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Two RVSC boys teams to compete for U-19 title

The Rogue Valley Soccer Club's Mutiny and Nuggets, two 19-under boys' teams, both advanced to set up an all-RVSC title game at the Rogue Valley Cup.

The championship game begins at 8 a.m. at North Medford High.

In girls 19-under action, the RVSC Blackhawks advanced to the finale and will face Shadow, an Oregon City team at 10 a.m. at North.

Championship games today involving local teams are at North Medford High, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Fichtner-Mainwaring Park and Ashland Middle School.


U-19 '

FC Milan, Puyallup, Wash., d. Divine, Grants Pass, 2-0; Fury, Reno, Nev., d. CUSC Oregon West, Corvallis, 1-0; RVSC Nuggets, Medford, d. Eastwind Storm, Boring, 1-0; RVSC Mutiny, Medford, d. H.V. Mustangs, Grants Pass, 3-0; FC Milan d. CUSC Oregon West, 2-0; Eastwind Storm d. Divine, 3-0; Fury d. H.V. Mustangs, 3-2.

U-16 ' Revolution, Reno, Nev., d. ASC Storm, Ashland, 5-0; Tahoe United, S. Lake Tahoe, d. Eel River Rapids, Eureka, Calif., 2-1; Red Dawgs, Reno, Nev., d. Miedo, Central Point, 6-0; RVSC Burn, Medford, d. Tahoe United, 3-0; ASC Storm d. Miedo, 5-2; Revolution d. Eel River Rapids, 4-2; Red Dawgs d. RVSC Burn, 2-1.

U-15 ' TRSC Alliance, Medford, d. Oregon West, Corvallis, 2-0; Eruption, Tahoe City, Calif., d. Revolution, Reno, Nev., 7-0; RVSC United, Medford, d. Carson United, Gardnerville, Nev., 3-1; Dixie Revolution, Sebastapol, Calif., d. Galaxy, Springfield, 3-1; RVSC United d. Eruption, 2-0; Carson United d. TRSC Alliance, 1-0; Galaxy d. Oregon West, 2-1; Dixie Revolution d. Revolution, 3-0.

U-14 ' Blast, Grants Pass, d. Carson United, Carson City, Nev., 7-1; Arsenal, Grants Pass, d. United Force, Truckee, Calif., 1-0; Strikers, Reno, Nev., d. RVSC Fusion, Medford, 2-1; OSA Strikers, Tigard, tied Pride, Klamath Falls, 0-0; Blast tied ASC Fury, Ashland, 0-0; United Force, Truckee, Calif., d. RVSC Strikers, Medford, 5-0; Strikers d. Carson United, 4-0; Pride d. Arsenal, 3-2; ASC Fury d. RVSC Fusion, 2-1; OSA Strikers d. RVSC Strikers, 5-0.

U-13 ' COSA Extreme, Bend, d. RVSC Firestorm, Medford, 4-1; Eastside United FC, Portland, tied Dixie Dynamo, San Rafael, Calif., 3-3; Avalanche, S. Lake Tahoe, Calif., d. Heat, Grants Pass, 4-2; Eastside United FC, Portland, d. RVSC Cobras, Medford, 2-0; Heat d. RVSC Firestorm, 1-0; Dixie Dynamo d. COSA Extreme, 1-0; RVSC Cobras d. Avalanche, 2-1.

U-12 PREMIERE ' Aguilas, Sacramento, d. RS United Blue, Reno, Nev., 6-1; RS United Orange, Reno, Nev., tied Bravehearts, Arcata, Calif., 1-1; Ice, Hillsboro, d. Warriors, Reno, Nev., 2-0; Southside Crew, Tualatin, d. Crew, Klamath Falls, 6-0; RVSC FC Demons, Medford, d. RS United Blue, Reno, Nev., 8-0; Apex, Truckee, Calif., tied RS United Orange, 1-1; Aguilas d. Warriors, 7-0; Southside Crew d. Bravehearts, 4-0; Ice tied RVSC FC Demons, 1-1; Crew d. Apex, 2-1.

U-12 CLASSIC ' ASC Iguanas, Ashland, d. Chivas, Genoa, Nev., 4-1; RVSC Rage, Medford, won by forfeit over Attack, Minden, Nev.; Sting, Grants Pass, tied ASC Iguanas, 1-1; Chivas won by forfeit over Attack; Sting d. RVSC Rage, 5-0; Sting won by forfeit over Attack; Chivas d. RVSC Rage, 1-0; ASC Iguanas won by forfeit over Attack; Sting d. Chivas, 5-0; ASC Iguanas d. RVSC Rage, 3-0.

U-11 ' Flash, Truckee, Calif., d. RVSC Blackhawks, Medford, 2-1; RVSC Attack, Medford, d. HSC Intimidators, Hillsboro, 4-3; Wy East Hawks, Estacada, d. GPYSC Bruisers, Grants Pass, 7-0; RVSC Eclipse, Medford, d. HSC Intimidators, 3-2; RVSC Blackhawks d. GPYSC Bruisers, 3-0; Flash d. RVSC Attack, 3-2; Wy East Hawks d. RVSC Eclipse, 6-0.


U-19 '

Blackhills FC, Olympia, Wash., tied RVSC Blackhawks, Medford, 1-1; HSA Eagles, Seattle, d. INXS, Gardnerville, Nev., 3-0; RVSC Blackhawks, Medford, tied Shadow, Oregon City, 0-0; INXS d. Blackhills FC, 4-1; HSA Eagles d. Shadow, 2-0; Shadow d. Blackhills, 2-1; RVSC Blackhawks d. INXS, 5-0; HSA Eagles d. Blackhills FC, 2-0; INXS d. Shadow, 1-0; HSA Eagles tied RVSC Blackhawks 1-1.

