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Centaurs start out 2-0

Rogue Valley Cup Soccer

The Rogue Valley Soccer Club Centaurs won their opening pair of games in the boys U-19 Premier division Saturday at the 13th annual Rogue Valley Cup.

The Centaurs, who defeated RVSC Collegiates last season in the championship game, defeated the Strikers from Tigard, 2-1, in the early game, and beat North Point FC of Palo Cedro, Calif., 2-0, to cap the opening round.

The Centaurs will play RVSC United this morning at 8, and will then take on the Grants Pass Heat at 4:45 p.m. Both games will be at North Medford High.

Saturday's Results


U-11 ' RVSC Grizzlies, Medford, d. RVSC Alliance, Medford, 3-1; RVSC Tigers, Medford, d. Diamonds, Carson City, Nev., 4-0; Freedom, Grants Pass, d. RVSC Grizzlies, 3-0; RVSC Alliance, d. Diamonds, 3-0; RVSC Tigers d. Freedom, 3-0.

— U-12 CLASSIC ' Sting, Phoenix, d. Liberty, Grants Pass, 2-0; RVSC Storm, Medford, d. Synergy, Sparks, Nev., 1-0; Carson City Madness, Carson City, Nev., d. RVSC Lightning, Medford, 2-1; Sting, d. RVSC Storm, 2-0; Carson City Madness, d. Liberty, 2-1; RVSC Lightning, d. Synergy, 2-0.

U-12 PREMIER ' RVSC Hot Cleats, Medford tied Chaos, Grants Pass, 2-2; SRU Gold 94, Santa Rosa, Calif., d. RSU Crush, Reno, Nev., 4-0; Chaos, d. Tahoe Angels, Truckee, Calif., 2-0; RVSC Hot Cleats, d. RSU Crush, 2-0; SRU Gold d. Tahoe Angels, 4-0.

U-13 PREMIER ' RVSC Crushers, Medford, d. RVSC Blue Ice, Medford, 9-0; Odyssey, Reno, Nev., tied ASC Picante, Ashland, 2-2; Nitros, Grants Pass, d. D-Feeters, Reno, Nev., 8-0; RVSC Crushers, d. ASC Picante, 6-1; RVSC Blue Ice, tied D-Feeters, 1-1; Nitros, d. Odyssey, 5-0.

U-14 CLASSIC ' Flash, Phoenix, d. Freedom, Carson City, Nev., 2-1; ASC Tsunami, Ashland, d. Clover, Grants Pass, 5-0; Alston Villa, Clackamas, d. PCU Pressure, Portland, 5-2; RSA Angels, Roseburg, d. Explosion, Carson City, 3-1; Titans, Sparks, Nev., d. Sting, Phoenix, 5-2; Freedom, d. Quick Silver, Grants Pass, 5-0; Flash, d. PCU Pressure, 4-1; ASC Tsunami, d. Explosion, 5-0; Sting d. RSA Angels, 3-0; Alston Villa d. Quick Silver, 3-1.

U-15 PREMIER ' RVSC FCSO United, Medford, d. MRU Destiny, Arcata, Calif., 5-1; Heat 90, Bend, d. Sierra Storm, Incline Village, NV, 5-0; Blackhills FC, Olympia, Wash. d. Elements United, Gardnerville, Nev., 6-0; Heat 90, d. MRU Destiny, 4-1; RVSC FCSO United, d. Elements United, 9-0; Blackhills, d. Sierra Storm, 3-0.

U-16 PREMIER ' RVSC FCSO United, d. Goalistas, Bend, 5-0; MRU Myst, Arcata, Calif. d. TRSC Arsenal, Central Point, 6-0; Carson Force, Carson City, Nev., d. GPYSA Fusion, Grants Pass, 1-0; Goalistas, tied RVSC Mystic, Medford, 0-0; RVSC FCSO United, d. TRSC Arsenal, 10-1; MRU Myst, d. GPYSA Fusion, 3-1.

U-19 CLASSIC ' RVSC United, Medford, d. Eclipse, Reno, Nev., 6-0; Riptide, Gardnerville, Nev., tied TRSC Tsunami, Central Point, 1-1; Raiders, Sparks, Nev., d. BUSC, Klamath Falls, 2-1; RVSC United, Medford, d. Freedom, Sparks, Nev., 3-0; Riptide, d. Eclipse, 5-0; Raiders, d. TRSC Tsunami, 3-0; Freedom tied BUSC, 1-1.

