, Mt.View, 50.87; 3, Trevor Palmer, Crater, 51.07; 4, Stuart Ward, Henley, 52.15; 5, Joe Salvath, Henley, 52.17; 6,Nate Hoxmeier, Ashland, 52.28; 7, Brian Ford, Thurston, 52.70; 8, Daniel Gugliotta, Crater, 52.77.

800 METERS - 1, Ryan Flaherty, Mt. View, 1:54.51; 2, AdamWadsworth, Roseburg, 1:56.45; 3, Shaun Olson, South Medford, 1:56.82; 4, Jeff Olsen, Ashland, 1:58.77; 5,Billy Smith, Yreka, 2:00.94; 6, Mark Cowart, Mt. View, 2:01.15; 7, Brant Prodan, Thurston, 2:01.70; 8, AndresKendrig, North Medford, 2:01.84.

1,500 METERS - 1, Lauren Jesperson, Klamath Union, 3:53.92; 2,Jacob Gomez, Klamath Union, 3:54.36; 3, Lalo Flores, Phoenix, 4:06.98; 4, Alando Pacas, South Medford,4:09.05; 5, Kedric Charlton, North Medford, 4:10.37; 6, Matt Hazard, Marist, 4:11.00; 7, Dave Koenig,Thurston, 4:12.18; 8, Trevor Hanlin, Grants Pass, 4:12.68.

3,000 METERS - 1, Jacob Gomez, Klamath Union, 8:42.22; 2, JohnHinman, Bend, 8:52.04; 3, Nathan May, Phoenix, 9:03.85; 4, Kevin Pellegrino, Klamath Union, 9:07.96; 5, TrevorHanlin, Grants Pass, 9:09.16; 6, Chris McLean, South Medford, 9:13.80; 7, Kenyon Neuman, Summit, 9:21.11; 8,Gavin Weaver, Roseburg, 9:25.13.

4X100-METER RELAY - 1, North Valley 44.38; 2, South Medford 44.55;3, Marist 44.81; 4, Henley 45.05; 5, Roseburg 45.07; 6, Thurston 45.35; 7, North Eugene 45.64; 8, KlamathUnion 45.65.

4X400-METER RELAY - 1, Mt. View 3:24.40; 2, Klamath Union 3:25.85;3, Henley 3:28.32; 4, South Medford 3:28.60; 5, North Medford 3:32.24; 6, Ashland 3:35.31; 7, Thurston3:36.64; 8, Marist 3:36.70.

North Medford's Chris Vorgang leaps the final hurdle on his way to a victory in the 110-meter high hurdles Saturday at the Crater Rotary Classic. Vorgang also won the 300-meter hurdles. - Mail Tribune / Andrew Mariman