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Cowboys dominate final run

Washburn and Dollarhide finish first and second respectively in the saddle bronc

CENTRAL POINT ' the time PRCA officials were done cutting checks on Sunday at the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo at the Jackson County Expo Center, they ended up sending a little over &

36;2,700 down the road in the same pick-up truck.

Running mates and traveling companions Justen Washburn and Steve Dollarhide put together stellar saddle bronc rides in the final session to finish first and second, respectively.

Ryan Mapston and Ross Hartman had both posted scores of 76 earlier in the rodeo. But Washburn, a Corona, N.M. cowboy, jumped into the lead with a 79-point ride on Dixie Chicken.

On the very next ride, Dollarhide, who is currently 10th in the Jack Daniels World Standings, rode Las Vegas to a score of 77 to move into second place.

I was in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, but I went ahead and bought a &

36;400 plane ticket to come up here because I knew I had this horse today, said Washburn, who won &

36;1,555.68 for his troubles. He was worth the plane ticket. I don't really have a shot at the NFR, so this means I get to pay my bills when I get home.

I guess if Steve would have beat me it wouldn't have mattered because the money all went home in the same truck.

Dollarhide earned &

36;1,178.55 in second-place money. At this point in the season, every pay check draws him a little closer to Las Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo.

I have close to &

36;60,000 right now, so it's been a good year, said Dollarhide. I've come into this rodeo in 14th or 15th place needing to win. It's worked in my favor and it's gone against me.

But it's a lot of fun to come in here and have both me and Justen bring home money.

Mapston and Hartman's scores of 76 was good enough for &

36;707.12 apiece for third place.

James Boudreaux from Cuero, Texas, rocked the house Saturday night, treating the capacity crowd of 3,600 Southern Oregon rodeo fans to a 83-point bareback ride on a horse called Candy Mountain.

It paid off to the tune of &

36;1,248.39 for Boudreaux, who is currently ranked 11th in the world standings. Jason Jeter of Forth Worth, Texas, put up a score of 80 on Saturday, which earned &

36;945.75 for second place.

Two-time NCAA all-around champion Cody De Mers from Boulder, Mont., had the best ride on Sunday and his score of 77 earned him &

36;567.45 and a tie for third place.

I've been on (Crooked River) three or four times now and he's paid off every time, said De Mers, who also won sixth-place money in the saddle broncs. It's been an excellent year. I really like the one-go events, like they have here.

That's the way rodeo is, has been and always will be. You either get it done or you don't.

Howdy Cloud from Beaumont, Texas, and Good Show put up a number Saturday night nobody could touch. Cloud's 89-point bull ride earned him a &

36;2,822.70 paycheck. First-day leader Justin Andrade held on to tie for second place with Cody Hancock.

Hancock's perseverance turned into money in the bank. The Taylor, Ariz., cowboy, who's currently ranked fourth in the world, was up on Butcher Boy on Saturday, but the bull faltered.

He was awarded a re-ride, but the bull again faltered. Hancock was first up in Sunday's section, but Cash Flow dropped to his knees during the course of the action ' and you guessed it, Hancock was allowed his fourth ride.

He made good on a bull called Loose Change and turned it into &

36;1,881.70 in second-place money.

It doesn't really cause any problems (with the re-rides). I had plenty of time in between to get ready, said Hancock, who has earned a little over &

36;65,000 this year. It's been a good year. When people think about rodeo, they think of the big ones like Houston or Cheyenne (Wyo.)

But these are the rodeos we go to all the time. These are rodeos that you make a lot of money at.

Steer wrestler Mark Boultinghouse dropped his steer in 3.8 seconds Sunday, tying Randy Suhn's first-day effort for a piece of first place and a &

36;1,330.23 check.

First-day leader Jeff Chapman from Athens, Texas, held on to win the calf roping. His time of 8.0 seconds earned &

36;1,519.02 in prize money.

Sixteenth-ranked Chad Masters and Michael Jones put up a time of 5.2 seconds on Friday. J.D. Yates and Shawn Howell, who are currently ranked 12th in the world standings, matched it Saturday to share the first-place credit. Each man pocketed &


Canadian barrel racer Barb Bartos clocked a 13.21 in front of Saturday's capacity crowd to earn &

36;931.39 in first-place money.

