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Armed man surrenders peacefully

Suspect cornered in Lowe Street house

A police stand-off with an armed gunman in Ashland ended peacefully Tuesday when Carl George Sullivant, 32, agreed to leave the house on Lowe Street he had commandeered for more than two hours, according to police.

More than 25 police officers from four different agencies surrounded the house for approximately two and a half hours after receiving information that Sullivant was inside. Medford SWAT Team took the lead in the stand-off as police had reason to believe the suspect was armed and dangerous.

“He made statements that he intended to use weapons against law enforcement,” Lt. Mike Moran, of the Medford Police Department, said. “He made threats to shoot it out with police.”

— — Local law enforcement agencies surround a house on Lowe Street where an armed — suspect threatened violence against them.

After the stand-off, police found a shotgun and a high-powered “SKS rifle” inside. An officer observed Sullivant inside the house wielding a firearm, Moran said.

As the stand-off ensued, police treated the situation as if it could become violent at any moment. Officers could be seen from behind a police line with guns drawn. SWAT team members ran to the rear of the house, rifles in their hands. Police warned the press on hand about stray bullets.

“We were concerned about his violent tendencies,” Moran said.

Sullivant, who was initially arrested on felony drug charges, was wanted for violating his parole and for being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to Moran. He is being charged with resisting arrest, felony alluding police in a vehicle and six counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He is being held, without bail, at the Jackson County Jail.

On May 5, Medford police exercised a search warrant on the same address for Sullivant at which time he alluded their capture. Then, on May 20, he again avoided arrest after officers saw him driving on Sunset Drive. The officers decided not to instigate a vehicle pursuit.

On Tuesday, Medford police received a “tip” that Sullivant had returned to the house on Lowe Street.

11:50 a.m. Medford, Ashland, Jackson County and Oregon State police officers had the house surrounded.

Upon arriving, police coaxed occupants of the Lowe Street house.

“The ones who were cooperative came out,” Moran said. “One female came out 20 minutes later.”

Although Sullivant took no hostages, the Medford police hostage negotiation team was used to communicate with the suspect. Two residents of the Lowe Street address were later charged with hindering the prosecution.

Medford Police Detective Terry Newell, acting as a negotiator, contacted Sullivant inside the house — first by using a megaphone and then later by telephone — and convinced him to come out with his hands above his head.

“Standard protocol is that we order them out of the house with their hands above their head and then we order them to the ground.” Moran said. “Once we are confident he is not armed, we advance.”

There were at least 17 police vehicles on the scene, including three Medford SWAT vehicles. Four police dogs were also deployed.

Residents of Lowe Street were prevented from going home for the duration of the stand-off.

“You never really know what to expect,” Donnie Elliott, who lives on Lowe Street, said from behind the police line.

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