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Favorites survive 'long' day at RVCC

Everything seemed long at the Southern Oregon Golf Tournament Friday at Rogue Valley Country Club.

To wit:

Scott Tuttle had a long trip back to the clubhouse after closing out his opponent early.

Eric Austad professed to having a long memory as he weighed the prospect of facing defending champion Tuttle today.

— Mark DeBoer had to go a long way to fend off Glen Clark, who showed yet again why many call him Bulldog.

And Dave Schoenmann, last year's runner-up, went longer than regulation to edge Ted Stark.

Those were just some of the story lines in the men's championship flight. There also were plenty of men's junior-senior and senior matches, but the women had the day off and resume today.

Other top men's players to make it through unscathed included Kevin Klabunde, Tommy Smith, Bret Breeze, Doug Olson and Rick Dimick.

One player who didn't survive was former champion Brad Bills, who fell 4 and — to Ryan Hawkins of Grants Pass.

In the junior-senior division, a repeat of last year's championship match will unfold today when 2002 winner David Boals Jr. takes on Kelly Rasmussen.

Boals downed Mike McCaslin, 6 and 5, and Rasmussen handled Rob Stassi Jr., 4 and 3.

Last year, Boals beat Rasmussen in the finals, — and 2.

Among the other junior-senior championship winners Friday were Bob Cox, Doug Ward, Scott McLean, Tom Deatherage and Ric Metzger.

Tuttle, who won the RVCC men's club title, then couldn't get anything going in the stroke play city championships, appears to have righted himself.

For the second straight day, he finished off his opponent at the 11th hole, going 8-up with seven holes to play against Mark Decker.

Tuttle played solidly from the get-go with a first-hole birdie. He hit his tee shot out of bounds at No. 3, but it was still a good hole after he put his approach — inches from the cup en route to bogey and a halve of the hole.

It was downhill from there for Decker, who struggled to find his game throughout.

I played with Mark yesterday, and he played beautifully, said Tuttle. It just wasn't his day. That happens in golf.

When Tuttle and Austad ' who defeated Justin Wise 4 and — ' meet, it will be reminiscent of a match they played three years ago, said Austad.

Austad was 1-up going into 16, but Tuttle birdied the next three holes, including a 30-foot putt at 17 and holing out a sand shot at 18.

And I haven't forgotten it, Austad chuckled.

For the second straight match, he'll be mindful to stay within himself and not try to hit the ball as far as his opponent.

Wise, he said, can hit drives 300 yards, no problem, and he'll see more of the same today from Tuttle.

You have to have tunnel vision, said Austad. You have to play your own game and hit some putts. That's the great equalizer.

Austad likened himself to Jekyll and Hyde Friday against Wise. He didn't hit a fairway in regulation the first six holes, then didn't miss one, playing the final six holes in — under.

The 14th was a prime example. Wise threw a dart at the flag, sticking his ball — feet from the cup. Austad answered, his ball curling to a stop no more than a foot further before he made the birdie putt to seal the win.

DeBoer had a hot streak of his own and it seemed certain Clark got too close to the flame.

DeBoer birdied the first two holes as Clark wobbled, then proceeded to win the first five.

Mark started out really strong, and I didn't, said Clark. He had me down so quick. I don't think I've ever been that far down; at least, I can't remember the last time I was in a hole like that, and I didn't think I'd get out of it.

But he's nothing if not stubborn on a golf course.

Down 6 through 11 holes, Clark got busy. He stuffed an approach to — feet at 12, made par — from the bunker at the taxing 13th, made a 20-foot birdie putt at 14 and won the 15th when DeBoer got in trouble.

After four straight wins by Clark, they both birdied 16, leaving Clark 2-down at 17. But he made a treacherous downhill, 25-foot putt for birdie to win the hole and send the match to the 18th.

Those are the kind you just hope to two-putt, DeBoer marveled.

But DeBoer responded with a 7-footer at 18 to halve that hole and glean a 1-up victory.

DeBoer had to remind himself at 16 that he was still in the lead as Clark charged.

It's hard to remember that once the flow goes the other way, DeBoer said. You say, 'Hey, wait, I'm still up.' You kind of forget that.

Schoenmann found himself in a dogfight with Stark, who was — under through five holes in a match that would turn into a give-and-take affair.

Normally a sure putter from 6 feet and in, Schoenmann had trouble over the final four regulation holes, missing three from that range as the match stayed square.

At 16, he made a nifty greenside chip that clipped the hole, only to miss the comebacker.

At 18, a dandy approach shot left him with a short, downhill, left-to-right breaker, but that just slid past.

