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Anderson, Owen set local pace

Qualifying play offers a distinctly different flavor than the drama of match play at the Southern Oregon Golf Tournament.

You just don't try to shoot yourself in the foot, Glen Clark said. Everybody takes that approach.

The largest event of its kind in the country, the Southern Oregon teed off for the 74th time Tuesday at Rogue Valley Country Club.

The atmosphere was serene, but after today's qualifying rounds for out-of-towners and women, intensity is bound to increase come the start of match play Thursday.

— The co-medalists among the locals were Terry Anderson and Kelly Owen, who each fired 1-under-par 71s. Both play out of Rogue Valley Country, but while Owen is in the regular men's division, Anderson is a senior.

Dan Dixon, another senior who played in Anderson's group, joined Clark and Ian Parent in shooting even-par 72s.

Brad Bills and Bret Breeze, regulars in the championship hunt, were next at 73.

Clark played in a notable foursome that included Breeze, last year's runner-up Dave Schoenmann and Justin Wise. The group was separated by a total of three strokes, with Schoenmann's 74 and Wise's 75 following the efforts of Clark and Breeze.

An RVCC member and veteran of what he guesses as 15 Southern Oregons, Clark said he could see a relative tranquillity among his crew.

Not a lot of risks were taken, Clark said.

He pointed to holes Nos. 10 and 12, which he considers two of the course's toughest as prime examples.

They were played conservatively, he said. On medal play (which qualifying essentially is), it's a different deal.

In match play, it's always tough. You don't know what you're gonna get. You don't know how your competitor's gonna play. You don't know how you're gonna play. You just don't know.

Clark posted a 77 in qualifying a year ago and went on to lose in the second round of championship-flight match play. He was a semifinalist in 1998 and '99, losing in extra holes on each occasion.

The 47-year-old is experienced enough to treat his round Tuesday ' one of the day's best ' as just a prelude to the storm.

I was pretty pleased, he said. I had a good time. I had a lot of friends in my group.

As for the current state of his game, which earned him a third-place finish at the Rogue Valley Stroke Play City Championships last weekend, Clark said nothing special.

In this deal right now, what you do is just try to hit it.

And not shoot yourself in the foot.

Tuesday's Results


Kelly Owen 71, Glen Clark 72, Ian Parent 72, Brad Bills 73, Bret Breeze 73, Dave Schoenmann 74, Doug Olson 74, Kevin Dixon 75, Chris Daggitt 75, Justin Wise 75, Eric Austad 75, Tommy Smith 75, Greg Jones 75

Robert Holland 76, Todd Dixon 77, Lance Fowler 77, Mark DeBoer 78, Mark Laurance 78, Travis Brink 79, Patrick Oropallo 79, Sonny O'Grady 80, Bryan Butke 80

Chad Cota 81, Rick Dimick 82, Chris Campbell 82, David Culbertson 82, Eric Ford 82, Brent Barry 83, Kevin Croucher 83, Marty Morlan 83, Joseph Rossknecht 83, Mark Weiss 84, Blen Hinton 84, Chris Lallo 84

Scott Plankenhorn 85, Bobby Foote 85, Scott Hansen 85, Zach Osborn 85, John Barry 86, Steven Ekwall 86, Ralph Wallis 86, Dostin Riggs 87, Ron Moore 87, David Rowland 87, Paul Chitwood 87, Jay Christensen 87, Jeremiah Paladino 88, Scott Reed 88, John McCoy 88, Chris Adderson 88, Pat Latendresse 89, Wayne Van Wey 89, Curtis Wagoner 89, Rich Warner 89

Greg Jacobs 90, Curt Burril 90, Don Webb 90, Fred Paul 90, Mitch Parsons 90, John Ross 90, Mike Rodgers 90, Dennis Richards 90, Craig Fox 90, RJ Glover 90, Rob Neff 90

Chuck Wiley 91, Rick Dyer 91, Gary Shipley 91, Tom Willis 91, Scott Irving 92, Ryan Suvoy 92, Keith Lallo 92, Matt Smith 92, Thomas Hamlin 93, Mike Gallagher 93, Cary Preston 94, Rod Rumrey 94, Scott rd 94, David Casebier 94

Brad Pederson 95, Mike Bottjer 96, Al Cartwright 96, Allen Satterfield 96, Chris Ginder 97, Chris Bradley 98, Fritz Schuler 99, Tom Jones 99, Rick Hutchins 100, Steve Switzer 101, David Lillesve 101, Matt Van Sant 102, Jeff Dahl 104, Dan O'Connor 106


Terry Faulker 74, Bob Cox 74, Jerry Eklund 76, Kelly Rasmussen 76, Robert Stassi Jr. 76, Doug Hartley 77, Scott McLean 78, Greg Miller 80, Greg Lathrop 80, Pat Daggitt 80

Jerry Quast 81, Doug Engle 81, Pat Moore 81, Ron Carter 82, Buck Bringham 82, Steve Boldish 82, Dave Orr 83, Brian Aldolph 83, Bob Dicky 83, Bill Shevlin 84, Craig Calpern 85, Scott Weaver 85, Rick Holcom 85, Layne Sims 86

Dane Smith 87, Bret DeForest 87, Ray Cox 87, Dave Timmins 87, Jerry Johnson 88, Steve Watkins 88, David Street 88, Don Dow 89, Bob George 89, Robert Husel 90, Manava Siliga 90

Norm Veronneau 91, Mark Clark 91, Don Sever 91, Michael Susi 91, Jim Earley 91, Mike O' Grady 92, Richard Dent 93, Les Cracraft 94, Craig Prewitt 94, J.J. Jones 94, Winston Tucker 95

Mike Kozloski 96, Bret Mitchell 96, Shane Thurston 98, Brian Schmitz 100, Tom Mayer 101, Ron Burgess 102, Frank Pulver 102, Bob DuMilieu 107


Terry Anderson 71, Dan Dixon 72, John Johnson 75, Larry Garvin 75, Bob Maentz 75, Ron Dixon 77, Bob Harrell 77, Larry Collins 77, Jerry Cochrane 78, Thomas Muir Jr. 80

Justin Smith 81, Jim Quincy 81, Dick Swanson 81, Tom Hamlin 81, Ken Bailey 82, Mike Morris 83, Mike Trouato 84, Fred Johnson 84, Mike Austin 84, Jim Stough 84

Ed Setzler 86, Larry Hannan 86, Robert Buck 86, Doug Rowe 87, Dick Melville 88, Tom Hitzelberger 88, Bruce Hanson 89, Rich Haugh 89, Mike Jantzer 90, Bob Salsedo 90, Lee Flink 90, Bert Putney 90

Ron Primasing 91, Fred Morgan 91, Bob Reed 91, John Krues 91, Len Merryman 94, Phil Austin 94, Ray White 95, Dave Rasmussen 95

Wally Hicks 96, John Anhorn 97, Larry Boeck 97, Ron Weinhold 97, John Killroy 98, Ron Lillesue 98, Tim Darland 99

Roger Franklin 100, Jerry Bramwell 101, Bill Deatherage 101, Trenton Douglas 102, Gerald Schatz 103, David Hyatt 105, Gary Bendickson 105

Wayne Van Wey negotiates a shot through some trees to get his golf ball back on the fairway during Tuesday's local qualifying for the Southern Oregon Golf Tournament. Mail Tribune / Roy Musitelli - Mail Tribune Roy Musitelli