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Ashland Police and Fire

Thursday 1:26 a.m. &

Ashland man, 29, arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, 200 block of Garfield Street. The man struck the rear of another person&

s Ford Explorer with his scooter and screamed obscenities at the person. He was taken to Jackson County Jail.

Thursday 12:26 a.m. &

Ashland man, 34, arrested on a warrant and may be charged with assault, 200 block of North Pioneer Street. When the officer was searching the man, the officer was struck by a hypodermic needle. The officer had asked the man if there was anything that would &

poke me, stick me, cut me or otherwise hurt me.&

The man said no. He was taken to Jackson County Jail; the assault charge will be reviewed by the Jackson County District Attorney&

s Office.

Wednesday 11:30 p.m. &

Ashland man, 19, cited for minor in possession of alcohol by consumption, 1300 block of Quincy Street.

Wednesday 7:36 p.m. &

Transient man, 23, arrested for violating his probation by using alcohol, 00 block of East Main Street. He was taken to Jackson County Jail.

Wednesday 4:29 p.m. &

Antique grinding stone wheel ($250 value) stolen from front yard, 900 block of B Street. The wheel had been chained to a tree.

Wednesday 3:11 p.m. &

Three people cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana at the Lithia Park playground.

Wednesday 1:44 p.m. &

Medford woman, 67, stole dental charts from Mountainside Dental Design, 500 block of Washington Street. She later returned the charts and the charges were dropped.

Wednesday 1:31 p.m. &

Boy cited for criminal mischief, Stadium and Ashland streets. He damaged a purse.

Wednesday 12:41 p.m. &

Graffiti found at Kolpia Counseling, 600 block of Siskiyou Boulevard.

Wednesday 11:37 a.m. &

Ashland man, 60, cited for stealing items valued at $7.87 (a banana, toilet paper, deodorant and vanilla) from the Ashland Food Co-op, 200 block North First Street.

Tuesday 8 a.m. &

Flat screen computer monitor ($200 value) stolen from McNeal Hall at Southern Oregon University, 1400 block of Webster Street. The theft occurred between — p.m. Monday and 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Dec. 10 evening &

Several locks glued closed at Ashland High School, 200 block of South Mountain Avenue.