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Portions of Indiana Street closed periodically for repair

December 9, 2004

Sections of Indiana Street above Siskiyou Boulevard will — continue to be closed while crews work to install a new 12-inch water — and storm drain line.

Closures along Indiana Street will be staggered to prevent — inconveniences to traffic. When crews reach Madrone Street, the lower — section of Indiana will be reopened and the block between Madrone and — Oregon streets will be closed.

"We probably still have another week and a half of work," — project foreman Jeff Fowler said on Tuesday.

Crews enter their fifth day excavating a four-foot-wide — trench up the left side of Indiana Street today, although the project — was initially pegged to take just 10 days.

"We've run into a bunch of existing lines," Fowler said. — "Another problem was the old, brittle sewer line."

Excavation has revealed unknown utility lines with no — locating marks or paperwork filed with the city, several of which were — broken by machinery before they were spotted by crew members.

"It's a pretty common thing," said Jim Olson, project — manager and city surveyor with the Ashland Public Works Department. "It — depends on where you're working. Especially when you're working around — the campus, there are lots lines around campus that the city doesn't know — about, that sometimes the campus isn't even aware of."

Fixing damaged lines is a fairly quick job, but the pauses — in excavation coupled with the stormy weather has set back the project, — according to Fowler.

Once installed, the water main will serve the Madrone — Street Housing Project, a new apartment-style residence hall facility — being built by Southern Oregon University on the corner of Madrone and — Indiana streets. Crews have already removed more than 25,000 cubic yards — of fill from the hillside where the housing will be constructed and another — 15,000 cubic yards of debris from the trenching efforts.