It's all confidence, said Schoenmann, who enlisted Austad as his caddie for the final two regulation holes.

It paid off on the first playoff hole when Austad offered a bit of advice.

The E-man made me change something, said Schoenmann. He said if you're going to keep pushing it like that, play it (the ball) farther up in your stance. ... I figured it couldn't hurt.

Both he and Stark had curling 10-footers on the 19th hole; Schoenmann's found the cup, Stark's just missed.

Friday's Results


Championship Flight

S. Tuttle, RVCC, d. M. Decker, Woodcreek, 8 and 7; E. Austad, RVCC, d. J. Wise, RVCC, 4 and 3; T. Dixon, RVCC, d. G. Davis, Grants Pass, 6 and 4; D. Schoenmann, RVCC, d. T. Stark, Portland, 19th; M. DeBoer, RVCC, d. G. Clark, RVCC, 1-up; K. Schneider, Oswego Lake, d. G. Morton, Running Y, 1-up; Ryan Schaefer, Grants Pass, d. B. Barry, RVCC, 8 and 6; E. Hill, Grants Pass, d. Todd Couch, Eugene, 5 and 4; K. Klabunde, RVCC d. J. Kozlowski, Timberlin, 6 and 4; T. Smith, Medford, d. C. Daggitt, Cedar Links, — and 2; B. Breese, RVCC d. L. Fowler, RVCC, — and 1; D. Olson, RVCC, d. B. Brutke, RVCC, 5 and 4; K. Owen, RVCC, d. P. Oropallo, Oak Knoll, 2 and 1; K. Dixon, RVCC, d. G. Jones, Medford, 2 and 1; R. Hawkins, Grants Pass, d. B. Bills, Stoneridge, 4 and 3; R. Dimick, Torrey Pines, d. R. Holland, Grants Pass, — and 2.

First Flight

R. Lillesve, Broken Top, d. T. Boersma, Dutcher Creek, 2-up; J. Haugh, Primm Valley, d. L. Miller, Reams, 1-up; E. Ford, RVCC, d. R. Harle, Columbia Pointe, 1-up; D. Culbertson, Medford, d. S. O'Grady, Medford, 2 and 1; K. Stanfield, Running Y, d. M. Morlan, Eagle Point, 6 and 5; E. Doolen, Corvallis, d. A. Ulloa, Maplewood, 6 and 5; I. Parent, RVCC, d. M. Spiegel, Shorelane, 2 and 1; G. Sterton, San Juan, d. A. Picchi, Sequoia Woods, 1-up; T. Brink, RVCC, d. J. Torrance, Oakway, 4 and 2; C. Cota, RVCC, d. B. Gard, West Seattle, 1-up; B. Maxwell, Dutcher Creek, d. M. Groves, Juniper, 5 and 3; B. Hay, Reserve Vinyards, d. C. Campbell, Cedar Links; D. Schweitzer, Springhill, d. M. Laurance, Eagle Point, 1-up; M. Hill, Grants Pass, d. R. Mateson, Cerbat Cliffs, — and 2; M. Philips, The Golf Club of Oregon, d. D. Gorman, Plateau Club, 20th; B. Newsom, Colombia Edgewater, d. J. Mansfield, Birch Hills, 6 and 5.

Second Flight

B. J. Boeck, Heron Lakes, d. K. Croucher, Grants Pass, 19th; C. Lallo, Stone Ridge, d. B. Hinton, RVCC, — up; J. Lillesve, Broken Top, d. S. Hansen, RVCC, 4 and 3; B. Foote, RVCC, d. S. Ausland, Grants Pass, 4 and 3; D. Luther, Tualatin, d. J. Rossknecht, Grants Pass, 1-up; M. Weiss, Eagle Point, d. J. Parrish, Eagle Ridge, 1-up; Z. Osborn, Ashland, d. K. Joes, Torrey Pines, 7 and 5; S. Plankenhorn, Eagle Point, d. K. Tucker, Overlanke, 4 and 3.

Third Flight

D. Mataczynski, Eastmoreland, d. D. Riggs, Oak Knoll, — and 2; R. Wallis, Medford, d. J. Paladino, Eagle Point, 1-up; J. Barry, RVCC, d. J. Stark, Seattle, 1-up; T. Berry, RVCC, d. P. Chitwood, RVCC, 2 and 1.

Third Flight Consolation

J. Barry, RVCC, d. R. Moore, Cedar Links, — and 2; S. Ekwall, Central Point, d. J. Christensen, RVCC, 21st; D. Rowland, RVCC, d. C. Adderson, RVCC, 1-up; J. McCoy, RVCC, d. M. Stringer, forfeit.

