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Q&AWhat was it like in the huddle on the last drive in regulation against Grants Pass?I wasn't very nervous because I knew our offense could do what we needed to do. Our line gives good pass protection, Jon Weaver throws a great long ball, and our receiver corps can catch anything close. Jon had a smile on his face saying, Let's put that all-star kicker to work.What's your personal highlight in sports?In an American Legion baseball game, I got a game-tying base hit off former Ashland and current UC-Santa Barbara star Bill Rowe. He's known for his hitting power, but if he ever goes pro, I'll be able to tell my kids he hangs his curveball.If you could spend an hour with a sports figure, who would it be and why?I'd like to meet Bo Jackson. He was a career two-sport athlete, and he did it better than Deion Sanders. I'd like to know how he motivated himself to excel in two professional sports the way he did. It's not natural.Who is the opposing defender who has most impressed you?I was really impressed by North linebacker Brian Jiminez. He's athletic, he flies around the field and he won't miss the hit when he gets there. It seemed like I was meeting him at the bottom of the pile all night when we played them.What would you change about high school sports?In high school football, only down linemen can cut block other linemen. I know the rule is meant to keep us safe, but I'm not a big running back, and when I see a 250-pound linebacker with a 5-yard head start blitzing through my gap and I have to block him at the shoulder pads, I'm more concerned about my safety than his.What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?I'd like to make a career out of baseball. Whether it's coaching, playing, umpiring or scouting baseball, I definitely see myself near a baseball diamond in 10 years.

Andy Narus is a senior member on the South Medford football team.