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Drivers have big night in Speedway opener

WHITE CITY ' Breakdowns opened the door to victory at the Southern Oregon Speedway on Saturday night.

Jeremy Richie took advantage of some bad breaks for the leaders to win the main event in the Littrell Auto Parts Modifieds. Defending points champion Jon DeBenedetti held the top spot before being knocked from contention with a breakdown.

The same fate awaited Bruce Rayburn Jr., who had the fastest car of the night in preliminary action. Richie emerged in the late going and had to hold off track stalwarts Mark Wauge and Dave Duste r. for the feature win.

After finishing second in last season's Pro Stocks, Tony Walker took the top spot in the feature event in the opening night of the 2003 season.

— Walker dueled with defending points champion Frank Word III through 15 laps, holding off nearly every challenge Word III threw at him. Finally, Word III managed to get past Walker, only to suffer a race-ending breakdown.

Meanwhile, Walker went on to post the victory over the final five laps after the restart.

In other classes, Eddie Farley opened the season with a solid night in the Great Outdoors Trailer Sales & Rentals Mini Stocks. Farley won his heat race, placed second in the trophy dash and set the pace in the 15-lap main event.

Dan Menne was rock-solid in taking honors in the first Burger King Sprint Car feature of the season. Menne dialed his car in all night, winning his heat race, taking second in the trophy dash and cruising to victory in the feature race.

The new Equipment Mart Super 4 class debuted, with Pat Akins winning the feature race. The feature was slowed by an accident in the early going before Akins took charge and won the inaugural feature in a class which combines trucks with the top mini stock cars.

Racing continues Saturday night at the Speedway, with gates opening at 4 p.m. and the first green flag coming down at 6.

Saturday's Results

Mini Stocks

Heat 1

: 1. Dave Bishop; 2. Eric Hill; 3. Mark James.

Heat 2

: 1. Eddie Farley; 2. Michael Wilkins; 3. David Mullane.

Heat 3

: 1. Tom Hammond; 2. Steve Clark; 3. Eric Evenson.

Heat 4

: 1. Rockie Bass; 2. Milt Carter.

Trophy Dash:

1. Dave Bishop; 2. Eddie Farley; 3. Rockie Bass; 4. Tom Hammond.


1. Eddie Farley; 2. Dave Bishop; 3. Steve Clark; 4. Rockie Bass; 5. Milt Carter.

Super 4's

Heat 1:

1. Bryan Barns; 2. Mark Pemberton; 3. Greg Arnold.

Heat 2:

1. Patrick Lanigan; 2. Lee Doty; 3. Jeremy Kappas.

Trophy Dash:

Bryan Barns; 2. Patrick Lanigan; 3. Lee Doty.


1. Pat Akins; 2. Bryan Barns; 3. Steve Barger; 4. Patrick Lanigan; 5. Charlie Babb.

Pro Stocks

Heat 1:

1. Butch Poppa; 2. Tracy Bradley; 3. Kein Irving.

Heat 2:

1. Chris Charlton; 2. Seth Carder; 3. Bo Shields.

Heat 3:

1. Frank Word III; 2. Jim Hill; 3. Tony Walker.

Heat 4:

1. Jim Walker Jr.; 2. Dan Thomas; 3. Tim Law.

Trophy Dash:

1. Butch Poppa; 2. Jim Walker; 3. Frank Word III; 4. Chris Charlton.

B Main:

1. Joe Guider; 2. Don Gifford; 3. Albert Gill; 4. Chet Mitchell; 5. Buster McElreath.


1. Tony Walker; 2. Ken Irving; 3. Jim Walker Jr.; 4. Chris Charlton; 5. Dan Thomas.


Heat 1:

1. Tom Glover; 2. Brian Poppa; 3. Jon Ireland.

Heat 2:

1. Jay Hinton Jr.; 2. Mark Wauge; 3.

Heat 3:

1. Bruce Rayburn Jr.; 2. Jon DeBenedetti; 3. Dennis Silva.

Heat 4:

1. Dave Duste Jr.; 2. Jeremy Richie; 3. Brad Alfrey.

Trophy Dash:

1. Bruce Rayburn Jr.; 2. Dave Duste Jr.


1. Jeremy Richie; 2. Mark Wauge; 3. Dave Duste Jr.; 4. Tom Glover.

Sprint Cars

Heat 1:

1. Bill Nutter; 2. Michael Harris; 3. T.J. Winningham. 44 9.

Heat 2:

1. Dan Menne; 2. Jason Finnley; 3. Troy Zeitler.

Trophy Dash:

1. T.J. Winningham; 2. Dan Menne; 3. Jason Finnley; 4. Troy Zeitler.


1. Dan Menne; 2. Bill Nutter; 3. T.J. Winningham; 4. Jason Finnley; 5. Troy Zeitler.