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Wilson bags series title with triumph

WHITE CITY ' As far as Dwarf Cars go, Seth Wilson is the king.

The California driver won for the third time in four events on the Dwarf Car West Coast National series, taking the checkered flag and the first-place prize of &

36;1,200 Saturday night at the Southern Oregon Speedway.

Wilson qualified for Saturday night's main event with a calm night of racing on Friday.

On Saturday, it was a different story as he took the lead from Ryan Cotrell on the 11th lap and never gave it up.

Wilson struggled in his only other race of the night, finishing last in the fast dash event for Saturday's top qualifiers.

He said rubber snarled his fuel hose, causing some nervous moments in the hour leading up to the main event.

We had a tough night, but my guys got things back together, said Wilson, who wrapped up the national title on Saturday despite the fact that one race remains in the dwarf series.

A bid for a win at his home track never materialized for Jon DeBenedetti. The Rogue River driver started fourth in the main event and spent the 30-lap feature near the lead but never managed to get close to the top spot, eventually finishing fourth.

Cotrell held on for second while Howie Ross, who won the previous two years here, was third.

In addition to the dwarf cars, Saturday's action included a pro stock points race. Former mini stock driver Jim Hill built a big lead before a yellow flag on the 20th lap stopped the action.

When action resumed, Seth Carter and Brian Poppa closed on Hill and eventually passed him for the lead on the 24th lap, setting up what became a classic battle over the final four turns.

Poppa, who regularly drives a modified but was in a borrowed ride from Scott Martin on this night, took a final shot at Carter on the last turn, tapping him just before the finish line.

Carter went into a spin, with the back end of his car crossing the finish line just before Poppa to take the checkered flag.

Poppa was disqualified from the feature.

The stock cars will take a week off on Saturday, making room for the Gene Romaro Flat Track Racing Series. Time trials begin at 5:30 with racing to follow.

Dwarf Car National Results

Heat 1: 1. Jesse Chinn; 2. Mike Grenert; 3. Vuki Wilson; 4. Curt Hunter.

Heat 2: 1. Al Ghiorso; 2. Danny Torgerseon; 3. Bob Painter; 4. Ted Stinson.

Heat 3: 1. Frank Munroe; 2. Jim Dunn; 3. Justin Kimsey; 4. Barry Lane.

Heat 4: 1. Ty Schmidt; 2. Shawn Salisbury; 3. Gilbert Tosie; 4. Rick Harms.

Heat 5: 1. Howie Ross; 2. Josh Hiatt; 3. Bill Van Praag; 4. Jerry Apland.

Heat 6: 1. Jay Ewing; 2. Doug Martin; 3. Ted Stinson; 4. Keith Steenslid.

Heat 7: 1. Ronnie Williams; 2. Gary Fitzsimmons; 3. Shawn O'Leary; 4. Mike Van Acker.

D Main: 1. Tyler Steenslid; 2. Adam Johnson; 3. Wayne Van Radeen; 4. J.R. Williams; 5. Caleb Stringer; 6. Mitch Sheeler; 7. Jeff Quin; 8. Henry Cobin.

C Main: 1. Gilbert Toste; 2. Vuki Wilson; 3. Jeff Quinn; 4. Shawn O'Leary; 5. Mitch Sheeler; 6. Tyler Steenslid; 7. Bill Van Praag; 8. Neil Stinson.

B Main: 1. Howie Ross; 2. Jay Ewing; 3. Frank Munroe; 4. Mike Grenert; 5. Vuki Wilson; 6. Shawn Salisbury; 7. Ty Schmidt; 8. Neil Stinson; 9. Ronnie Williams; 10. Doug Martin; 11. Al Ghiorso; 12. Jesse Chinn; 13. Danny Torgerson; 14. Bill Van Praag.

Fast Dash: 1. Ryan Cotrell; 2. Steve Alberdi Jr.; 3. Steve Alberdi Sr.; 4. Jon DeBenedetti; 5. Zack Hurst; 6. Jim Scribellito; 7. Gary Ebeling; 8. J.D. Gardner; 9. Billy McManus; 10. Seth Wilson.

Les Schwab Pro Stocks

Heat 1: 1. Jerry Severson; 2. Tony Walker; 3. Dave Satterfield; 4. Brian Poppa.

Heat 2: 1. Frank Word III; 2. Jim Hill; 3. Chris Charlton; .4 Berry Hunt.

Heat 3: 1. Mike Medel; 2. Joe Guider; 3. Rick Hunsley; 4. David Hill.

Heat 4: 1. Rick Everson; 2. Seth Carter; 3. Butch Poppa; 4. Donnie Hale.

Trophy Dash: 1. Frank Word III; 2. Jerry Severson; 3. Mike Medel.

B Main: 1. Dan Thomas; 2. Tracy Bradley; 3. Albert Gill; 4. John David Duffie.