U-19 PREMIER ' RVSC Chaos, Medford, d. Ice, Reno, Nev., 3-0; RVSC Fury, Medford, d. Blackhills FC, Olympia, Wash., 2-0; Valkyrie, Phoenix, d. Fusion, Arcata, Calif., 2-1; United, Grants Pass, tied Redding Missfits, Redding, Calif., 0-0; RVSC Chaos, d. Nevada Pride, Tahoe City, Nev., 1-0; RVSC Fury, tied Ice, 0-0; Redding Missfits, d. Valkyrie, 3-0; United d. Nevada Pride, 2-1; Fusion d. Blackhills FC, 4-0.



SAYS Select, Stocton, Calif., d. TNT, Grants Pass, 9-1; Carson Arsenal, Carson City, Nev., d. RVSC Future Stars, Medford, 2-0; TNT tied RVSC Revolution, Medford, 1-1; SAYS Select d. RVSC Future Stars, 7-0; Carson Arsenal d. RVSC Revolution, 2-0.

U-12 PREMIER ' RVSC Pumas, Medford d. Kryptonite, Grants Pass, 2-1; RVSC Predators, Medford d. TRSC Hornets, Central Point tied SSC Blaze, Bend, 2-2; Steelheads, Arcata, Calif. d. RVSC Explosion, Medford, 4-0; Eclipse, Phoenix, d. White Out, Carnelian Bay, Calif., 2-1; White Lightning, Folsom, Calif., d. Reno Rattlers, Reno, Nev., 8-0; RVSC Pumas, d. SSC Blaze, 4-3; RVSC Predators, d. Steelheads, 3-0; Kryptonite d. White Out, 3-0; Earthquakes d. Eclipse, 5-3; Reno Rattlers d. TRSC Hornets, 5-1; White Lightening d. RVSC Explosion, 9-1.

U-13 BOYS PREMIER ' Tahoe Ice, S. Lake Tahoe, Calif., d. MRU Steelheads, Arcada, Calif, d. RSA Flames, Roseburg, 1-0; RVSC Blackhawks, Medford, d.Reno Heat, Reno, Nev., 2-1; SCA 93, Santa Rosa, Calif., d. Rapids, Grants Pass, 3-2; MRU Steelheads, d. Tahoe Ice, 2-0; RVSC Blackhawks, d. Rapids, 2-1; SRU United d. RSA Flames, 2-0; SCA 93 d. Reno Heat, 7-0.

U-14 PREMIER ' RVSC Fuego, Medford, d. RVSC Twisters, Medford, 1-0; RVSC Strikers, Medford, tied RSU United 92, Reno, Nev., 1-1; Tsunami, Reno, Nev., d. ASC Airborne, Ashland, 2-0; Carson Avalanche, Carson City, Nev., d. TRSC Crew, Central Point, 3-0; RVSC Fuego, d. RVSC Strikers, 3-0; Carson Avalanche, tied ASC Airborne, 1-1; RVSC Twisters d. RSU United 92, 2-1.

U-16 PREMIER ' ASC Iguanodons, Ashland, d. Velocity, Carson City, Nev., 2-1; RVSC Galaxy, Medford, tied RSU Orange, Reno, Nev., 1-1; Reno Falcons, Reno, Nev., d. Wolf Pack, Reno, Nev., 3-0; SAYS Select, Stocton, Calif., d. RVSC United, Medford, 4-3; Velocity, d. RVSC Galaxy, 4-0; RVSC United, d. Wolf Pack, 1-0; ASC Iguanodons d. RSU Orange, 3-2; SAYS Select d. Reno Falcons, 4-1.

U-17 PREMIER ' RVSC FCSO United, Medford, d. RVSC Crew, Medford, 3-1; MRU FC 17, Arcada, Calif., d. Inferno, Carson City, Nev., 2-0; Outkast, Phoenix, d. Chelsea LT, S. Lake Tahoe, Calif., 2-0; Reno Zephyrs, Reno, Nev, d. TRSC Azteca, Central Point, 3-0; Inferno, d. RVSC FCSO United, 4-0; Reno Zephyrs, tied Outkast, 1-1; RVSC Crew d. MRU FC 17, 1-0; Chelsea LT d. TRSC Azteca, 4-0.

U-19 PREMIER ' CV Atlas, Gardnerville, Nev., d. RVSC United, Medford, 2-0; North Point FC, Palo Cerdo, Calif, d. Ashland 19B, 1-0; RVSC Centaurs, Medford, d. Strikers Tigard, 2-1; CV Atlas, d. Heat, Grants Pass, 1-0; Ashland B19, d. RVSC United, 1-0; RVSC Centaurs, Medford, d. North Point FC, 2-0; Heat d. Strikers, 1-0.