Fourth Flight

S. Reed, RVCC, d. S. Sterton, Seattle, 2 and 1; R. Glover, Eagle Point, d. R. Warner, RVCC, 2 and 1; D. Clark, Lake Tapps, d. M. McCracken, Aeropines, — and 2; W. Van Wey, RVCC, d. B. Galpern, RVCC, 1-up.

Fourth Flight Colsolation

M. Harle, Meadow Wood, d. C. McGrew, Franklin Canyon, 1-up; C. Wagoner, RVCC, d. M. Rodgers, Eagle Point, 1-up; P. Latendresse, Stoneridge, d. M. Ferguson, Porrland, 1-up; T. Gallagher, Portland, d. D. Webb, Cedar Links.

Sixth Flight

D. McBryde, Springfield, d. S. Irving, Cedar Links, 2 and 1; R. Hamlin, RVCC, d. J. Stormo, RVCC, — and 2; M. Smith, RVCC, d. S. rd, Medford, 2 and 1; C. Preston, RVCC, d. J. Morris, Hubbard, 1-up; R. Suvoy, Tokatee, d. K. Harle, Druid's Glen, — and 4; M. Gallagher, Cedar Links, d. K. Aguirre, Salem, 4 and 3; A. Luther, Grants Pass, d. K. Lallo, Stoneridge, — and 2; T. Lernihan, Cinibar Hills, d. E. Lindbloom, Blackhorse, 4 and 3.

Seventh Flight

R. Rumrey, Cedar Links, d. G. Parsons, Luana Hills, 19th; J. Hauck, Willamette Valley, d. A. Satterfield, Medford, 4 and 3; B. Pederson, Cedar Links, d. B. Kelly, Kenton County, 2-up; C. Ginder, Medford, d. M. Soreson, Pumpkin Ridge, 8 and 7; D. Casebier, Medford, d. P. Zadrozny, Ocotillo, 6 and 4; S. Olson, Chicago, d. A. Cartwright, Cedar Links, 1-up; C. Bradley, Quail Point, d. D. Hunt, Twin Lakes, 2 and 1; M. Bottjer, Eagle Point, d, L. Knight, Salem, 6 and 5.

Eighth Flight

F. Schuler, RVCC, d. M. Morris, Sacramento, 1-up; M. Sorenson, Portland, d. J. Brekke, Bidwel Park, — and 2; S. Switzer, RVCC, d. J. Snyder, Tacoma, 2-up; D. Lillesve, RVCC, d. M. Chrisman, Lake Oswego, 5 and 3; T. Jones, Eagle Point, d. R. Burke, Tacoma, 1-up; M. Van Sant, RVCC d. J. Dahl, 2-up; R. Hutchins, RVCC, d. J. Nouguier, Portland, 1-up; D. O'Connor, Medford, d. R. Hauck, Willamette Valley, 1-up.


Championship Flight

D. Boals, RVCC, d. M. McCaslin, Waverley, 6 and 5; K. Rasmussen, RVCC, d. R. Stassi, Jr., Medford, 4 and 3; T. Deatherage, Bend, d. J. Decker, Woodcreek, 1-up; B. Cox, RVCC, d. G. Lukas, Pumpkin Ridge, 6 and 5; D. Ward, Overlake, d. K. Stringer, Colombia Edgewater, 1-up; R. Metzger, Overlake, d. P. Moore, Cedar Links, — and 2; S. McLean, RVCC, d. G. Loeb, Tuscon National, 19th; S. Johnson, Napa, d. M. McCann, Arrowhead, 4 and 3.

First Flight

S. Mayfield, Grants Pass, d. R. Rise, University Club, 4 and 3; D. Engle, Stoneridge, d. J. Quast, Eagle Point, 2 and 1; G, Miller, RVCC, d. T. Faulkner, Grants Pass, — and 2; R. Merkner, Napa, d. G. Lathrop, Eagle Point, 2-up; R. McCabe, Langdon Farms, d. J. Hansen, Barons Creek, 2 and 1; J. Eklund, RVCC, d. D. Hartley, Santiam, 2 and 1; V. Schneider, Oswego Lake, d. B. Orrico, Aldarra Club, 6 and 5; J. McCabe, Langdon Farms, d. P. Daggitt, Cedar Links, 2 and 1.