Final standings


1, Howdy Cloud, Beaumont, Texas, 89, &

36;2822.70; 2, (tie) Justin Andrade, Livermore, Calif., 86, &

36;1,881.80; Cody Hancock, Taylor, Ariz., 86, &

36;1,881.80; 4, (tie) Marcus Michaelis, Caldwell, Idaho, 82, &

36;846.81; J.C. Bean, Goldendale, Wash., &

36;846.81; 6 (tie) Peter Randle, Houston, 81, 282.27, James Morgan, Burlington, Wyo., 282.27; Robey Condra, Dayton, Texas, 282.27; Vince Stanton, Weiser, Idaho, 282.27.


1, James Boudreaux, Cuero, Texas, 82, &

36;1,248.39; 2, Jason Jeter, Fort Worth, Texas, 80, &

36;945.75; 3, (tie) Cody Jessee, John Day, Ore., 77, &

36;567.45; Cody De Mers, Boulder, Mont., 77, &

36;567.45; 5, Larry Sandvick, Belle Fourche, S.D., 76, &

36;264.81; 6, Nathan Bayes, Parna, Idaho, 74, &



1, Justen Washburn, Corona, N.M, 79, &

36;1,555.68; 2, Steve Dollarhide, Wikieup, Ariz., 77, &

36;1,178.55; 3, (tie) Ryan Mapston, Geyser, Mont., 76, &

36;707.12; Ross Hartman, Redmond, &

36;707.12; 5, J.C. Selvester, Red Bluff, Calif., 75, &

36;329.99; 6, (tie) Todd Fike, Pavillion, Wyo., 74, &

36;78.57; J.L. Schaffner, Redmond, 74, &

36;78.57; Cody De Mers, Boulder, Mont., 74, &



1, (tie) Randy Suhn, Riverton, Wyo., 3.8 seconds, &

36;1,330.23; Mark Boultinghouse, Ridgefield, Wash., 3.8 seconds, &

36;1,330.23; 3, Jason Miller, Lance Creek, Wyo., 3.9, &

36;953.75; 4, John Hall, Enumclaw, Wash., 4.0, &

36;702.76; 5, (tie) Brad Gleason, Touchet, Wash., 4.2, &

36;234.25; Jason Fromm, Roy, Wash. 4.2, &

36;234.25; Lyman Colliglower, Box Elder, Mont, 4.2, &



1, (tie) Chad Masters, Adams, Tenn. and Michael Jones, Stephenville, Texas, 5.2 seconds, &

36;88.10; J.D. Yates, Pueblo. Colo. and Shawn Howell, Castaic, Calif., 5.2, &

36;88.10; 3, John Hagler, Ontario, Ore. and Chad McDaniel Ontario, Ore., 5.6, &

36;636.75; 4, Sam Williams, Cottonwood, Calif. and Wade Bunn, Palo Cedro, Calif., 6.9, &

36;469.18; 5, Johnny Sloan, Ellensburg, Wash. and Casey Smith, Ellensburg, Wash., &

36;301.62; 6, Richard Eiguren, Jordan Valley, Ore. and Cody Cowen, Merced, Calif., 14.4, &



1, Jeff Chapman, Athens, Texas, 8.0 seconds, &

36;1,519.02; 2, Clay Cerny, Brazoria, Texas, 8.5, &

36;1,257.12; 3, Shane Erickson, Yelm, Wash., 8.6, &

36;995.22; 4, (tie) Johnny Sloan, Ellensburg, Wash., 8.7, &

36;602.37; Brad Goodrich, Hermiston, Ore., 8.7, &

36;602.37; 6, (tie) Matthew Hussman Topaz, Calif., 9.5, &

36;130.95; Ricky Hyde, Mount Vernon, Ark., &



1, Barb Bartos, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, 13.21 seconds, &

36;931.39; 2, Tona Wright, Moriarty, N.M., 13.43, &

36;798.33; 3, Amy Dale, Grahm, Wash., 13.62, &

36;665.28; 4, Annette Smith, Cave Junction, Ore., &

36;576.57; 5, Cindy Woods, Sherwood, Ore., 13.71, &

36;443.52; 6, Maria Gee, Stanford, Mont., &

36;354.81; 7, Tanya Cocco, Bellingham, Wash., 13.77, &

36;266.11; 8, Tara Polich, Canby, Ore., 13.77, &

36;177.40; 9, Carol Barr, Cowley, Alberta, Canada, 13.79, &

36;133.05; 10, (tie) Terrie White, Battle Ground, Wash., 13.80, &

36;44.35; Chris Powers, Wapato, Wash. 13.80, &


Bullrider Vince Stanton, of Weiser, Idaho, competes in Sunday?s final competition in the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. Stanton scored an 81 to finish second. Mail Tribune / Andrew Mariman - Mail Tribune Andrew Mariman