U-17 ' RVSC Express, Medford, d. Humboldt Lightening, Arcata, Calif., 5-1; Oregon West, Corvallis, d. RVSC Tsunami, Medford, 2-1; RVSC Express, Medford, d. Red Hotz, Sparks, Nev., 2-0; Humboldt Lightening d. Oregon West, 3-0; RVSC Tsunami d. Red Hotz, 4-1; Humboldt Lightening d. Red Hotz, 4-0; RVSC Express d. Oregon West, 2-0; Humboldt Lightening d. RVSC Tsunami, 2-0; Red Hotz d. Oregon West, 2-0; RVSC Express d. RVSC Tsunami, 3-0.

U-16 ' Netrippers, S. Lake Tahoe, Calif., d. Intensity, Grants Pass, 2-0; RVSC Storm, Medford won by forfeit over Edge, Truckee, Calif.; RSU Blue Fury, Reno, Nev., d. NOVA, Ashland, 4-0; Velocity, Tigard, d. Elite, Gardnerville, Nev., 2-0; RSU Blue Fury d. Inensity, 3-0; NOVA won by forfeit over Edge; Netrippers d. Velocity, 3-0; RVSC Storm d. Elite, 5-0.

U-15 ' RVSC Fury, Medford, d. Twisters, Tracy, Calif., 3-1; RS United Orange, Reno, Nev., d. Threat, Hillsboro, 2-1; Annihilation, Gardnerville, Nev., d. RS United Blue, Reno, Nev., 1-0; Twisters, Tracy, Calif., tied RS United Orange, Reno, Nev., 1-1; RVSC Fury, Medford d. Annihilation, 3-0; RS United Blue tied Threat, 0-0; Threat d. Twisters, 1-0; RS United Orange d. Annihilation, 3-0; RVSC Fury d. RS United Blue, 6-0; Twisters d. Annihilation, 3-1; RVSC Fury d. Threat, 1-0; RS United Blue tied RS United Orange, 0-0.

U-14 PREMIERE ' Lightning, Arcata, Calif., d. KAOS, Tigard, 1-0; McKenzie United, Eugene, d. RVSC Crossfire, Medford, 2-1; RS United Orange, Reno, Nev., Nitros, 5-0; Cougars, Fort Bragg, Calif., d. HSA Eagles, Seattle, 3-2; RVSC Intensity, Medford, d. Lightning, 1-0; RVSC Crossfire, Medford, d. Fire & Ice, Gardnerville, Nev., 7-0; Nitros d. KAOS, 1-0; McKenzie United d. Cougars, 5-0; RVSC Intensity d. RS United Orange, 1-0; HSA Eagles d. Fire & Ice, 4-0.

U-14 CLASSIC ' Tahoe Storm, S. Lake Tahoe, Calif., d. Klamath, Klamath Falls, 3-0; VFC Surge, Corvallis, d. RVSC Extreme, Medford, 3-0; Power, Grants Pass, d. Illusion, 4-0; VFC Surge d. ASC Groove, Ashland, 2-0; Power d. Klamath, 6-0; Tahoe Storm d. RVSC Extreme, 3-1; ASC Groove d. Illusion, 1-0.

U-13 ' RVSC Xplosion, Medford, d. Carson Extreme, Carson City, Nev., 7-1; Surge, Bend, d. Fusion, Portland, 2-0; RVSC Fuego, Medford, d. RVSC Tempest, Medford, 7-1; Sac. United Storm, Sacramento, d. Nitro, Grants Pass, 3-0; Sierra Blizzards, Truckee, Calif., tied Hillsboro Crossfire, Hillsboro, 0-0; INXS, Gardnerville, Nev., tied CVU Crossfire, Sacramento, 1-1; RVSC Xplosion d. RVSC Tempest, 9-1; Surge d. Nitro, 3-0; Hillsboro Crossfire d. Carson Extreme, 3-0; RVSC Fuego d. Sierra Blizzards, 4-3; Fusion d. CVU Crossfire, 2-0; INXS d. Sac. United Storm, 1-0.

U-12 PREMIERE ' Humboldt Myst, Arcata, Calif., d. Juventus Starters, Emerald Hills, Calif., 3-1; Extreme, Gresham, d. GPYSC, Grants Pass, 2-0; Sac United Starfire, Sacramento, d. GPYSC Clash, Grants Pass, 8-0; RVSC Lazers, Medford, d. Juventus Starters, 3-0; RVSC Vortex, Medford, d. ASC Wildfire, Ashland, 5-0; Extreme d. Fusion, 2-1; Sac. United Starfire d. Humboldt Myst, 3-0; RVSC Lazers d. GPYSC Clash, 2-1; GPYSC Spirit d. RVSC Vortex, 3-0; Fusion d. ASC Wildfire, 5-0.

U-12 CLASSIC ' Humboldt Steelheads, Arcata, Calif., d. RVSC Siege, Medford, 4-3; Boise Capitals, Meridian, Idaho, d. RVSC Blasters, Medford, 3-0; Humboldt Steelheads, Arcata, Calif., d. RVSC Craze, Medford, 1-0; Boise Capitals d. RVSC Siege, 2-1; RVSC Craze, Medford, d. RVSC Blasters, 1-0; RVSC Craze tied RVSC Siege, 1-1; Humboldt Steelheads d. Boise Capitals, 3-2; RVSC Siege d. RVSC Blasters, 3-0; Boise Capitals tied RVSC Craze, 0-0; Humboldt Steelheads d. RVSC Blasters, 5-0.