Second Flight

R. Carter, Eagle Point, d. G. Kilroy, Meadow Lark, — and 2; B. Crenshaw, Arrowhead, d. C. Galpern, RVCC, 2 and 1; D. Orr, RVCC, d. K. Timmins, Tukwila, — and 2; S. Wood, Dayton Valley, d. B. Dickey, RVCC, 2 and 1; Buck Brigham, RVCC, d. J. Davis, Grants Pass, 1-up; S. Weaver, RVCC, d. B. Shevlin, RVCC, 19th; S. Boldish, RVCC, d. L. Sims, Cedar Links, 2-up; B. Aldolph, RVCC, d. R. Holcom, Medford, 5 and 4.

Fourth Flight

D. Smith, RVCC, d. T. Hornecker, Eugene, 1-up; J. Johnson, Jacksonville, d. R. Perry, Riverview, 4 and 3; D. Dow, RVCC, d. D. Timmins, RVCC, 1-up; B. Hart, Grants Pass, d. B. Odell, Meadowlake, 2 and 1; D. Hellweg, Temecula Hill, d. Bret DeForest, Oak Knoll, — and 2; S. Skinner, Arrowhead, d. S. Watkins, RVCC, 1-up; R. Cox, RVCC, d. B. George, RVCC; D. Street, RVCC, d. S. Rodermund, Seal Beach Navy, 6 and 4.


Championship Flight

Jim Smith, RVCC, d. J. Smith, RVCC, 2 and 1; B. Harrell, RVCC, d. M. Morris, RVCC, 4 and 3; G. Mack Sr., Colombia Edgewater, d. J. Cochrane, RVCC, — and 2; J. Johnson, RVCC, d. R. Hassmann, Red Tail, — and 4; T. Anderson, RVCC, d. D. Rose, Eugene, 1-up; D. Brekke, RVCC, d. L. Collins, RVCC, — and 2; D. Dixon, RVCC, d. T. Hamlin, RVCC, 1-up; J. Schilling, RVCC, d. B. Maentz, RVCC, 1-up.

First Flight

J. Quincy, RVCC, d. T. Newsom, Columbia Edgewater, 4 and 3; A. Peterson, Reams, d. R. Dixon, RVCC, — and 2; D. Burwell, RVCC, d. T. Tallis, Corvallis, 1-up; A. Poindexter, Arrowhead, d. M. Austin, Cedar Links, 5 and 4; D. Swanson, RVCC, d. M. Miller, Salem, 1-up; D. Keller, Pumpkin Ridge, d. L. Garvin, RVCC, 4 and 3; T. Muir Jr., Eagle Point, d. Dan Leary, Roseburg, 1-up; K. Bailey, RVCC, d. M. Trovato, RVCC, 1-up.

Fourth Flight

R. Primasing, Cedar Links, d. J. Jensen, RVCC, 2 and 1; M. Jantzer, RVCC, d. D. Sorenson, Waverly, 21st; C. Hanson, Contra Casta, d. F. Moran, RVCC, 1-up; W. Towe, Napa, d. B. Salsedo, Medford, 1-up.

Fifth Flight

R. Haugh, Eagle Point, d. B. Putney, RVCC, 6 and 5; J. Kruesi, RVCC, d. J. Teays, Great Eagle, 2 and 1; H. Myers, Monterey, d. L. Flink, RVCC, 1-up; R. Mitchell, Roseburg, d. B. Reed, RVCC, 5 and 4.

Sixth Flight

L. Merryman, RVCC, d. C. Werner, Riverview, 4 and 3; P. Puljan, Riverview, d. R. White, RVCC, 1-up; P. Austin, Eagle Point, d. B. Bassett, Shadow Hills, 5 and 4; M. Brown, Oregon City, d. D. Rasmussen, RVCC, 2 and 1.

Seventh Flight

W. Hicks, RVCC, d. D. Mansfield, Brentwood, 2 and 1; L. Boeck, RVCC, d. R. Weinhold, RVCC, 5 and 4; R. Lillesve, RVCC, d. K. Gilmore, Mallard Creek, 1-up; J. Anhorn, RVCC d. J. Kilroy, RVCC, 2 and 1.

Eighth Flight

T. Darland, Quail Point, d. T. Douglas, Eagle Point, 5 and 4; B. Kalibak, Hawkes Prairie, d. B. Watrus, Tatum Ranch, — and 2; E. Hinge, Roseville, d. T. Decker, Woodcreek, 2 and 1; J. Root, Roseburg, d. S. Milne, Bellevue, 2 and 1.

Ninth Flight

B. Deatherage, RVCC, d. J. Herbert, Issaquah, 2 and 1; G. Bendickson, RVCC, d. D. Hyatt, RVCC, 2 and 1; J. Bramwell, RVCC, d. C. Marrs, Cedar Links, 7 and 5; G. Schatz, RVCC, d. R. Franklin, RVCC, 7 and 5.

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