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Parking restrictions change

Four-hour parking restrictions will be in effect beginning — Monday in the city's parking lots on Pioneer Street, Lithia Way and on — Second Street (adjacent to the Elks parking lot). The four-hour restriction — remains in effect until the end of October.

Pay parking is available at the city's lot on Hargadine — Street.

Four-hour parking on Winburn Way will be in effect sometime — later in the week once the ice rink is removed for the season. The ice — rink lot will not have time restrictions.

Commercial bus parking will also go into effect. Lithia — Way and Pioneer Streets will revert to bus parking, Pioneer Street and — East Main will revert to bus loading and unloading (no parking) and the — space on Pioneer Street in front of Archies Cleaners will allow bus parking — after 5 p.m. and remain 30 minute parking for cars until 5 p.m.

Open burning permits —

Ashland Fire & Rescue will be issuing open burning permits — beginning March 1, and will continue until the beginning of summer fire — season is declared.

Before residents make the decision to open burn, all reasonable — alternatives should be examined, such as recycling through chipping and/or — composting.

All open burning must be conducted during daylight hours, — when the Jackson County Open Burning Advisory air quality index is 401 — or above, and requires a written permit and burning site inspection from — the fire department.

All open burning must meet the following guidelines:

o Be attended by an adult.

o Be located at least 50 feet from the nearest structure.

o Maintain a non-combustible perimeter of 10' around the — burning area.

o Have a water hose on site in a position to reach all — sides of the pile.

o Piles may not exceed — feet in height and 5 feet in — diameter.

o Be dry material to minimize smoke production.

o Burning materials are strictly limited to dry, woody — materials only. Refuse consisting of finished lumber, fence posts, etc., — may not be burned.

o Flammable liquids may not be used to ignite fires.

o Burning in barrels is prohibited.

Ashland Police & Fire —

Wednesday - A silver and blue Haro-brand bicycle valued — at $700 and a blue snowboard valued at $200 were reported stolen from — the 100 block of South Wightman between 11 a.m. and — p.m.

Wednesday - A 26-year-old Ashland man was arrested for — assaulting someone with a telephone on the 1500 block of Siskiyou Boulevard. — The incident resulted in physical injury.

Wednesday 9:15 a.m. - A woman reported that her Volvo — was side-swiped by another vehicle while parked in the YMCA parking lot. — Scrapes and dents to the Volvo were estimated to cost $1,500 to repair. — A witness left a note stating that a gray SUV had caused the damage.

Wednesday 8:34 a.m. - Police found graffiti on a wall, — dumpster, door and windows on an alley between Third and Fourth Streets. — A bystander said he heard skateboards in the area at the time of the incident. — The damage was valued at $300.

Wednesday 8:24 a.m. - Graffiti found on the back door — of the Presbyterian church on Clark Avenue. The painted damage was valued — at $100.

Oregon State Police —

Wednesday 8:30 a.m. - A three car accident occurred at — milepost 24 when a purple Honda rear-ended a Ford Contour, pushing that — car into the trailer of a Freightliner semi-truck. Oregon State Police — say the Ford was approaching the semi at a high rate of speed before the — Honda crashed into its rear. More than $1,500 in damage was sustained — to the front end of the Honda.